The intent of a Mission Statement is to authorise. Harmonizing to Covey. Merrill. and Merrill ( 1994. p. 113 ) . “An authorising mission statement: 1. Represents the deepest and best within you. It comes out of a solid connexion with your deep interior life. 2. Is the fulfillment of your ain alone gifts. It’s the look of your alone capacity to lend. 3. Is surpassing. It is based on rules of part and intent higher than ego. 4. Addresss and integrates all four cardinal human demands and capacities. It includes fulfillment in physical. societal. mental. and religious dimensions. [ “To unrecorded. to love. to larn. to go forth a legacy” ] 5. Is based on rules that produce quality-of-life results… 6. Deals with both vision and principle-based values…An authorising mission statement trades with both character and competency ; what you want to be and what you want to make in your life. 7. Deals with all the important functions in your life. It represents a lifetime balance of personal. household. work. community – whatever functions you feel are yours to make full. 8. Is written to animate you – non to affect anyone else. It communicates to you and inspires you on the most indispensable degree. ” The undermentioned information provides context to making a Mission Statement.

There are basically three manners: ( 1 ) individual sentence ; ( 2 ) paragraph or two ; and ( 3 ) a list of aims.
1. Individual Sentence Manner:
Jones ( 1996 ) advocates the individual sentence manner. observing that there are three cardinal elements to a good Mission Statement. including ( a ) non being longer than one sentence ; ( B ) easy to understand ; and ( degree Celsius ) memorable. Sing the significance of a mission statement for leading. Jones studies: “all great leaders in history have had missions that were no longer than one sentence long. Abraham Lincoln’s mission was to continue the Union. … Nelson Mandela’s mission was to stop apartheid. Mother Teresa’s mission [ was ] to demo clemency and compassion to the deceasing. Joan of Arc’s mission was to free France. Nehemiah’s mission was to reconstruct the walls of Jerusalem” ( pp. 3-4 ) . Jones cites her ain mission statement as: “To recognize. promote and animate the Godhead connexion in myself and others” ( p. 222 ) . She outlines four ( 4 ) key guidelines for an effectual Mission Statement: 1. Use verbs to convey action ;

2. Communicate what you stand for ( e. g. . rule. cause. value. or aim that you would be willing to give yourself to ) ; 3. Identify that which is of cardinal importance to you ( e. g. . joy. service. justness. household. creativeness. freedom. equality. religion. excellence. etc. ) ; and 4. Identify whom you are here to function ( e. g. . aid. lead. support. aid. etc. ) such as ( a ) a person/group ( e. g. . voluntaries. elderly. kids. people with malignant neoplastic disease or other chronic disease. household. etc. ) ; ( B ) issue ( e. g. . environment. literacy. labour dealingss. etc. ) ; or ( degree Celsiuss ) thing ( music. car industry. hockey. money. books. etc. ) . When seting your Leadership Mission Statement together. it could read as: “My mission is to ( infix your verbs ) . ( infix your nucleus value [ s ] ) . to. for or with ( infix the individual. group. issue. or thing ) . ” An illustration includes: “I will populate each twenty-four hours with regard for myself and others. confronting challenges as they come and larning from my errors in order to go a stronger individual. ” Note: This technique does non work for everyone but you may wish to seek it and see if it is helpful. If non. seek journaling to research different thoughts. or travel for a walk and allow your head wander!

2. One Paragraph Manner:
Mission statements are frequently a paragraph in length and descriptive in nature. They frequently describe a procedure instead than a specific. They are designed to pass on a feeling. thought. and belief. instead than preponderantly fact. The followers is an illustration of a One Paragraph Mission Statement as cited by Covey et Al. ( pp. 318-321 ) : “Climb the mountain: I will populate each twenty-four hours with bravery and a belief in myself and others. I will populate by the values of unity. freedom of pick. and a love of all God’s people. I will endeavor to maintain committednesss non merely to others but to myself every bit good. I will retrieve that to truly unrecorded. I must mount the mountain today for tomorrow may be excessively late. I know that my mountain may look no more than a hill to others and I accept that. I will be renewed by my ain personal triumphs and triumphs no affair how little. I will go on to do my ain picks and to populate with them as I have ever done. I will non do alibis or incrimination others. I will. for every bit long as possible. maintain my head and organic structure healthy and strong so that I am able to do the pick to mount the mountain. I will assist others as best I can and I will thank those who help me along the manner. ” The one paragraph manner communicates a image of a vision and authorization.

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3. List of Aims:
The List of Aims manner does as it describes and provides a list of aims that identifies one’s purpose ( e. g. . “I will… ; I will… . ” ) . This manner is far less descriptive than the One Paragraph manner ; it attempts to be more nonsubjective than subjective. bordering ends in that which is specific. manageable. come-at-able. realistic. and seasonably ( e. g. S-M-A-R-T ) .

While a Mission Statement may follow one of the three noted manners. there is no right or incorrect manner and your ain Mission Statement may encompass a manner of its ain. Most significantly. your Mission Statement should genuinely pass on your true purpose. functioning to remind you and others of what this is. I am at my best when I’m surrounded by the people I love.

I will seek to forestall times when I haven’t had adequate slumber. I will bask my work by happening employment where I can do a difference in someone’s twenty-four hours. I will happen enjoyment in my personal life through spend clip with friends and household. travel and research new universes. I will happen chances to utilize my natural endowments and gifts such as being a good friend. I can make anything I set my head to. I will go the universe. My life’s journey is Together. my fellow and I are going the universe. detecting its secrets. Researching every inch of the planet. . I will be a individual who My household and close friends will be with me. I’d like them to state that I lived an exciting life. full of travel and escapade. and that I was a good female parent. . My most of import hereafter part to others will be Enduring love and friendly relationship.

I will halt procrastinating and get down working on:

* being nicer to people I care about when I wasn’t in the temper to be nice to others

I will endeavor to integrate the undermentioned attributes into my life:

* Never gave up
* Hard Worker
* Sense of Humour

I will invariably regenerate myself by concentrating on the four dimensions of my life:

* Go to the gym
* Make clip for yourself
* uninterrupted larning
* Spend clip with friends


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