Crime is the breaking of rules or laws for which some governing authority can ultimately prescribe a conviction. I believe that every country has some problems with crime, Lithuania isn’t an exception too. It’s not a secret that crime rate in Lithuania is rather high. According to the statistics the crime rate is about 50 % higher than it was 20 years ago, so a growth of crime is uncontrolled. Most often committed crime in Lithuania is probably thievery. For some people in Lithuania it’s the only way to exist, because they may not have a job.

Money is the first reason why people steal, but there are many others. The second most common reason people steals is obsession. People just can’t help themselves and they steal just to get the rush. Last but not least the third most common reason that people steal is for survival. This type of thief steals things that he/she needs to survive. No matter which of the three reasons a person has for stealing, it is still wrong. Smuggling is also a usual crime in Lithuania. In the recent years smuggling has become a big proble.

In connection with avoiding the impost, things such as alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, music Cd’s, jewelry and other valuables are hidden somewhere in a vehicle and then illegally taken to the country when crossing a frontier. Later, these things are being sold in the black market. And it’s really damaging the economy. If I were the minister of justice first thing I would do, would be fighting with such crimes by tightening the punishment. Thieves and burglars would have to stay in prisons longer and maybe that would scare them of making same crimes later on their lives.

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