Many parents these days are busy with their work, and sometimes it is hard to keep track what their children do. They are working singles or couples who must rely on others for the parenting and raising their children. Even baby sitters use television as the easiest source of entertainment for the children. Since every family has televisions and the children play video games almost every day, truly the media affects the children. The average hours of American youth watching television is about four hours, which means children spend more time watching television than in any other activity, except sleep, after school.

So, parents should control the television that children watch. They need to be aware that media violence affects in the real world. While television and video games grow rich on violence, the people are becoming more used to seeing violence in television and games. South Park, a very famous show that many children watch, contains much violence and profanity throughout the episodes. However, the children watch the show without a problem and consider it very ‘funny. ” Also, in the games of the popular first person shooting games like “Call of Duty,” the players get extra mints for killing people with headaches.

And one of the top-selling video game, Grand Theft Auto, is programmed to kill the people with weapons and steal money, hijack cars, and kill the cops to get away from theft or bank job. These television shows and video games cause the children and teenagers to become violent in the real life. Media violence does not only affect the children and the teenagers. It endangers other people also. School shootings have become an issue in America. Even though the gun control laws are passed, violent movies, television shows, and video games cause the people o become aggressive with weapons.

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On April 20, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Keyhole decided to bring firearms and explosives to Columbine High School to go on a shooting rampage. These two boys, before killing themselves, killed 12 students, one teacher, and wounded 24 others (columbine’s). They solved their anger and problems by shooting other people like they experienced in the movies and games. Also, on April 1 7, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blackburn, Virginia, Swung-Huh Choc killed 32 people and wounded 25 others in the shooting manage which has come to be known as the “Virginia Tech massacre. In middle school, he was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder known as selective mutatis, as well as major depressive disorder (Virginia tech shooting). There was no doubt that violence in television shows, movies, and video games caused this young man to become aggressive. The media violence does not only affect the children in a negative way. It also affects the people with disorder and mental illness. In the memories of Eric Harris and Dylan Keyhole, one of the game producing companies decided to make a school shooting” games on April 20, 2011.

After people heard that they are making a game of “school shooting,” people in the internet and Faceable made group pages to strongly object making this game. Since people cannot tell the producing companies what to make, the best solution is from the teachings of the parents. Perhaps the most important way to prevent children from watching television violence is to stop it where it starts. The parents should step in and get involved when the kids are watching TV or playing games. If they do not want their children to be affected by violent media, they would get involved and see what their kids are doing.

They can also monitor the amount of exposure children have to violent movies, television, and video games. Adults with children need to replace violent video games with non- violent and exciting activities or play sports for their children. Parent should check the ratings of the movies and the games. Most importantly, they should discuss and talk to their children about this issue. The media violence is becoming a part of people’s lives, especially the children. It is essential that parents are vital role to keep them to stay away from it.

These days, most of the shows, movies, and video games include violence. Violence in media cannot go away. Most of the time, it is inevitable for the children to watch those. The most popular games and movies among the children contain violence. The movie like Avatar, even though it is a fantasy movie, is popular because violent scenes are included in the movie: the war between human and Naive. With new cinema technology, the movies and games are more violent than before. However, it is parents’ responsibilities that they should discuss and talk with their children about it.


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