Control Mechanisms In this paper, we will identify the four control mechanisms that Google has established in their organization. We will compare and contrast the mechanisms, examine the positive and negative effects of the controls, and explain if the controls have any bearing to the four functions of management. Control Mechanism Control as it pertains to business is defined as an “exercise of authority; to direct” (Dictionary. com,2010).

Google is an establish business with established control mechanisms. The control mechanisms consist on internal, technical, and social. These mechanisms have been put in place to manage Google efficiently. Internal controls as defined by All Business are methods, procedures or systems, which are designed to promote efficiency, safe guard assets and implement company policies. Because Google is a global- cyber business, the technical control is very important.

The technical control is the one control, which deals with Google’s online web policies, designs, privacy and security, and management of the technical part of the business. The technical control also covers the relationships and communications between management and the general workforce. The social control encompasses Google’s policies, procedure, rules, job definitions and descriptions, work incentives and upward career movement within the company.

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The social control also includes Google’s multicultural workforce behavior, attitudes, values and shared goals. Google has implemented controls in its organization. Google hires the right people who share the company’s goal and vision. According to a statement from Diversiy. com, the hiring policy at Google is aggressive, favors ability of an individual over experience and is non- discriminatory. Because of Google’s hiring practices, they employ staff that is reflective of the global users the search engine services.


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