In the 21st century, many high school students don’t obtain higher education, because they question themselves on the benefits and time consuming of getting higher education. Important questions like: “Why should I go to college? Will be waste of my time and investment? Students are thinking in ways that discourage them from choosing to go to college leading them to ignore the importance of education. College allows students to explore different perspective such as to exploring academia, different career choices, experience, building skills, exploring different jobs, but most of all it is a self-exploration.

For first year students, college is new for them and going through college they are exploring themselves. In “The Challenge of Liberty,” Ellen Condliffe Lagemann, reveals “The word vocation implies more than earning a living or having a career. ” This simply means that a person knows what they believe, value, who they are, and most importantly where they stand in the world. The point Lagemann expose is that you identify yourself through college. In college students engage themselves to be prepared for their future goals and career and be ready to take real world challenges.

Students are encouraged to gain experience and enhance skills on a daily basis in college, they apply those skills in their job and school project. In the article, Lagemann says the curriculum, “while Addams was a student, included Latin, Greek, German, geology, astronomy, botany, medieval history, civil government, music, and American literature”. Lagemann explained that when she was a student in college, she gained knowledge in different varieties of culture, tradition. College is where you meet different people from different culture, nationality, and different point of view.

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Socializing with them in their environment students learn about their culture, tradition and views. In the 21st century education is the key to successful and to get your bachelors, master degree means that you’re future is going to be enlighten with glory. In the article, Reeves, quotes out, “Parents believe that a college education, from any school, is necessary to succeed in the current day and age”. Reeves explain now in the 21st century education has become so important that everyone need it in their life to achieve their dreams.

Necessity of education every year is going higher and becoming expensive for student to have a successful future. Every year student graduating college means they have obtained and discovered the skills that their future jobs require for them to have. In the article Crook, reveals, “The best place to learn the necessary skills will be a university”. Crook states the skills that are necessary for your job, can be gained in college. Years through the college students develops and improves there, productivity, marketable skills and individual skills.

Student can increase their knowledge, skills and experience by applying for work study in college or outside to gain major and career related work experience. Every year the dropout rate of students increases mostly because of student’s failure in academics. For some, students are really not ready for such responsibility because academics matter the most in college. In “The Other Gender Gap, “Marshall Poe phrase that when girls started college they tend to take academic seriously and outperform guys in college. Poe exposes that guys never take education seriously and then they fall behind in academia.

Student need to take education seriously from the beginning of high school so they can be ready for college and not face such crisis. In the real world challenges high level of critically thinking and decisiveness are required for you to survive. College is a place to establish and develop yourself for the real world. In Reeve’s article, he praises that educated person from college go through changes in their conduct and social order of humanity because they experience the reality of world which tends to change the person and become mature.

Reeves explaining that when a student gets out of college his view about the world is totally different than the uneducated person. College provides an opportunity for you to have logical awareness about the real world challenges. Being mature means that you have passed the stage of high school and you are ready to experience college and the outside world. The real world is totally different from the image, expectation, and ideas you have about it, because you just go out of high school and have fresh mind.

College is place where you will see the reality of the world and get the ideal aspect of what it is like on the outside. In the article “Alice Walker, identifies “that going to college view out the points of the society in real world”. Reeves explain that going to college changes the way of you think of the education and society. While you are in college you experience how the economy works and about different kind of culture, tradition and society, which is going to change your view about the real world.

There are many opportunities in college and student who take advantage of them succeed in college. In the article, Poe praises that girl’s work harder than boys in college because they know what it means to have an opportunity of education. College is a place for you to explore opportunities you can get for yourself. Student in college can easily change career option, majors, and there are some students that are offered scholarship for the bachelors they are studying by certain companies.

In conclusion, College is where you will get the ideal perspective of how the real world works and improves oneself to tackle future challenges. In college you learn to develop, improve yourself, expand you critically thinking, and for you to mature in the adult environment which helps you become responsible and handle yourself. It’s where you can make you dreams and goals come true. It’s preparing you for your future and where you want to stand among many in the future. College is where you are offered education opportunities to succeed in life.


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