The intent of this paper is to depict the significance of educational touristry in term of formal and informal subdivision particularly in the instance of Thailand and besides indicate the formal educational touristry with three spheres theoretical account of touristry instruction. Furthermore, the paper is provided an illustration and relation of new educational touristry in Thailand after the impact of tsunami, which called “ voluntourism ” , to the educational touristry. Then, explain the impacts of educational touristry, the advantages and disadvantages to the state besides the community where has to develop more to advance another type of educational touristry in Thailand.

Education plays an of import portion in touristry industries peculiarly with the chief factor that runs the full organisation, human or staff, and the individual that the concern ran for, the tourer. If their staff is uneducated, they wo n’t be able to work likely in hard circumstance or they wo n’t be able to pull off their work good. Additionally, the tourers are seeking to larn new things while they travel. Education in term of touristry is really assorted nevertheless, less of research worker examine about it which this paper measure the construct and range of educational touristry.

To understand its construct, it might be necessary to divide the words “ educational touristry ” into “ Education ” and “ Tourism ” . We need to explicate how these words are related and what the effects to Thai touristry. Furthermore, clear uping the difference between ( unifying an educational plan and going go an built-in portion of a class ) and ( deriving the cognition during the traveling in a assortment of topographic points through the words of experiences ) will be illustrates as good. This paper categorizes these two words into formal and informal of instruction signifier to boot with the advantages and disadvantages.

“ Educational touristry ” features was assorted and difficult to place through the universe trends which quickly change in demand and supply. Furthermore, Ritchie ( 2003 ) noted that “ the educational touristry has received small involvement from research workers and industry due to a deficiency of grasp of the size and potency of this market ” Furthermore, the word “ experience ” plays a absorbing portion in the educational touristry presents. Many attractive force activities occur for the tourers to see what they non familiar. Harmonizing to the instance of Thailand, the activities which give the new experiences to the alien are something like Thai pugilism, Thai heritage rubber-necking, diving, cookery, voluntary etc.

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In the last subdivision of this paper will depict about the extent of educational touristry in Thailand which usually are the activities that tourists experience most. But here in this paper, one type of Thai activity arises from the natural catastrophe, Tsunami, which happened in the southern portion. After the impact, it caused a batch of amendss to the state ; meanwhile it created the activity which is a new type of educational touristry by interchanging Thai civilization and cognition of Thai community to the voluntaries called “ voluntourism ” . Voluntourism appears to be involved wider in universe touristry and will be the chief focal point as a new extent of Thai educational touristry in this paper every bit good.

Educational touristry

“ Education ” is an act or procedure of leaving or geting a general cognition. It could be a certain grade, degree or sort of schooling or gaining experiences, either bettering or regressing. Education means to larn in every agency in order to make into a certain ends. Without instruction, life can be so difficult and thwarting in every facet. Education will assist to achieve a certain aspiration or dreams in life and to be successful. The cases of instruction can be from school, society or place, Internet, or anyplace. It does n’t necessitate a perfect physical visual aspect but it requires attending and focal point. Education develops to understand the fortunes, physiques intelligence to be improved, promotes populating criterion, and strengthens society and civilization.

“ Tourism ” the definition of touristry can be defined in legion ways, depending upon the position one prefers to follow and to the fact that constructs change over clip. Some general definition is, touristry is an industry supplying services to traveler which is an experience either separately or jointly driven by a scope of motive and intents. If the travel occurs outside a individual ‘s common environment but within their state of abode, so it would be classified as a domestic touristry. However, if the travel occurs outside their usual state of abode, so it would be classified as an international touristry ( Leiper, 2004 ) .

“ Educational touristry ” the educational touristry has non been comprehensively explored or researched much presents particularly in Thailand. Nevertheless, travel for acquisition and instruction is non a new construct. The footing for educational touristry is the preparation of touristry instruction policies ( TEPs ) , which are derived from the convergence of touristry and instruction at a national or provincial degree. It is comprised of several sub-types including ecotourism, heritage touristry, rural touristry, and pupil exchanges between educational establishments. Furthermore, the travel activities are one of the educational touristry types as the high spots of travel experience. The experience is non a snapshot but instead a complex procedure that involves multiple parties, evolves over clip, and retains value long into the hereafter. The growing of touristry can increase in alternate touristry experiences that appear to include a turning figure of educational and learning elements.

However, educational touristry can be defined clearly into two groups ; formal and informal. The formal educational touristry or touristry instruction refers to any “ plan in which participants travel to a location as a group with the primary intent of prosecuting in a learning experience straight related to the location ” ( Bodger, 1998, p.28 ) . It can besides be seen as a series of classs that lead to graduation or enfranchisement or a grade, sheepskin, or similar terminal award. The informal educational touristry is a touristry which you can larn by experiences from go toing the activities that are something different from mundane life through the five senses of homo for illustration, cycling, rubber-necking, backpacking, charity activity ( voluntary ) , plunging etc ( Dewey ) .

The formal educational touristry in Thailand

In many states, touristry instruction focuses on fixing people for callings in big companies or cordial reception services. The formal instruction in footings of touristry industry concerned with raising the general rational capacity of the person and developing their ability for critical thought or gaining of accomplishments which are specific to peculiar occupations or functions in touristry industry. Education in touristry is relevant to all degrees of employment from everyday operational work to high-ranking strategic direction. However, the touristry instruction is turning quickly across the part which the touristry direction has to take it to run into the touristry industry needs for illustration, China. China is going the universe ‘s biggest tourer finish as Lu ( 2005 ) stated that “ by twelvemonth 2020, China will be the universe largest travel finish with the significance in its domestic market ” . Sing from the predictable, the demands of work force will increase which probably to the planetary tendencies that the touristry industries contribute the motion of local economic systems by making occupations and bring forthing market consciousness ( Ernst & A ; Young, 2006 ) . Therefore, instruction becomes more expandible.

As the continually developing in the consumer demands and progressively in the planetary touristry industry, the instruction developer will necessitate to seek out new ways of instruction in the ability of direction accomplishments to add value to the touristry organisation. Therefore, the three spheres theoretical account, the integrating of touristry cognition to show the wider skills that will ease the pupil or scholar to run efficaciously, emerges within touristry instruction at the present clip as shows in Figure 1.


Tourism Degrees



Urban/Rural Tourism



Generic Tourism


Tourism Management




Functional Tourism Degrees

Tourism Selling

Tourism Information Systems

Tourism Planing

Body of


Figure 1.

The three spheres theoretical account of touristry instruction

( Dale & A ; Robinson, 2001 )

“ Generic grades: These plans offer the interdisciplinary accomplishments required for wide

apprehension of the touristry industry.

Functional grades: These plans offer the pupil the functional expertness in a

peculiar country of touristry due to the service-oriented nature of the touristry industry.

Product/market touristry: These plans focus on the nature and development of peculiar

niche merchandises and markets which require specializer cognition and expertness for their effectual bringing. ”

The theoretical account would ease the development of touristry as a field of survey which touristry is frequently been a topic that lacks academic credibleness in comparing peculiarly in Thailand.

The touristry instruction plan in Thailand largely consists in higher instruction ; bachelor degree, maestro grade, sheepskin plan or certification plan. The abroad universities have been opening campuses in Thailand or hold made understandings with Thai universities to run double grade plans such as ; Bangkok School of Management: offers classs in Business Administration, Marketing, International Business, Small Business Management and others which are movable to colleges and universities worldwide, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce: offers a scope of international plans, including a Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts, and a Certificate of International Business Economics, King Naresurn University: offers a Double Degree Program with Southern Cross University ( Australia ) , including a Maestro of International Tourism and Hotel Management and MBA.

English class in Thailand besides grows by the demanding of people, whether short basic classs or internationally. Equally good as Thai cooking classs which become more favourite from the spices and unambiguously habit-forming gustatory sensations of Thai nutrient. The classs provided for internationally by learning all in English, and all delivered by experts such as ; Dosit Thani Hotel at Benjarong eating house where is the most sophisticated eating houses in Bangkok. The categories run 09:30-12:30 Saturday forenoons by the eating house ‘s caput chef and comprises into 12 categories. Another cooking school in Thailand which is in the top 10 hotels in the universe is “ The Thai Cooking School at the Oriental Hotel ” The school offers a four-day English-language cookery class with a “ ticker and learn ” methodological analysis, stressing presentation followed by hands-on experience of fixing a Thai dish. The class takes topographic point from 09:00 to 12:00 daily.

Thai linguistic communication classs and categories in Thai massage and Thai medical specialty have been promoted to the international tourers ‘ instruction as good. For illustration, AUA Thai Program: The plan offers with 10-level with major penetrations into Thai linguistic communication ( including reading and composing ) and civilization. Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School: offer a General Thai Massage, Therapeutic and Healing Massage Thai Fundamental Massage Points, Foot Massage Course, Oil Massage and Aromatherapy and Infant and Child Massage.

The informal educational touristry in Thailand

The informal educational touristry is a touristry which you can larn by experiences from a assortment of activities. The word “ activity ” may be usage to mention to a scope of particular involvement vacations and recreational activities as following ( Roberts & A ; Hall, 2001 ) :

Physical activity: normally go on outdoor such as cycling, mounting, plunging and walking. These activities are normally resulting as a tourer attractive force in the state where they promoted these sorts of services and go more popular. For illustration, cycling-Tour de France is an interesting competition which happens in France and where many bicyclers would wish to go to. Climbing- Himalayan Mountain is a topographic point to anyone who has the ability of mounting. It ‘s a really ambitious topographic point besides including in the Alps of Europe and the Rocky Mountains of the USA. Diving-the activity which becomes far more popular in recent decennaries in many more states peculiarly in Thailand. Thailand ‘s beaches and islands are some of the best in the universe, offering alien landscapes and flawless beaches where diving is possible all twelvemonth unit of ammunition. The underwater mountains, coral gardens, undersea stone formations, difficult and soft corals are the things which you can see and obtain more cognition while plunging.

Avocations and practical involvements such as photography- one of the activities that tourers can better photographic accomplishments by fall ining in the photographing nine and travel to many topographic points with professional lensman, picture and trades which the tourers need to go to the category or particular classs to increase their accomplishments or to larn how to make.

Nature touristry such as wildlife observation, garden circuit and ecotourism.

Cultural and rational chases such as architecture, archeology and spiritual subjects.

“ Experience and instruction can non be straight equated to each other. For some experiences are miss-educative. Any experience is miss-educative that has the consequence of collaring or falsifying the growing of farther experience. An experience may be such as to breed unfeelingness ; it may bring forth deficiency of sensitiveness and of reactivity. Then the possibilities of holding richer experience in the hereafter are restricted ” ( Nickerson, 2006 ) .

A given experience may increase a individual ‘s automatic accomplishment in a peculiar way. The consequence is to contract the field of farther experience. An experience may be instantly gratifying and yet advance the formation of a careless attitude ; this attitude so operates to modify the quality of subsequent experiences so as to forestall a individual from acquiring out of them what they have to give. Experiences may be so disconnected from one another that, while each is agreeable or even exciting in itself, they are non linked cumulatively to one another.

Thailand has many activities which are alone and really interesting for alien such as, plunging as Thailand is really well-known in high temperature, particularly in summer, and celebrated in beach activities, Sun bathing and diving. The tourers can larn or see new experiences by go toing new activities, they will have new accomplishments which make them acquire more information and educate more cognition. Not merely beach activities, but besides the local activities from the community of Thailand that tourer can comprehend a new civilization and experiences such place stay touristry or voluntary touristry ( voluntourism ) .

The relation between voluntourism and educational touristry in Thailand

An activity that arises in the southern portion of Thailand which becomes a new portion of educational touristry and would be a good illustration to advert about is called “ volutourism ” or “ unpaid touristry ” . It is one of the niche market and rapid turning presently. Voluntourism focuses on the selfless and self-developmental experiences that can derive during working on undertakings. Voluntourism can divide into many classs as shows in Figure 2.



Volunteer touristry

Serious leisure


Moral touristry

Alternate touristry

Responsible touristry

Cultural touristry

Social touristry

Charity touristry

Figure 2. Categorizing unpaid touristry. ( Novelli, 2005 )

The voluntary touristry motivated many tourers to go abroad state including sightseeing and sing foreign civilizations and topographic points. They favored the experience because the constructs learned through the voluntary undertaking would profit their accomplishment development of future survey or work. The voluntourism related to the educational touristry by its cognition is transferred to, and between, volunteer participants form instruction establishments in the developed and developing universes, authoritiess and civil society in the state. Voluntourism, on the other manus, “ recognizes the importance of two cardinal factors: balance and reciprocality. A balanced battle jumping between voluntary service and touristry activities allows for a mutual relationship with communities. Residents who may be receivers of voluntary service are able to return that service by sharing their finish with visitants via exposure to the humanistic disciplines, civilization, geographics, history and diversion ” ( ) .

Voluntourism benefits non merely to the single voluntary, but besides contributes to the touristry sector that is economically, socially, environmentally sustainable and competitory. In the instance of Thailand, after the impact of tsunami many industries and concern has been destroyed, and besides the harm of Thai community. Voluntourism be an of import portion to help with the recovery construct. The voluntary acquire a alone chance to acquire involved with the local people for the recovery attempts together with some escapade and relaxation. They can see untasted Thailand in local traditional activities with local people while they ‘re seeking to retrieve the community. In this instance, the voluntary learns new accomplishments from Thai local people and besides, the exchange of information happened while they interact to each other which make both sides received the new experiences, accomplishments and information.

The impacts of educational touristry in Thailand

Everything in the universe normally has two sides in both positives and negatives. Educational touristry besides has advantages and disadvantages. As we know that, instruction and touristry both give the benefit to everyone. The advantages of educational touristry happened both in the tourers and local community or local people. The cognition exchange will go on between local people and the tourers and besides with the economic sciences of the state by developing the community to run into the demand of tourers and to gain more benefits for that community. Therefore, the tourers can portion their cultural with local people to acquire more information about Thai local people lifestyle or Thai tradition.

There are assortments of advantages in educational touristry but the chief advantages are the ability to interchange cognition or accomplishments that appeared as the most of import in both of formal and informal educational touristry. For the formal educational touristry, the chief benefit is the cognition that you can derive from the class and besides the grade or certification. Not merely degree but besides the cognition or the information that you studied can do you to be a profession in your calling life. The touristry class whether in any grade or certification, these can better your accomplishments and can educated you to be a good pedagogue, employees besides with the potency of direction accomplishments.

Cycling, diving, mounting or other activities are the activities that tourers can research, larn and see new things at the same clip. By cycling, the tourers can see another side of the universe which is really different when comparing with thrust in the auto. By this experience, you can see many accomplishments from it such as learn or survey people life in rural country or a topographic point where you can non drive in, closely with the natural and see new manner of life which all could be a lesson that you could n’t happen in the schoolroom. Home stay is the other illustration for tourers who want to go near to the nature and larn the local people existent lifestyle, abandon the complicate metropolis or remain off from all nerve-racking. Those are the advantages of informal educational touristry.

However, the jobs of being a popular attractive forces or activities are overcrowding. The impacts of overcrowding are typically grounds by visitants experiencing that reduced the tourers ‘ chance to see and make everything they want to. The impacts on local community can be the deficiency of installations and another possible impact may ensue from the thoughtless and antisocial behaviour of visitants. The environment besides impacts from the overcrowding by environmental deteriorate. In add-on, it will be good for the state if the tourers feel impress in any activities experiences or instruction classs because they will return to the state once more but at the same clip, the manner the state prepare or operate has to pull off efficaciously every bit good.


Educational touristry in term of formal, the instruction that all pedagogues will acquire the cognition and specific accomplishments warrant by the grade or enfranchisement, and informal, the experience that experiences through activities, both give the tourers cognition and accomplishments which can better themselves by during the learning procedure. In Thailand, the educational touristry is developing. Thai touristry instruction is going popular in co-ordinate with other state to plan an international plan for Thai touristry. Additionally, Thai activities are seeking to advance wider in many attractive forces to be more well-known which volunteer touristry is one of the new activity of educational touristry that appeared late after Tsunami impact.

It has to be accepted that educational touristry in Thailand supply both advantages and disadvantages to the state. The development of community, the economic addition, the changing of people lifestyle, these are all benefits but on the other manus, it causes a batch environmental impairment and money besides with the direction operation has to be really briefly.


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