Converting sewage sludge into bio-solids to be used as a replacement for coal Product: Bio solids made from sewage sludge that comprises of human waste to be used as a replacement for coal. Customers: Government – The product could be used in thermal power plants, Steel production etc. Private Organizations – The bio solids could be used in cement industry. General Public – The general public could use the product as a cheap substitute for coal. Beneficiaries: Government – The bio solids would reduce the country requirement for coal import, hush saving the valuable foreign exchange reserve.

The money spent by the municipal corporations for the treatment of such waste would be saved. Instead, the product would act as a source of revenue. Organizations – All the organizations that require coal for production could benefit from the product as it would reduce the cost of production. Environment – The conversion of sewage sludge into bio-solids would benefit the environment in several ways like the sludge that is released into the rivers would be greatly reduced and thus would prevent water pollution.

Bio- solids are a renewable resource and do not add any net carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as the carbon dioxide is already in the cycle hence the use of bio-solids would reduce air pollution. Sources of funds: The funds would be derived from various sources Municipal corporations – A part of money which municipal corporations spend on the treatment of sewage could be used by the organizations. Private sector firms – The firms that require large amounts of coal would provide aid in production of bio-solids.


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