1. What is your monthly budget for ingestion of drinks? Ans- Around Rs 300.

2. Are you satisfied with the drinks available to you in the market? Ans- Yes. although different spirits would be appreciated. along with aerated fruit drinks.

3. Make you happen the monetary value scope of these drinks to be appropriate? what is yan estimate of an ideal prioce? Ans- Not truly. As it exceeds the budget if you by and large eat out more than twice a hebdomad as is the instance with most people. Rs 15 for 200 milliliter.

4. Are you willing to do alterations to your bing pick of merchandise? what would u like to see in a drink? Ans- Yes. if a new merchandise with my demands is available. Less sugar. less preservatives natural. no preservatives colour Calories etc.

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5. What more do you anticipate from your drink maker that can assist you to deduce maximal satisfaction? Ans-Healthier drinks are more apprehended as opposed to saccharify filled carbonated drinks. Besides the pricing can be changed to do it better for consumers to purchase on a regular footing.


1. What is your approximative net incomes from the sale of Soft drinks per month? Ans- turnover Around 1-2 hundred thousand. about 2-3 % .
2. Are you willing to take up promotional activities for a new scope of merchandises in this line? What sort? Ans- yes if the merchandise is up to the criterions we require and we get some inducements. 3. What is the feedback received from the consumers sing the available merchandises? Ans- Customers wanted more healthy options. drinks with less sugar. the most popular being Real fruit juices.

4. Make the bing maker provide you assistance for the selling of their merchandises? Ans-Yes such as price reductions on merchandises and particular offers offering excess measure at the same monetary value. Coupon brochures are besides used along with cusps.

5. Make you propose any alterations in the Marketing/Distribution system which can assist to salvage cost? Ans- Supplying more ice chests and other storage installations for stock to guarantee better distribution. Besides better packaging. speedy bringings so excess stock need non be kept. Free samples.


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