Marine Engineering Technology (knick MEET) in Bachelor in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding. I will complete four years of the academic component of the degree program on June 2013 and expected to graduate on September 2013. Presently, I have maintained an 80% average in the theoretical courses and have also completed practical training at Lampooning Bath Magnum Sad. Bad. , Penman in marine repairing, services, maintenance, welding, fitting and machining. My academic records as well as my involvements in co-curriculum activities 3. Has prepared me for this Job and taught me the important of interpersonal skills.

As an active person in various activities, I have the opportunities to lead, initiate and manage as well as developing the ability to work with people with different level and social backgrounds. This also allowed me to gain valuable working knowledge. I am also a dedicated worker and quick learner who enjoy challenging work environments. Previous employment experience has demanded both teamwork and independent work that has enabled me to develop exceptional time management skills and work habits. I nee resume enclosed will provoke you Witt more details AT my calculation ND experience.

I would be very pleased to discuss to you further on my current duties and achievements as well as the expectation of your current available position in your organization. If you are favorably impressed with my qualifications and experience, I would 5. Very much appreciate if you could contact me in advance to set up a meeting to discuss a mutually favorable prospect. You can contact me at the above address or reach me by phoning the number on my resume attached. I could come to your office at any time convenient to you.


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