This study has been commissioned for the intents of reding a client who is be aftering a short concern trip to Moscow for the intent of look intoing the development of long-run concern chances in the Russia.

Key Areas of Concern

Businesss have been progressively encompassing the chances presented to them in the Russian Federation since the mid-1990s. However, there remain a figure of barriers to entry to the Russian market. These include, most notably, corruptness at all degrees, corporate espionage and protection rackets.

From a personal security position, there are issues to observe which will really likely impact on the daily life of employees deployed for longer periods in Moscow, or other big Russian metropoliss. However, with an consciousness of these issues, and taking safeguards to avoid certain troubles, there is no ground why working life in Moscow should non be seen as an exciting chance affecting minimum hazard to the wellness and safety of the person.

Key Recommendations

The client should set about a thorough appraisal of all proposed sites prior to perpetrating to any get down up. This will necessitate to be done with the aid of local security advisers and concern spouses.

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In order to understate the hazard of corporate espionage, as few staff as possible should see Russia until an established web of sanctioned concern contacts are made in the Russian Federation.

All employees sing the Russian Federation must be trained in basic personal security. They should besides be given regular state hazard updates prior to sing and whilst in the Russian Federation. Although translators are available, it may be utile for all employees working in Russia to go to linguistic communication classs ; this will take down the hazard to personal security and aid in constructing successful concern relationships.

The client should supervise and reexamine any alteration in tendencies that will hold an impact on its employees and/or representatives in the Russian Federation ; cardinal considerations must be any escalation of the assessed hazard of terrorist onslaughts or any industry-specific events affecting Russian or international administrations runing in Russia.

In the long term, prior to offices and abodes being selected, it will be imperative to guarantee that all sites have appropriate security steps in topographic point ; this can be ascertained by the behavior of a security reappraisal.


The purpose of this study is to supply a comprehensive hazard analysis for a client who is sing the viability of puting up long term concern links in the Russian Federation.


Analysis & A ; Research

In order to guarantee truth of information in the study, it has been based on the undermentioned research methods/sources:

The Consultant carried out a visit to Moscow to guarantee up-to-date cognition of the metropolis. The visit was so extended and trips were made to three other big Russian metropoliss, viz. St Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk. Those metropoliss have been cited by the client as possible sites during the enlargement stage of the undertaking.

Specific in-depth cyberspace research of assorted authorities and official public information beginnings has been carried out.

Strengths & A ; Failings

The undermentioned failings were identified in the research methodological analysis and digest of the study informations:

The linguistic communication proved a barrier to research and much of the stuff available from authorities beginnings was published in Russian merely. External reading and interlingual rendition services were used in order to get the better of this barrier.

The continuance of the visit to the Russian Federation was limited.

The study relies on informations and statistics provided by third-party administrations and independent confirmation of that information is non possible – it is hence unable to prove for truth or whether or non the information is to the full up-to-date.

The undermentioned strengths were identified in the research methodological analysis and digest of the study informations:

The visit enabled the Consultant to see firsthand the relevant environment and to develop personal consciousness of possible troubles faced by foreign subjects, peculiarly non-Russian talkers.

The research drew upon information from a wide spectrum of beginnings, including informations collected by both province and independent administrations.

The study has drawn on specific imperativeness coverage in order to supply the client with an penetration into local perceptual experience of the industry sector.

Alternate Methods

Alternative methods which might hold been implemented include: :

carry oning interviews with the proprietors of foreign concerns which are presently runing in Russian Federation ;

bespeaking local counsel from the Russian governments ; and

using a Russian-speaker to transport out the research stage jointly with the adviser.

These methods were non implemented for two cardinal grounds ; clip restraints and cost. Use of the methods detailed supra could besides potentially endanger the confidentiality of the undertaking and may hold given rise to competition issues for the client, peculiarly in visible radiation of a yesteryear and recent history of institutional corruptness in the Russian Federation.


Economy and Political Overview

Facts and Figures[ 1 ]

Area: 17,075,400 square kilometers

Population: 141.9 million ( 2009 )

Capital City: Moscow

Peoples: 81.5 % Russians ; 3.8 % Tatars ; 2 % Ukrainian, 1.2 % Bakshir, 1.1 % Chuvash ( more than 100 nationalities in all )

Languages: Russian, Tatar, other

Religions: Orthodox Christianity ; Islam ; Judaism ; Buddhism

Major political parties: United Russia, Communist Party, Liberal Democratic Party, A Just Russia

President: Dmitri Medvedev

Prime Minister: Vladimir Putin

The Russian Federation is the replacement to the Soviet Union which was dissolved on 31 December 1991. It is the largest state in the universe and extends across 11 clip zones. Geographically, it covers huge, unfastened piece of lands in the European heartlands and the taiga and tundra of Siberia, to cragged terrain. Agriculture tends to be concentrated in European Russia and the southern belt of Siberia. Further north, the chief industries are forestry and extraction of energy and minerals. Most Russians live in European Russia and the Ural mountainss.

The chief links across the state are by air, by river and the Trans-Siberian railroad. The route substructure is hapless.

Political Stability

After the autumn of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia took some stairss towards a more democratic society but, following Putin ‘s accession to power in 1999, it is arguable that this advancement was reversed[ 2 ]. However, whilst Putin ‘s actions, including taking about full control of all national media and other major industries including natural resources, and enforcing controls and heavy revenue enhancement on NGO ‘s, critical of Russia ‘s human rights record, were seen as aggressive, these steps have arguably lead to a reinforced cardinal authorities. However, a reinforced cardinal authorities has non needfully resulted in a more politically crystalline or judicially just society – in 2003, a critical opposition of Putin, so caput of Yukos, the universe ‘s 4th largest oil company, was arrested and subsequently sentenced to 8 old ages imprisonment. Most of Russia ‘s industry is now state-owned and tally and has lead some perceivers to state that “ those who rule Russia, ain Russia. ”[ 3 ]Foreign policy has besides frequently been aggressive, e.g. , Russia ‘s stance on Chechnya or with respect to proposed U.S. missile sites in Eastern Europe.

By manner of mentality on Russia ‘s political hereafter, it is by and large accepted that the Putin/Medvedev dual act will guarantee mid to long-run political stableness and authorities intercession in cardinal industry sectors will help the authorities to asseverate its control. However, corruptness and a weak regulation of jurisprudence remain barriers to entry for abroad investors.[ 4 ]

GDP & A ; Economic Influence

Some beginnings rank Russia ‘s economic system 12th largest as compared with 65 of the universe ‘s largest economic systems[ 5 ]. Other beginnings put Russia, with an estimated GDP for 2009 of US $ 2.11 trillion, in 8th place on the planetary graduated table.

Russia ‘s GDP can be apportioned by sector with an estimated 60.5 % of GDP attributable to services, 34.8 % to industry and 4.7 % to agribusiness. Of Russia ‘s heavy industries, three are key in the planetary markets ; in 2009, Russia was the universe ‘s largest exporter of natural gas, 2nd largest exporter of oil and 3rd largest exporter of steel[ 6 ]. Russia has on juncture used its economic strength in these Fieldss as political purchase ; take, for illustration, Russia ‘s refusal to provide gas to Ukraine which gave rise to an addition in energy monetary values across Europe[ 7 ].

Russia is presently concentrating on submiting to the World Trade Organisation in order to procure its place in the planetary economic system following the recent economic crisis which hit Russia hard. If it does so, it will necessitate to adhere to certain regulations in the manner in which it trades globally. These regulations may include restrictions as to the degree of permitted subsidy to domestic industries, e.g. agricultural, and import/export duties in order to better the fight and efficiency of the Russia economic system.

Economic Stability

Highly dependant on trade good exports, the Russian economic system was highly vulnerable during the recent planetary economic downturn.A[ 8 ]Due to a crisp autumn in trade good monetary values and a backdown of foreign recognition following the “ recognition crunch ” , the Russian Federation went through its worst recession in 15 old ages, shriveling an estimated 8 % in 2009. Yet, the recent rush in energy monetary value, assorted stimulation plans and low involvement rates meant that the Russian economic system grew 2.9 % in the first one-fourth of 2010.

The Russian authorities is looking in front and many observers predict a less aggressive stance on foreign policy and a more unfastened attitude to international trade will take to a more diverse and well-balanced economic system, better able to defy future economic downswings. However, this vision of economic stableness remains some manner off for Russia ; for the clip being, cardinal industries remain in the custodies of a political elite, province intervention can be bumbling, the bench is corrupt and capital investing in the substructure is severely needed. These challenges, against a background of historically high degrees of rising prices and therefore a hazard of a demand to increase involvement rates, mean that the route to economic recovery and stableness for Russia is non yet clear.

Entry & A ; Currency


Visas are required to come in and to stay in Russia and applications for visas must be made pursuant to an invitation to remain in Russia. Invitations can be issued by travel bureaus, concerns, or even Russian citizens. Most bureaus who deal with visa application services are able to supply an invitation besides. Visa applications should, as a affair of class, be made good in progress of the awaited visit as it can take up to a month to treat the application and publish the visa. Passs should be valid for at least six months following the day of the month of termination of the visa and have at least two clean pages. Arrival in the Russian Federation without a valid visa will ensue in the refusal of entry to the state[ 9 ]. There are a figure of bureaus which can supply visa services and most offer full service, i.e. the proviso of relevant invitations, where required.

The relevant visa for the Agent will be a concern visa. Business visas are issued for travelers who visit Russia on official or private concern. Business visas are best for visitants who do non cognize their exact paths, want to remain in Russia longer than for 30 yearss or need to come in Russia on frequent occasions within a certain period of clip. Business visas to the Russian Federation may be issued with up to two entries and for up to 90 yearss. There are besides multiple-entry concern visas, valid for six or 12 months with limitless entries/exits. While tourer visas can non be extended, concern visa extensions can be arranged through the administration which provided the invitation for the bing concern visa.[ 10 ]The cost of this type of visa can change from around ?160 up to around ?600, depending on the service degree and timeframe required[ 11 ].


Further information, including information on how to fix an application and a list of needed supporting paperss is available at hypertext transfer protocol: //

The Russian National Tourist Office provides a full service to help with visa applications to the Russian Consulate in the UK. Further information can be found at hypertext transfer protocol: //


When remaining in the Russian Federation for more than three working yearss, visitants must register with the local subdivision of the Federal migration service. Most major hotels will make this automatically for a little fee ( normally around ?5.00 ) , but any employees going to work in Russia in the long term must be cognizant that when shacking in private adjustment, the landlord ( or any other Russian citizen with a “ propiska ” , i.e. , license ) must make this for you. Visitors can besides pay travel bureaus to transport out the enrollment on their behalf but this can be more dearly-won ( up to around ?20.00 ) .

Failure to register can ensue in serious effects ; normally a all right but in some instances exile.[ 12 ]


In the short term, the hotel should be contacted in progress to guarantee that they are able to register the visitant.

In the longer term, agree with the landlord/s of any flats taken on corporate Lashkar-e-Taibas that they will take attention of the enrollment for any employees staying/living in the relevant belongingss.


The regulations on import and export of currency, sophisticated electrical good and other points, including those with artistic and historical involvement, are really rigorous. It is indispensable that the regulations are followed as a false declaration may take to a terrible mulct or potentially imprisonment.

Furthermore, peculiar notice should be taken of the Torahs refering the importing and exportation of hard currency assets. A declaration on entry must be made for the importing of hard currency in surplus of US $ 10,000 and on issue for the exportation of hard currency in surplus of US $ 3,000. As a general regulation of pollex, there is a bound on hard currency exports of US $ 10,000.


As a regulation of pollex, do non seek to export anything which is either humanistic disciplines or engineering related ( including keepsakes bought from local markets ) without holding foremost checked to see if an export certification is required and, if so, holding obtained one. The website offers comprehensive counsel on import and export ordinances. The client should guarantee effectual communicating of the necessity to adhere purely to the imposts policy.


The rouble is presently valued at approximately ?1.00 to R47 but is non widely available in the UK. It is advised to take US Dollars or Euros ( although note that old notes are frequently non accepted[ 13 ]) and currency should merely be exchanged at reputable hotels, Bankss or exchange booths. It is an offense to interchange currency with street bargainers and, whilst some stores and eating houses may be happy to accept foreign currency, it is illegal to pay in foreign currency.


It is advised so far as possible to merely do minutess utilizing reputable Western banking installations, such as Citibank ( U.S ) , Raiffeisen ( Austria ) or Paribas ( France ) and ATM machines at these Bankss are available across Moscow and, to a lesser extent, in other big metropoliss.

It is good pattern to avoid doing big hard currency minutess and to transport merely every bit much hard currency as necessary when going in Russia.

It is strongly recommended to transport at least one recognition card, together with travelers ‘ checks in either US Dollars or Euros. Visa, Mastercard and Amex are widely accepted.


It is comparatively easy to procure adjustment throughout Russia, although familiar Western hotel ironss are normally merely found in big metropoliss. Many higher terminal Russian hotels offer the same criterion of installations as are available in Western hotels and all five star hotels by and large offer really good degrees of security onsite, including the proviso of hotel drivers where necessary. Budget hotels tend to fall below the criterions expected of hotel adjustment for Western travelers. However, although hotel adjustment is non scarce, it can be really expensive and it is hence recommended to do a engagement in progress – some Russian hotels do bear down an upfront engagement fee which can be between 20 % and 50 % of the first dark ‘s stay. The mean monetary value for a 5 star hotel starts from around ?200 per dark up to anything in the part of ?600-?800 depending on the hotel and type of room required.


In the short term, there are many Moscow hotels although rates are non peculiarly competitory and, due to the big Numberss of concern travelers in Moscow, rates tend to be higher between Monday and Friday ( peculiarly in Western hotels ) . The undermentioned web sites are utile in happening a hotel and sometimes offer discounted rates[ 14 ]:

In the mid to long term, the client may take to lease adjustment or serviced adjustment for employees seconded to Russia on a longer term footing. Russian allowing understandings can be rather slippery to negociate and it is recommended to prosecute a reputable international existent estate agent to help with the procedure and to supply counsel on local Torahs and ordinances.




Russia is non every bit unsafe as many people imagine but, as with anywhere in the universe, condemnable activity does happen. High profile violent deaths have in the past earned Russia a bad repute for corruptness and force, and despite authorities intercession, contract violent deaths are non unheard of. However, this does non be given to impact the bulk of visitants.


Employees going to the Russian Federation should go to a presentation on personal safety and security awareness prior to their visit and should be advised, so far as possible, to inform friends or co-workers as to their whereabouts when they are traveling out entirely.

The client and any other employees sing in future should guarantee that they complete their enrollment with the British Embassy in Moscow. This can be done through LOCATE.[ 15 ]

No Go Areas & A ; Natural Catastrophes: It is presently advised to avoid travel to Chechnya and all countries of the North Caucasus, including North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Stavropol, Karachayevo-Cherkissiya and Kabardino-Balkariya.

Recently Central and European Russia have been badly affected by forest fires. The worst affected parts have been Nizhny Novgorod, Mordovia, Tartasan, Moscow, Voronezh, Ryazan, Vladimir and Ivanovo and most late Volgograd and Sarotov[ 16 ].


Check position before going within the Russian Federation. Up-to-date advice can be obtained from the Foreign Office web site.


Attacks including bombardments and surety returns have continued to happen in Russia, peculiarly in the Caucasus part.In the yesteryear, bombardments have occurred at Russian Government edifices, hotels and tourer attractive forces, markets, amusement locales, schools, residential composites and on public transit including metros, coachs, trains and scheduled commercial flights. The chief menace in Russia is posed by extremist Chechen groups, who on occasion threaten to put off bombs in market countries of major metropoliss. Recent events include a suicide bomb onslaught in the Moscow tube ; 39 people were killed.


Ensure all employees are cognizant of the terrorist menace and supply an up-to-date list of current bad countries and recent onslaughts this can be communicated prior to going and besides whilst the client is in Russia Avoid going to high hazard countries at all if possible and if in an country where there is or has been Terrorist activity guarantee that the whereabouts of the client are communicated to a dependable beginning R see turn up the British embassy in Moscow can supply day-to-day updates on the on-going Terrorist menace state of affairs promote vigillance to all clients representatives

Pick pocketing & A ; Robbery

Pick pocketing is the most normally perpetrated offense against aliens and it tends to happen in public topographic points such as tube Stationss, metros, markets and tourer attractive forces. Gangs operate by teeming victims or assailing and strike harding them down – sometimes tourers will be swarmed by immature kids and, more late, groups of immature work forces in the Metro, who forcibly snatch what they can from their victim. These packs tend to aim people perceived to be vulnerable or who are going entirely, those who carry back packs or who carry paperss or billfolds in their back pockets.

Robbery occurs rather often and can sometimes affect force. Often, the robber will present as a cab driver or a police officer and will keep the victim in their auto until they are paid sufficient money when the victim is released.


Persons are advised to transport every bit small hard currency or valuables with them as possible.

Personal points should be kept in secure inside pockets of coats, or instead in intent made belts or other such secure travel accoutrements.

It is besides a good thought to transport a list of contacts, including medical aid ( see below ) , wellness insurance contacts, lost/stolen card contacts, a dependable, official cab service ( see below ) and of class, the British ( or other relevant ) consular exigency figure. In Moscow, this is +7 ( 495 ) 956 7200. There are alternate Numberss for British consulate aid in other regions/cities, including Yekaterinburg and St Petersburg[ 17 ].

In instance of larceny or loss, photocopy passport and recognition card inside informations should be kept in a unafraid topographic point, together with insurance inside informations.

So far as possible, visitants should avoid pulling attending to themselves and avoid have oning sportswear with Sons, caps, backpacks and other similar points. It is besides advisable to maintain out of sight any expensive electrical equipment, which is non widely available in Russia, such as Blackberrys, iPhones and iPods.


These are besides moderately common – one such cozenage involves person dropping money on the land. When the alien picks up the hard currency, an confederate will near him and propose maintaining the money and dividing it with him. The first party who dropped the money will so return and come in into a confrontation with both the alien and the other party and will normally state that some of the money is losing, accuse them of larceny and demand more money. The result is normally that the alien ends up paying some of their ain money over.


Remain argus-eyed – if there is anything “ unusual ” traveling on around you, take yourself out of the state of affairs and into a safe environment


Foreigners who have been imbibing intoxicant are peculiarly vulnerable to assail and robbery and incidents frequently occur in or around cabarets, bars or on the manner place. Sometimes victims are targeted in a saloon or eating house where their drink will be spiked or are accompanied place where they are drugged. GHB ( or flunitrazepan ) , the alleged day of the month colza drug, has reportedly increased in popularity in Russia and is now widely available.


Rede all employees of the hazards that are posed whilst out in public in Russia including a warning about accepting nutrient and drinks from aliens or go forthing them unattended.

Ensure a local adviser is available to staff and carry out regular appraisals of bars/restaurants used on a regular basis by staff to cut down the hazard of hurt or human deaths.


It is non uncommon for aliens in general to go victims of torment, mistreatment and extortion by jurisprudence enforcement and other functionaries[ 18 ]. Police frequently stop, inquiry or detain persons and there is besides a job with felons that extort money from vulnerable persons by presenting as police officers[ 19 ].


Visitors should transport their original passport, migration card ( normally completed on the plane ) and visa at all times – this is required by Russian jurisprudence[ 20 ]and topographic point cheques are frequently carried out by Russian constabulary.

If stopped by a constabulary officer, it is best non to talk Russian but remain unagitated and polite. Visitors are non obliged to give the passport to the constabulary, merely to demo it to them, and are allowed to turn the pages to the visa. Police officers are non allowed to touch a individual or usage force if they have non committed an offense. It is besides deserving retrieving that for an in-migration misdemeanor, detainment can non transcend three hours. If an on the topographic point mulct is issued to any employee or representative, that individual should bespeak the officer ‘s badge figure and first, in-between and last names, patrol auto figure, do a note of the location and acquire a reception for any payment made. This information assists local functionaries in placing the culprits of graft ; governments are progressively acute to look into graft and corruptness within the constabulary.

Racially Motivated Incidents

There has besides been an addition in offense over the last few old ages against cultural minority groups[ 21 ]; the figure of onslaughts tends to top out around 20th April ( Hitler ‘s birthday ) . Asiatic and black visitants to Russia often report torment and favoritism. They are besides targeted by constabulary for random security cheques more frequently than other visitants.


All employees of cultural beginning should be made cognizant of the extra hazard to their safety whilst in Russia and it may be advisable to see engaging drivers to transport all staff around the metropolis, peculiarly after dark when a figure of racially motivated onslaughts have taken topographic point on public conveyance in Moscow metropolis Centre.

A thorough appraisal of the demographics and tendencies of racially motivated onslaughts should be undertaken to find any peculiarly high hazard countries prior to taking any site for offices and adjustment for employees.


Photography of any military installing or constitution or site of strategic importance is prohibited and this includes airdromes. Anyone found to be conflicting the jurisprudence is likely to hold the movie confiscated and be detained for oppugning. It is besides frowned upon to take exposure in other topographic points, such as churches and a particular license may be required to snap in some museums/galleries.


Give this information to all staff and recommend that if there is any uncertainty as to whether picture taking is permitted, the individual does non take exposure.



Corruptness is prevailing even at authorities degree and there are claims of engagement in political blackwashs, including journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, in 2006[ 22 ]and Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB/FSB agent, populating in London[ 23 ].

In the concern sphere, it is common for foreign concerns to have demands for payment for protection services from Russian packs. A important figure of Russian concerns are forced to pay these protection racket demands. This system reaches into most private security companies and even into the ranks of jurisprudence enforcement[ 24 ]. Industrial espionage is besides common.


The UK Trade and Investment is an priceless resource in spread outing a concern overseas and can supply practical advice and counsel. Preliminarily, a Guide to Business in Russia is available to download from their web site[ 25 ].

The Guide outlines barriers to entry to the Russian market and suggests practical solutions ; for example, to avoid extortion, the client could look into high-profile security houses offering surveillance and armed guarding, such as those used by Western Bankss and professional services houses.

Where the client trades with sensitive information in its Russian concern, suited protections, including IT web plans, will necessitate to be implemented.

Corporate Raiding

Forced hostile coup d’etats, whether through legal agencies ( e.g. , bankruptcy, graft of legal functionaries, forged certification etc. ) , physical force or use of trading in portions have affected Western concerns.


Where the client hires locally, extended background cheques should be carried out on employees and any service suppliers, including Bankss and security.

Prior to any concern trips, guarantee all relevant employees are cognizant of the extent of graft, corruptness or extortion and of the demand for watchfulness and cautiousness when developing personal relationships. Mitigate these hazards with personal security steps and by constructing a web of dependable concern contacts prior to sing Russia.


Rail Travel

The Rail Network in Russia[ 26 ]is good ; offering good paths throughout the Federation and low menus, it is an efficient agencies of travel for most Russians. Valuables should be stored under the bed and compartments, if used, should non be left unoccupied. In November 2009, an express Train between Moscow and St Petersburg was de railed ; it is believed that this was due to a terrorist onslaught.

Air Travel

Although The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration deems Russia ‘s Civil Aviation Authority to follow with International Civil Aviation Organization air power safety criterions for inadvertence of Russia ‘s air bearer operations, some non-Western aircraft on domestic paths may non follow with international criterions: in 2008, an Aeroflot Nord flight from Moscow crashed as it came to set down in the Town of Perm with the loss of 88 lives[ 27 ]. Further information is available from international air regulative organic structures[ 28 ].


All employees must be advised against utilizing illegal “ itinerant ” taxis. Passengers have been victims of robbery and snatch. Robberies may besides happen in taxis shared with aliens.


Hotels can reach official cab services ( although these are expensive ) .

Employees should besides be given the figure of a reputable cab house, for example, New Yellow Taxis in Moscow[ 29 ].


A mutual wellness understanding between Russia and the UK entitles British citizens to free attention, although this is normally basic.

Private infirmaries used by most exiles populating in the metropolis include The American and European Hospitals and the International SOS Clinic. These installations are private and, without approved insurance screen, payment at Western rates is frequently required at the clip of service.


Prior to going to Russia, all employees should hold a full medical and update appropriate inoculations ( for which see the NHS Fit for Travel web site )[ 30 ].

A comprehensive medical insurance policy should be in topographic point for all employees and Numberss for medical services should be provided.

It is besides non advised to imbibe tap H2O anyplace in Russia but instead to purchase bottled H2O.


Since the autumn of Communism in 1991, there has been a steady addition in the figure of foreign investors and concerns runing in the Russian Federation, therefore ensuing in broader cultural influences and greater conformance with international protocols and Torahs. Following the economic crisis, a reappraisal of Russia ‘s economic trust on external foreign investing and on its energy export has lead many Russians to reason that it is necessary to protect these through supplying better precautions of foreign concerns and their assets within Russia.

A long term concern program in an emerging market like Russia may show the client with a figure of challenges and some of these have the possible to impact on the client in its operations, both within Russia and overseas.

Highlighted hazards including rigorous boundary line controls, underlying issues with respect to personal security and the on-going menaces posed by graft and extortion ( from functionary and non official beginnings ) every bit good as a important terrorist menace would take me to reason that a well-planned and coordinated hazard direction programme is indispensable to the success of the client ‘s enlargement and its employees populating and working in Russia

Highlighted are cardinal countries of recommendation that if implemented will cut down the hazard of any incurring any major “ loss ” .events

Thorough and detailed research and Analysis of all researched publication stuff in the study will help the client in explicating eventuality programs prior to going to Russia

All of the client and his representatives involved in travel to Russia are to be made cognizant of the Risks and Threats posed concentrating on Arrival Transit through the state and return back to the UK This can be achieved with the bringing of Personal security and consciousness preparation prior to go into Russia

A dependable medical health care bundle for the client and it ‘s representatives in the event of any implicit in Health issues to staff whilst in Russia

A procedure that updates and informs the clients employees on all issues concentrating chiefly on menaces and hazard posed to single whilst working in Russia this is to be implemented and co-ordinated by responsible representatives of the client


Map of Moscow Metro

Contacts List

British Embassy, Moscow: 10 Smolenskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow. Telephone: +7-495-956-7200


European Medical Centre: 5 Spiridonievskiy Lane, Moscow. Telephone: +7-495-933-6655

American Medical Centre: 1 Grokholsky Lane, Moscow. Telephone: +7-495-937-5760


New Yellow Taxis: Telephone: +7-495-940-8



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