Crime is a product of a criminogenic capitalist system. All
classes commit crimes in society however it is the working class that are more
likely to be deemed as criminals since the ruling class have created a system
which allows their criminality but penalises crimes of the working class. In
the UK, there are three branches of power that help protect the interest of the
ruling class. The Legislature (Parliament) creates criminal laws, and the
executive (the State i.e. The Prime minister and the Crown) carry out the law
thus defining a criminalisation process (what is criminal and what is not criminal).
The third branch of power is the judiciary (the Courts) have the power to make
judgements on criminal law therefore, having the power to criminalise by
convicting the proletariat of their crimes. Other Criminal Justice institutions
such as the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and Prisons also help to
implement criminal law. These institutions ignore the crimes of the powerful
causing the working classes to be criminalised.  In our society, the victims of crime are the
working class as they are negatively affected by capitalism. According to
Marxist theory if we want crime to end there must be a revolution where Capitalism
would topple leading a Socialist society where there would be more equality and
less crime.  

Main body:

Both Marx and Engels did not write a lot about crime in our
society however what was written describes a society where the
economical/political ruling classes (Bourgeoisie) defined crimes and laws to
exploit the working class (Proletariat) by threatening them with punishment if they
did not adhere to these laws yet at the same time the ruling were exempting
themselves from the law allowing them to maintain power and wealth. Crime is
then created by lone individuals struggling to accept their economic disadvantages
they have been placed in and ultimately going into crime due to the inequality
created between the classes in an exploitative capitalist society.

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