Since every individual is alone they tend to populate in different topographic points depending on their gustatory sensation. Some people prefer to populate in large metropoliss while some prefer states. The bustling metropolis is alive. The stimulation of crowds and traffic generate energy that challenges the human spirit. Possibly that is why the metropolis inhabitant reflects the image of an angry. stressed and unfriendly individual. Even in Mongolia metropolis inhabitants are more stressed than state inhabitants. Peoples say life in the state is healthier

Life in the metropolis is disputing. Shopping is convenient everyplace you go you will easy happen large and convenient shops. The presence of public transit reduces the demand for private transit which is the beginning of traffic treasure. But there are a batch of installations where you can pass you free clip ; film. play theatres. ski resorts etc. We have to retrieve that metropolis life costs high and gives you much emphasis. Worst of all. the most expensive constituent of life in the metropolis is the toll it takes on your organic structure through emphasis. Besides in large metropoliss the air is non healthy. Smoke that go from monolithic figure of autos and factors threaten our wellness. Another disadvantage of metropolis is offense. Many people become the victims of offense and once more they get stressed.

Peaceful is the most compendious description of the state. The dark is quiet the air is fresh. no hustle and hustle… No heavy traffic. no Sirens. no haste of the “madding crowd. ” Life is simple and quieting. Food is organic. In Mongolian state everyone knows each other and is really friendly. The state offers advantages of being unstressed. You don’t have to scared of robbers and cutpurses. You can merely experience the fresh air and walk easy. Peoples who live in the metropolis and state portion many common lifestyle basicss such as occupations. commutation. and safety. You don’t necessitate much money while you are in the state. But there are some disadvantages of life in the state.

There are non many shopping centres. if you are a shopaholic you will be upset in the state. Besides there are non many large installations. Urban countries respond to exigency state of affairss more expeditiously. If to take from these 2 life manners I would take metropolis life because I was born in the metropolis and grew up here. Hustle and bustle seem near to me. Large metropoliss have a larger revenue enhancement base which allocates more resources to public safety and wellness bureaus such as constabulary. firemans. and ambulances. There are large section shops where you can purchase everything you want. Although some people in metropoliss are stressed and unfriendly metropolis is a compendious topographic point to hold merriment.

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