As I ran in fear, I had jumped on to the back of a truck. Although now I was safe my body trembled in fear. I could feel the tension of this scenario rising up from my toes. I thought to myself if this was possible, and I realised what the world has which is unknown.

It all started last night, when a really exiting game of cricket had just ended. The spectators cheered me, for scoring an unbeaten fifty and leading the home side to victory. When Irfan told me that we should go home, I realised that it was ten o’clock. It must have been all the excitement of the cricket that had made me lose track of the time. Eventually, we left the cricket club and Irfan mentioned that Milverton road seemed much longer than it usually is. I had taken no notice of what he had said.

As he tried explaining to me what he meant, three, small, built, masked strangers had grabbed us, and teleported us to another place. It all happened so fast I didn’t know what to think. I saw Irfan’s face as we were being dragged through a very dark and gloomy forest, and he looked absolutely terrified. I can’t speak much for myself because I can’t even describe how frightened I was. This forest was much more than your ordinary forest.

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It felt as if the wilderness knew we were strangers to this place. The atmosphere was unimaginable. Irfan tried communicating with me, and after a minute or so I knew what he was trying to signal. He pointed at the cricket bat in my hand, which I still held and didn’t notice! I decided that it was time to give some resistance and I swung the bat and it hit one of the masked creatures right across the head. The other two creatures looked at me, and Irfan had broken loose as they were distracted by my actions. He ran like I never seen him run before, and now I was left with three angry Dwarfs that looked very heated. Yes Dwarfs. They had unmasked themselves now for some reason and I couldn’t stare at them any longer so I got up and ran.

They pursued me for a couple of minutes but I had left them after a while. I climbed up a very tall and wide tree for my own safety and to think what to do. I thought to myself of the future and if I would ever see my family again. But I knew not to think negative, as it would only make matters worse. I rested on this tree for the night as I needed the rest and the following day when I woke up I climbed down and walked along a narrow path until I heard some deep voices talking to each other. I stopped and looked where the voices were coming from and as I looked again to my left, the same three Dwarfs were pointing at me and were running in my direction. So I ran again in fear but this time I fell into a deep pit.

The next day I woke up, and I noticed that the dwarves had captured me. My hands were tied up and there were many more dwarves whom were staring at me as I tried struggling out of the tattered ropes and then all the dwarves bowed down. I new that a leader was on his way into this massive cave. I then new I was right because a very tall and built dwarf walked towards my direction.

“Free him!”

He spoke in very loud and deep voice and as he looked at me I was untied.

” I have been awaiting your arrival”

“Who are you?” I replied. “What do you want with me? Where am I for god’s sake!

“Now listen. You must not raise your voice, as I am the king of the dwarves. My name is Thor. I have saved your life from the selfish scheming wizard Kalhuzaad. He was planning to open a portal to the human realm and use you for a deadly spell, which would wipe out all dwarves and Elves. If my men didn’t get you first, our lives would be in danger”.

When I heard this I new that there was a chance that I would never see my world again.

“This is bunch of rubbish! I replied. Why would Kalhuzaad choose me and not any other person?”

” The dark wizard took interest in your blood type and by the way he has captured a fellow friend of yours”

“Oh no! They have Irfan! What is to happen now?

“I have prepared an army of the best-trained fighting Dwarves and I have word from the king of Elves Vilmor that he has prepared a further two hundred Fighters”. We will attack at Noon and terminate Kalhuzaad’s reign of power.”

“What about Irfan? Surely we must rescue him! Will we? I asked.

” That is your problem, not ours!”

” Fine”. I replied. If you wish not to help me I will go myself.”

” You will not leave this cave! Kalhuzaad is waiting for your coming. We will not simply hand you over!”

After an hour Thor left with his army of brute dwarves and I was left locked up in a cell being watched by the jail keeper.

“Come over here” I whispered.

“Why?” he replied.

I pulled out my cell phone and showed it to him.

” It’s a magic wand”. I told him. “If you want it you must let me go”.

His brain was too corrupt and after a while he accepted my deal. I had told him to lead me to kalhuzaad’s den and after an hour or so I was there. I saw Irfan’s body dangling down from the rooftop of the den. I felt dizzy. I blamed myself for some reason. I asked the jail keeper to open up a portal, which all dwarves are capable of doing and I made it back to my exact position on Milverton road. I walked until I heard growling. I looked around sharply and saw a dark wizard hovering towards me. I dropped all my bags and ran as fast as I could. I then saw I truck which was making its way down the road and I jumped right on top of it.

So here I am, on top of a truck. I jumped of and quickly opened the front door to my house. I walked in and locked myself into my room. I thought to myself what to explain to Irfan’s family. The truth was the only thing I could tell.


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