Best way to protect against identity theft
Change online account passwords frequently
Consumer protection laws might result in
Fewer unwanted telemarketing calls
Identity thieves can use you personal info to
Open a credit card, sign up for electricity service, and get a cell phone contract(all of the above)
Scenario that indicates u are a victim of identity theft
Your credit report displays accounts you did not open
Safest way to dispose of old bank account statements
Shred them in a paper shredder
What is an example of a string password
Safest action if someone claiming to be from your bank calls you to ask for account information
Hang up and call back using the banks official phone number
Way to protect sensitive info from identity theft
Limit how many credit cards you carry
Best way to investigate fraudulent transactions on your credit card
Review your recent credit card statements
After a suspected identity fraud case has been resolved you should
Continue to monitor you credit reports and accounts and keep all copies of relevant documents(both A and B)
Which document puts you the least at risk of identity theft
Cash receipts
Primary goal of CFPB
To protect consumers by regulating financial products and services
It is safe to provide you social security number to
Verified trusted sources that need it
Where could and identity theft access ur personal information
Public wifi and stored password data on you phone(Both A and B)
Which action is helpful if you are a victim of identity theft
Withdraw your money from all accounts
First action you should take is you suspect there has been a fraudulent charge
Contact credit card company to report charge
Activities that require social security number
Starting a new job
Consumer protection laws are meant to
Prevent unfair or deceptive business practices
Second step after being a victim of identity theft
Order a credit report

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