It’s all based on an individual and how their actions take place. When our economy is bad our crime intends to rise. We have so many people that are unemployed, can’t find work; no one’s hiring, and can’t provide their needs. It gives them the motivation to steal or take from the more fortunate citizens who are actually employed. I think the most committed crimes would be breaking and entering, or carjacking. Breaking and entering to go inside and get all the goods others have, and also get whatever they need for their family.

Carjacking would infinite them for transportation Just long enough to get them exactly where they need to go, instead of walking. Having a good economy can also mean a high crime rate. If our economy is good then there are more Jobs available for those that are unemployed. While having someone in all the available Job openings meaner they’ll be more people working and making money, instead of on the streets and stealing other people’s property goods. It’s known that teenagers commit more crimes than adults. It’s very helpful that they have a part-time Job after school.

It would also teach them responsibly at a young age, and will appreciate things a whole lot more if they go out and work for it. When our economy is bad it’s known for our crime rate to lower. This can also vary with many families who have a family to support. While there currently not employed they have less money so they go out and buy Just what their family needs to get by with. All people aren’t the same, you have some that will also go and steal Just what their family is to make it through. Our crime and the economy can be unrelated.

There are still some good people around. You can have people unemployed, but they won’t go out and steal all sorts and things from others. Then you have another set of people that will go out and steal every little and big thing they can get not only because they need it, but because they also want it as well. In conclusion, this world will always have some type of economy and crime evaluation. It’s hard to balance the both of them out because they rise and lower as time passes by. Crime will rise while economy lowers, or crime will lower while economy rises.

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