1. The grade of operating purchase is equal to the ____ alteration in ____ divided by the ____ alteration in ____ .

2. The short-term cost map is:

3. Theoretically. in a long-term cost map:

4. Evidence from empirical surveies of long-term cost-output relationships lends support to the:

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5. In the additive breakeven theoretical account. the breakeven gross revenues volume ( in dollars ) can be found by multiplying the breakeven gross revenues volume ( in units ) by:

6. In a survey of banking by plus size over clip. we can happen which plus sizes are be givening to go more outstanding. The size that is going more prevailing is presumed to be least cost. This is called:

7. Buyers anticipate that the impermanent warehouse marketer of unbranded computing machine equipment will

8. In the long-term. houses in a monopolistically competitory industry will

9. In the short-run for a strictly competitory market. a maker will halt production when:

10. A house in pure competition would close down when:

11. Asset specificity is largest when

12. Uncertainty includes all of the undermentioned except ____ .

13. Experience goods are merchandises or services

14. Worsening cost industries

15. Of the followers. which is non an economic principle for public public-service corporation ordinance?

16. ____ as practiced by public utilities is designed to promote greater use and hence spread the fixed costs of the utility’s works over a larger figure of units of end product.

17. The pattern by telephone companies of bear downing lower long-distance rates at dark than during the twenty-four hours is an illustration of:

18. When the cross snap of demand between one merchandise and all other merchandises is low. one is by and large mentioning to a ( N ) ____ state of affairs.

19. In natural monopoly. AC continuously declines due to economic systems in distribution or in production. which tends to establish in industries which face increasing returns to scale. If monetary value were set equal to fringy cost. so:

20. A trust is a state of affairs where houses in the industry

21. The being of a kinked demand curve under oligopoly conditions may ensue in

22. Which of the followers is an illustration of an oligopolistic market construction?

23. Even ideal trusts tend to be unstable because

24. In a kinked demand market. whenever one house decides to take down its monetary value.

25. Some industries that have stiff monetary values. In those industries. we tend to


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