* Whenever I think of our developing India. a inquiry that hangouts me is “Will I be able to visualise a vivid. corruption-free and self-reliable INDIA. ? * my inquiry remain unreciprocated many times but in due class of clip I came to cognize of several facts that depict the incapacitated conditions of a common adult male. Though he is cagey plenty. he would non acquire a place in a celebrated college or university. Though he is eligible. he would be thrown out of the interview session ruthlessly. Merely ground behind all these contemptuous state of affairss being faced by a common adult male is. MONEY. * First of all I would wish to claim myself beco’z we are the responsible of corruptness. When we do’nt have clip we ever show our many power alternatively of standing in waiting lines.

We spend our money for finishing our work but for the hapless people its excessively hard to pay money. I think. Money and Power Corrupt a individual. We frequently blame Politician but have we of all time think who elect them! We elect them as our Representative in Government but when we. concern adult male. give them corrupt to work out our PERSONAL issues in govt/non-govt administration rapidly. In this manner. WE CORRUPT THEM. * First of all I would wish to claim ourselves alternatively of indicating out anyone else in higher governments who were promoting this construct. A individual can win in his life non merely by giving/taking payoff. he/she can win through difficult work besides. * Once upon a clip. payoff was paid for acquiring incorrect things done but now bribe is paid for acquiring right things done at right clip. * Con……… . . 7 ) ”Power does non pervert. Fear corrupts… possibly the fright of a loss of power. ”


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