One of the dreams of my life has been to see Egypt. the land of love affair and enigma. and of the most ancient civilisations in the universe. Geographically. the state of Egypt is singular. as being the creative activity of a individual river. It is a long and relatively narrow vale. shut in on both sides by low wastes drops. beyond which is the hot sandy desert. And this vale would itself be an inhabitable desert. but for the River Nile which. lifting in the Abyssinian mountains in the South. runs through it for 100s of stat mis till it spreads out into the many watercourses which forms the celebrated Delta ( so called because the land watered by these oral cavities of the Nile is the form of the Grecian missive Delta a trigon ) . and empties itself into the Mediterranean Sea. Egypt. which has barely any rainfall. depends wholly on the Nile for its birthrate. or instead upon the unusual one-year rise of the Nile.

Once every twelvemonth. when the snows thaw in the Abyssinian mountains. the river rises and overflows its Bankss. deluging the whole state. When the Waterss retire once more to their usual channel. they have left a rich sedimentation of fertile clay. which gives the Egyptian Fellaheen. or husbandmans. abundant harvests. The one-year rise of the Nile is to the Egyptian agriculturists what the monsoon is to the Indian Zamindars ; and the failure of the Nile to lift high plenty is attended with the same catastrophe as the failure of the monsoon in India. viz. famine. Or instead. it used to be ; for the British applied scientists. by their fantastic dikes. continue the Nile H2O for thin old ages. as in India they have saved Punjab from dearth by their fantastic irrigation plants. But the main involvement of Egypt lies in its singular history and its fantastic archeological remains. Owing partially to the dry clime. and partially to the ancient Egyptian method of burying their dead. more remains of the ancient civilisation of Egypt exist than of any other state.

The ancient grave. with their walls covered with beautiful images and hieroglyphic authorship. the tremendous and brilliant temples. the fantastic plants of art that have been preserved. give us a most graphic thought of the history and the unusually high civilisation of the antediluvian Egyptians a civilisation that was already at a high degree 5. 000 old ages before Christ. To see these ancient tombs’ and temples. and look upon the existent faces of the great Pharaohs of the yesteryear. and to recognize the illustriousness of the old Egyptian civilisation that has passed off. must be a fantastic experience. Recently the whole universe has wondered at the artistic beauty and fabulous value of the gold decorations and gems found in the grave of Tut-ankh-amen. discovered by Mr. Howard Carter and Lord Carnavoran ; and Tut-ankh-amen was by no means one of the great or of import Pharaohs of old Egypt.

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