Describe the objectives and principles of purchasing and supply management, 2. Describe the various aspects and strategies in purchasing and supply management, 3. Explain the importance of international purchasing and supply management. 4. Explain the role and scope of purchasing, and various purchasing decisions, 5. Describe the various shipping terms, documents, and the payment methods in international trade, 6. Formulate the price determination and negotiation strategies in purchasing and supply management. 3.

Lectures focus on the explanation of various key International Purchase and Supply Management concepts, with illustrations referring to some current International Purchase and Supply Management issues and cases whenever appropriate. Tutorials provide students with the opportunity to apply the concepts and theories acquired in structures to solve tutorial questions (both quantitative and qualitative). Activities may include discussion/presentation to solve and examine the real-life case problems. 4.

Continuous assessments Case Study or Tutorial Questions Mid-term Test 100% Final examination Case Study or Tutorial Questions (10%) This is a continuous assessment carried out throughout the duration of the semester in tutorial classes. Students are individually assessed on the extent (frequency, quantity) and quality (proactive, nature of solutions or questions raised) of taking part n structured and unstructured learning activities which may include: ; Split group discussion ; Whole class plenary discussion ; Written and verbal presentation of solutions to tutorial/case study problems. feedbacks to peers ; responses to comments from peers and tutor Project Assignment (20%) Students, in groups of 4 to 5 are required to work on a project topic/case study. Each group is required to apply what has been learned in this course by doing a project and writing up a project report. Students are expected to work in groups over the duration of semester.

Students are assessed, individually and as a group, on ; depth f issues raised and analyzed ; appropriateness of solutions offered ; ability to work as a group ; individual’s contribution with peer’s evaluation being considered ; quality of presentation ; quality of written group report Submission deadline: 1 lath April 2014, Friday 17:00 (Week 12) Mid-Term Test (20%) This mid-term examination addresses your general understanding of key purchasing and supply management concepts. The test is tentatively scheduled in Week 9.

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