This research is being submitted on February 8. 2014 for Carolyn Revive Counseling Clients course United States has emerged as the leading country among the industrialized countries In teenage birth. In the country, adolescent child bearing has become a social problem. The teenage birth has a substantial cost to the teen mothers, their respective children, and the whole public. Most of the children born by adolescent mothers are engaged in behavior problems.

A survey conducted showed that most of them fail to complete high school. Most children who grew up in such circumstance normally suffer both emotional and physical deprivations. This is from a study that revealed a connection between the criminality of the offspring and the adolescent mother (Angina, Greg & David, 1997). Most children whose mothers were young when they gave birth to them were engaged in problematic behaviors. These behaviors Include fighting; running away, smoking, stealing, and even some become pregnant t an early age (Angina, Greg & David, 1997).

A study was conducted and major focused on the mother’s age during childbearing. The study was done without controlling the age of the mother at birth. Gorger indicated that criminality measured by incarceration rate Is higher for Individuals born by mothers who begun child bearing at an early age. The Incarceration risk Is higher for Individuals who were born by young mothers. The mothers of such persons may have lacked maturity to 1 OFF earth is the only theoretical relevant material of the childbearing age (Angina, Greg & David, 1997).

If there were genetic explanations proving that criminal parents produce criminal children disproportionably, there would be a higher proportion of children noticed earlier and handled. This would have children born by criminal parents remain unaffected by the profile of their parents. Work Cited Angina Daniel, Greg Pockmarks, and David Barrington. “Adolescent Mothers and the Criminal Behaviors of their Children. ” Law and Society Review 31. 1 (1997): 137-162.

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