Moodle is an open-source class direction system designed to host on-line classs and ease academic interaction between pupils and their teachers. The plan was created by Martin Dougiamas. who once worked with WebCT. Because of this the plan features many similarities to WebCT. but is more flexible overall due to its open-source nature. Moodle can be accessed via more than eighteen-thousand registered web sites and is used by about eight million pupils world-wide.

The plan supports sixty-one linguistic communications as of November 2006 and is invariably spread outing. Students merely download the plan. register a username and connect utilizing an registration key codification provided by their professor. The site can host individual instructor categories. or link assorted categories within an academic establishment. Moodle besides offers the option of planing complete lessons online. which can dwell of category stuff every bit good as optional end-of-chapter reappraisal inquiries.

Teachers have a assortment of options for posting assignments on Moodle. and can put their ain penchants on how pupil submitted files can be accepted for rating. Teachers have the option to let pupils to upload files. including text paperss of assorted formats every bit good as images. After rating the teacher has the option to post classs straight. every bit good as go forthing remarks sing their response to the assignment.

They can besides arrange assignments for direct redacting online. leting pupils to type their response straight into the plan and subject it for rating. Teachers can besides utilize Moodle as an online class book for assignments complete in category ( offline ) . so that pupils can hold easy entree to their classs. Quizs can be constructed and assigned to pupils in Moodle every bit good. with several format options available. Teachers can plan trials dwelling of assorted inquiry formats. including multiple pick. true-or-false and short reply inquiries.

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They besides have the option of giving pupils multiple efforts to finish the quiz. and can put other variables such as clip bounds ( quiz is timed and may merely be completed within the allotted clip bound ) . or password protection to restrict entree. Students have a assortment of options for interacting with fellow schoolmates every bit good as the teachers via confab. forums and studies. They can besides entree course-relevant resources via glossaries ( which can be student or teacher-defined ) and a fully-interactive Wiki ( user-defined encyclopaedia ) .


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