What is meant by the culture of the society , and why it is important for international managers to understand it? Do you notice culture preferences among your classmates? How do those differences after the class environment or your group projects? 2. Critically assess the types of operational conflicts that could occur in an international context because of differences in attitudes towards time , change , material factors and individualism. Glee examples relative to specific countries. 3.

A) If you were the CEO of yahoo , and were presenting an opinion to the board of directors weather or not to release Information to the chillness government regarding a subscriber to Yahoos e-mail, what would you say Is more Is more Important-penetrating the chillness market or adhering to Yahoo’s principles regarding privacy protection? B)One of the challenges of setting up a business In a foreign country Is how much to adapt your product or service and company polices to local conditions. Make a case that company must adapt to local tastes, traditions saws In order to survive. Alteration company deals with many constituents -how should Hallo Respond to criticism from human right watch? 4. Today , international businesspeople must think globally about production and sales opportunities. Many global managers will eventually find themselves living and morning in cultures together different from their own. Many entrepreneurs will find themselves booking flight to places they had never heard of. What do you think companies can do now tap prepare their mangers for these new markets?

What can entrepreneurs and small businesses with limited resources do? 5. What are the claims of those who say globalization eliminates Jobs,lowers wages and exploits rockers? 6. A) One strategy Yahoo! Could use to deal with Chinese government is allow its local joint venture partner, Beijing founder Electronics, to deal with the government. What are the benefits and risks of doing so? B) How does a strategic alliance differ from a Joint venture? Explain the pluses and minuses of such alliances.

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