The debut of low cost air hoses was to crush some of the major air hose industry and this move besides was said to be the most strategic move taken by any air hose company who were traveling into bankruptcy. This determination helped them to get the better of the state of affairs they were in as it is said to necessitate merely the fixed cost and its more than sufficient for any such company to maintain them in concern. The low-priced concern theoretical account was introduced by Southwest in the US at the beginning of the seventiess. However, it was merely in the ninetiess that the phenomenon spread worldwide. Ryanair was one of the first air hoses in Europe to follow the low-priced theoretical account in 1992. Easyjet became the 2nd in this race of low cost air hoses.

The development of this concern started when air passages was thought to be the luxury of the high category people. The low cost section required to be tapped as the demand was present but cost was the job. The UK market has seen the most dramatic development where by the summer of 2001, these bearers accounted for over 22 % of the short draw capacity from London and were present in 58 % of the 128 short draw paths operated from this metropolis ( beginning: OAG, 2001 ) . This capacity and success for low cost bearer air hoses kept on increasing twelvemonth on twelvemonth. 158 was the figure of finish boulder clay 2004 LCC flied, from merely 59 few old ages back ie 2001. The consumer response itself showed the credence of LCC in the market

Pricing by LCC:

Its quite notable that most of the air hose follow the same pricing scheme. The pricing schemes they use are economical pricing, psychological pricing, pricing fluctuation. Blending all these schemes together they have invented the new pricing scheme for air hose industry. Ranging from.99p ticket by Ryanair to off-peak ticket merchandising. They start with the lowest menus scheme ie the people who reserve seats every bit early as three months are charged the least, and as the twenty-four hours of flight attacks the menu increases. Hence everyone the flight has different menus paid for the same finish. It ‘s a supply and demand footing, as the seats are sold, monetary value additions as supply reduces. Besides sectioning the client into concern category, mid hebdomad leisure traveller, hebdomad terminal leisure traveller helps them monetary value the seats consequently. Pricing a place lowest at 12’0 clock on Monday forenoon does n’t assist a concern work forces. He would still travel for a early forenoon flight even though its expensive. the most monetary value medium is the mid hebdomad leisure traveller as they plan harmonizing to the least fare flight. The bundles and price reduction they offer makes it resistless for the client like, if you buy a return ticket with the ticket you are purchasing it becomes so much more inexpensive and attractive.

Cost and competitory policy of a LCC industry:

The cost techniques undertaken by LCC comes under this three factors ie service nest eggs, operational nest eggs and overhead nest eggs. Its besides serves the competitory advantage that it has over long draw aircrafts. It could be farther explained with regard to these points:

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No frills: Extinguishing the excess services and comfort from the flight like drinks etc.

Point-to-point services: It reduces the waiting clip for luggage or rider transportation. It besides reduces the complexness of the full service.

Secondary airdromes: It has lower charges to offer as they are less busy and non occupied most of the clip. It reduces the turnaround clip for a aircraft cut downing cost once more.

Direct engagement: The tickets booked for LCC are largely done online or by ectronic ticketing and hence extinguishing the cost of agents and their committee. Besides it reduces the figure of administrative staff.

Staff: By holding merely one aircraft type, pilots and cabin crew can run on any aircraft in the fleet. Low-cost air hoses employ proportionally fewer staff and so hold lower staff costs than the traditional air hoses.

Impact of low cost air hose:

It has both positive and negative impacts.

Positive impact:

Regional airdromes:

LCC uses regional airdromes as a arrest. As more and more LCC are often utilizing regional airdromes it increases congestion and causes traffic on the port. To cut down this jobs it requires a immense capital investing for the development of the airdromes. As it could be considered as a drawback it brings some advantages with it. The regional airdromes that develop causes the local industry, the part itself on the manner to development because of the exposure it receive.

Customer benefit:

A normal client ab initio could n’t afford to run into people overseas. With the debut of LCC people could easy run into friend ‘s, household shacking overseas. In instance of work life It besides enhanced its flexibleness and attack.


Peoples found it hard to make topographic points whose civilization they would had love to study.vacation in some other state is non a dream any longer, its all easy accessible now.

Employment benefit:

It increases the entire employment of a state. It opened a new section for people to research.

Negative effects:

Environmental consequence:

The LCC uses new aircraft as they were launched in the market. This means that the noise pollution and fuel per rider is same as any traditional air hoses. Tonss of C dioxide ( CO2 ) are pumped into the ambiance each twelvemonth from these aircrafts. But, the truth can non be neglected that its risky to the environment and all the air hose companies are fliping the duties on each other in this affair.

Cut pharynx competition:

Sometime the monetary value decrease by one LCC causes a war between all the bing companies. A monetary value war begins which makes it hard for all the companies in this industry to last.

Marketing schemes:

Direct and on-line selling: LCC follows direct sort of selling as its major beginning of information to consumer is Internet. Besides the usage of e-commerce makes LCC more appropriate to be mentioned in this class.

Internet-based services and third-party affiliates like now offer flat tickets at all-time depressions, merely by utilizing cyberspace or Mobile. Easyjet has engraved on its aircraft for its publicity every bit good as to do its clients book tickets online as it reduces their administrative cost. As per the current information available, it says more so 90 % of ticket booked in LCC are done on cyberspace. It shows the consequence of cyberspace on today ‘s universe and specially with regard to LCC. The site on the cyberspace non merely serves the engagement of tickets but besides the LCC publicity. Its besides one of the cheapest manner the company could advance and market itself every bit good as achieve the aim.

It does except the other selling schemes but as it can be seen it does n’t necessitate much to be done. The menus offered by these LCC are so low that they are ever in the eyes of their prospective clients. The service industry here speaks for itself.

Free selling:

Sometimes the media does the work for these LCC ‘s. The monetary value that these LCC comes up with bombilations the market, taking all the attending toward itself. The remainder of its publicity is done by the media by often adverting it on any electronic or other media. These gives all the needed attending or publicity required by them.

I Think: … .

The current competition in this industry is doing the market leader in this field to research for some other factors or opportunities which could give them a stopping point border to the rivals. The success of LCC has made the major participants like BA etc to come in this market but yet they have non achieved full advantageous place. The most awful incubus of a full fledged long haul runing air hose industry is, what if these LCC enters into their market excessively? ? ? These inquiry has non merely maintain them wake up at dark but has besides made us believe what if this truly happens… .


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