Let us get down by sing the possible market spheres in which the ‘Solar Skylight ‘ may offer value to the clients ; presuming that when the ‘Solar Skylight ‘ really materializes, it will be able to offer precisely what it promises, and that the existent hardware constellations remain the same irrespective of the industry or market in which the merchandise will be positioned.

It is interesting to observe that the solar window was born out of the photovoltaic industry. Interrupting the photovoltaic industry by leting natural light transmittal, the merchandise that seemed as a ‘transparent solar panel ‘ made an unsuccessful entry into the building industry. Prolonging inventions through features like thermic public presentation, moisture/condensation and lastingness resulted in a snail-paced credence in the building industry. The encouragement came from the green community development undertakings where the solar window saw a new market in Building Integrated Photovoltaic ( BIPV ) .1

Aestheticss has long been a concern of the designers in the building industry.2 Light transition and light uniformity have been recent client demands, and the fact remains that solar Windowss are still rather expensive with the value of efficiency more or less changeless. It is in the visible radiation of these statements that the clients in this market are underhung. Customers in the solar window market do n’t hold much pick ; if they wish to purchase a solar window, they do n’t really hold different merchandises to take from! Either more solar cells or fewer solar cells, and the place of these solar cells in the window seem to be the lone options for the clients. This may be represented by Figure 04.

The footing of competition in the market occurs in the dimensions of cost, light transmittal and power coevals. Improvements occur along the same dimensions ; with betterments in power coevals per unit cell country giving premium monetary values. For illustration a solar window has solar cells arranged in a 3×3 matrix. If the Si engineering improves, the same solar window may now hold solar cells in two columns of 3×1 matrixes on the window borders. Due to betterments in power coevals, light transmittal value has been added to the window, and premium monetary values may be charged due to this value add-on.

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As per the morphology map in Figure 01, the ‘Mini-CPV Solar Window ‘ includes about all engineering constituents as the bing solar Windowss, plus prolonging public presentation with improved light transmittal and better visible radiation transition and light uniformity as per the scheme canvas in Figure 03. The ‘Solar Skylight ‘ as a ‘Mini-CPV Solar Window ‘ offering is therefore a sustaining tantrum to the ( roof ) solar window market, taking to the S-curve in Figure 02a.

The concern theoretical account of cardinal participants in the solar window industry comes from their value proposition of selling the solar Windowss to BIPV building industry that need solar Windowss for BIPV undertakings to build establishments that house many people during the twenty-four hours, for illustration: schools, museums and hospitals.3 These cardinal players4 are turning ; nevertheless, it is of import to observe that the growing does non come from gross revenues of the solar Windowss merely. These participants have diversified scope of merchandises for the photovoltaic industry and many of them work on diversified renewable energies such as air current and biogas. They are motivated by the increased credence of their merchandises in the BIPV industry and cumulative growing of assorted renewable energy markets. Although the BIPV market is immense ( US $ 1.75 billion globally in 20095 ) and turning, and the market for solar Windowss is a large ball of the BIPV market ( US $ 1.00 billion globally in 20096 ) , it must be appreciated that merely some specialised photovoltaic houses manufacture the solar Windowss. The house size is non merely tough to gauge, but is besides non a true image of the house size relation to the solar window market because functioning the BIPV market with the solar Windowss is merely one really little operation of the many other photovoltaic based operations of these houses. Their strengths include fabrication and distribution of solar Windowss and production accomplishments in other renewable energies. Their failings include local venue of influence and venturing into other renewable energy engineerings means a dilution of committedness to research and development towards a peculiar renewable energy. Their chances include authorities inducements to work on green engineerings. They have no foreseeable menaces except of competition between officeholders.

Assuming successful entry into the market, market portion may be captured by presenting improved miniaturized concentration techniques to bring forth more power for lower costs. ‘Solar Skylight ‘ positioned to come in the market as a ‘Translucent Solar Panel ‘ will happen the necessary bluish ocean to come in the market and run to turn and spread out to capture market portion and do appreciable net incomes before coming into chief watercourse competition with the key participants.

A cautious analysis of the market sphere has led to place the ‘Solar Skylight ‘ as two distinguishable merchandises: the ‘Mini-CPV Solar Window ‘ in the roof solar window market for the BIPV building clients and the ‘Translucent Solar Panel ‘ in the solar panel industry specifically for the low-end residential clients. Like all concern ventures, ‘Solar Skylight ‘ would besides wish to germinate and capture market portion.

With cognition of bluish versus read oceans, and using tools to place merchandises from the same engineering, it is encumbrance to happen the following phase of bluish ocean market for the ‘Solar Skylight ‘ . The lessons learned are

Solar Windowss, a merchandise of the photovoltaic industry, found tough opposition to come in the building industry, until the ‘going green ‘ roar found BIPV as an emerging industry, doing the building industry to encompass the solar Windowss.

Solar panel industry has found its most profitable clients in the authorities and commercial undertakings ; this encouragement is doing the solar panel industry to go less concerned and bit by bit abandon its low-end residential clients.


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