I had non heard of this until now. really. Google paid their manner out of CEO prosecution last twelvemonth. Not merely was their behavior unethical. and illegal. it was really socially irresponsible to the American people. Google was taking portion in advertisement narcotics and other prescription drugs for an illegal Canadian pharmaceutics on the American cyberspace ; doing all of these drugs readily available to the American people. David Whitaker. a federal inmate and convicted con-artist became posed as an American authorities agent who went undercover to turn out Google knew precisely what was traveling on.

Google advertizement executives accepted the $ 200. 000 worth of the government’s “set-up” money to get down advertisement. Whitaker collected electronic mails and recorded calls to turn out that Google knew what they were making were illegal. Even though it was obvious through the grounds to see that Google representatives knew that the advertizements were illegal. they extended Whitaker a “very generous recognition line and allowed me to put my mark advertisement straight to American consumers.

On August 24th. 2011. Google paid $ 500M dollars to pay their mulcts and avoid prosecution of their C. E. O. Larry Page. Through the electronic mails and recordings. it is made obvious that Page knew precisely what was traveling on. Google was leting illegal Canadian pharmaceuticss to platform their ads on Google and aim the American population. Google leting American consumers to be targeted is perfectly hideous. Google’s $ 500M all right covers the advertisement costs and net incomes of the companies. The Department of Justice besides has a “non-prosecution” understanding with Google.

Now. what precisely is a “non-prosecution” understanding? To me. this all sounds like something illegal all the manner about. How can a company. any company. purchase their manner out of prosecution? How can a C. E. O. non be classified as a drug pedlar who good knows of what is traveling on within his company? How does this do him any different that Bernie Madoff or the Goldman Sachs C. E. O. ? Google was leting drugs to be sold through their web. period point space ; with the citizens of America being the mark.

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How can a company purchase their manner out of prosecution? I merely do non understand. If I was caught selling drugs. or giving people a platform to sell. I would be prosecuted to the fullest extent. Would I be able to purchase my manner out of prosecution? I perfectly would non! The American authorities would lock me off and take their sweet clip about taking me to test and completing my instance. Why was this non made more public? Now. it seems. Google is being looked into from every facet. in which they should.


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