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Small municipal airdromes that serve communities near major metropolitan countries may non hold appropriate security steps in topographic point. These municipal airdromes have non received the same examination or support as major airdromes. Regardless, little airdromes face challenges and hazards similar to larger installations.

Additionally, hooliganism, junior-grade larceny, and commandeering of an existent aircraft are incidents for which decision makers at smaller airdromes need to strategically program. Every airdrome ( little or big ) does confront some similar menaces, but as all installations are non the same smaller airdromes require alone security steps. There are several factors to see when planning that include, but non limited to, geographics, demographics, budget, and installation design. All are built-in constituents which must be examined in visible radiation of proposed bar, readiness, response, and recovery steps.

This paper will discourse multiple countries that an airport security decision maker in charge of a municipal airdrome must analyze in respect to modern-day menaces. It will besides discourse current and proposed security steps and precautions for smaller airdromes every bit good as the hierarchy for administrative responses.Introduction

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The events of 9/11 located terrorist act at the head of the heads of many Americans. One can non disregard the possibility of another terrorist onslaught on United States dirt. The usage of aircraft for transporting out Acts of the Apostless of mass devastation, killing civilians and badly interrupting an economic system has proven a fruitful maneuver for the enemies of democracy.

Although, September 11, 2001 served as a accelerator for the pioneering of new methodological analysiss for anti-terrorism and securing airdromes, there are still great paces that need to be made. A functional, yet cosmopolitan and adaptable construct sing security processs for big and little airdromes must be established, maintained and often reevaluated.

Much of the current success for elevated, refined security steps and promotions in engineering for larger airdromes can be attributed to the United States Federal Government and the development of the Department of Homeland Security. Their mission to forestall, minimise, respond and recover from ruinous incidents has materialized in the air hose industry through the Transportation Safety Administration.

However, security at little & amp ; community municipal airdromes have non received the same sum of attending or federal support. Larger, commercial airdromes have received the huge bulk of attending ; this is chiefly due to rider volume and smaller airdromes being in private owned and in many instances autonomous for gross and care. As of yet, smaller municipal airdromes have non been successfully compromised and the potency for sensational countrywide desolation is slightly limited. Because the United States continues to makes paces in bettering security conditions at major airdromes, we must acknowledge that terrorists may already be measuring softer marks like commuter airdromes.


One of the most common menaces that municipal airdromes face are little offenses which have the possible to intensify rapidly. The figure one menace confronting a community airdrome is the larceny. Larceny can run from equipment to fuel. Beginnings of menaces can be internal, domestic or foreign. Since September 11, 2001 security decision makers have re-prioritized their menace appraisal to include larceny of a little aircraft.

Presently theft and/or highjacking of a little aircraft are one of the major concerns to proprietors, operators and pilots. Menaces of this type generate important hazard to forces and serious fiscal losingss. Depending on the motivation of the intended stealer or highjacker, larceny of a little aircraft besides presents a danger to the general population and environing communities. With multiplex effects in head, airport security is strongly motivated to protect life, belongings and prosperity. It is in the best involvement of owner/operators to invent steps that will forestall abuse of their aircraft ( International Council of Aircraft Owners, 2005 ) .

Condemnable mischievousness, sabotage, and hooliganism are besides menaces that community airdromes must counter. In covering with these menaces, one must see mechanical and functional devastation and non merely the decorative harm to a facade or loss of replaceable equipment. Accessibility limitations to aircraft storage and care countries can be hard to enforce and implement in multiple fortunes. Existing controls imposed at airdromes must make their uttermost to discourage larceny and condemnable mischievousness every bit good as sabotage to runing equipment ( International Council of Aircraft Owners, 2005 ) .


After the calamities of September 11, 2001, the American populace questioned non merely the events of that twenty-four hours, but besides the fortunes taking up to the successful terrorist operation. Questions such as:

  • Who was behind the onslaught?
  • What was the end or aim?
  • When did be aftering Begin?
  • Where did they have flight preparation?
  • Why did this go on?
  • How where they able to transport out these onslaughts?

These types of inquiries appeared on every telecasting station, newspaper and wireless broadcast in the United States for months after onslaughts. Airport Administrators are now recognizing the possible entreaty for abuse of smaller airdromes and their exposure to felons and terrorists. It has become evident that procedures for background cheques of employees, teachers, pupils, pilots and riders is an apparent manner to cut down hazard and guarantee the unity of an airdrome and its operators.

With the pressing concern of advanced terrorist onslaughts using arms of mass devastation, the attractive force of little aircraft as a mark can non be ruled out. The ability of little aircraft to distribute chemical arms could potentially be every bit terrible as an onslaught on a atomic power works. Terrorists may non be able to purchase or steal a atomic arm at a little airdrome, but chances exist for terrorists to utilize aircraft as a tool to help in their sinister secret plans.

For illustration, a terrorist may contemplate some type of atomic panic ploy. It could affect assailing a atomic power works utilizing a little plane to transgress perimeter security and so be used as a guided missile to harvest devastation and pandemonium. It is of import to maintain in head that an onslaught on a atomic power works may transpirate whenever person with a terrorist mentality hijacks a commercial aeroplane or charters a private 1. A private plane could be easy filled with conventional explosives ( Nykolyshyn, 2006 ) .

Recent surveies conducted over the past several months by the Electric Power Research Institute ( EPRI ) , have shown that structures lodging reactor fuel in United States atomic power workss will be protected against the release of radiation even if struck by a big commercial jetliner. State-of-the-art computing machine patterning techniques have determined that typical atomic works containment constructions, used fuel storage pools, fuel storage containers, and used fuel transit containers at United States atomic power workss would defy these impact forces despite some concrete suppression and set steel ( Nuclear Energy Institute, 2002 ) .

However, if terrorists were able to get an aircraft and effort to crash into a atomic power works, it raises farther intuitions and frights of their capablenesss and tenacity./a & gt ; An IAEA spokesman one time claimed that current atomic power workss were ne’er designed to defy an onslaught by “a big elephantine jet full of fuel” , and prior to 2001, the likeliness of such a clang was ne’er considered high plenty to be included in safety ordinances ( Bunn, 2001 ) .

Further exposures that little airdromes nowadays for felons and terrorists are the deficiency of federally mandated security and engineering steps. Often people are able to steal through the clefts or “go under the radar” without pulling attending to themselves. Condemnable organisations have been known to utilize little community airdromes to transport and smuggle illegal immigrants, drugs and other illegal contraband. These hazards are major concerns for Airport Administrators. This is particularly true near the southern Border/Coastal States.

Harmonizing to the Tennessee Airport Information Center ( 2005 ) , a Cessna aircraft transporting six undocumented immigrants, including the pilot, took off from Fullerton Municipal Airport in California but was forced to set down at Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico, after running out of fuel. The plane crossed the state picking up undocumented Brazilian citizens in Boston on the manner to Atlanta. It was the 2nd clip the pilot ?? an illegal immigrant whose lawfully registered plane appears on Federal Aviation Administration records ?? had flown undocumented immigrants. The flight identifies possible security exposures of little private and municipal airdromes, which frequently conduct small or no showing of little planes ( Tennessee Regional Information Center, 2005 ) .

One of the chief alterations is necessitating a background cheque for a private pilot’s licence. Harmonizing to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association ( 2008 ) , a campaigner is now required to subject the undermentioned information for a background probe: Full name, gender, current reference and five-year reference history, day of the month and state of birth, and citizenship information.

Security and Precautions

Security at little community airdromes can be really dearly-won. In order to cut costs, community airdromes typically use outside contractors for their security. One such company is Navigance, which boasts a comprehensive physical security solution by incorporating engineering to security systems while extenuating hazards. Their technological inventions create security systems that can present a gross watercourse for airdromes by supplying secure radio broadband communications and remote monitoring functioning both renter and transient clients ( Navigance, 2007 ) .

Many little airdromes have no security at dark. Control towers, if they exist, frequently close for concern at 6 or 9 p.m. Security fencings are uncommon, although some airdromes are get downing to acknowledge the new menace environment and are building fencings consequently. Lack of security seems to suit the freewheeling universe of private air power, which about collapsed when the federal authorities banned many private flights for hebdomads after Sept. 11 ( Dotinga, 2002 ) .

As augmentation to fence, community airdromes must see utilizing cameras as another bed of protection for margins and environing countries. To stay current, security ascents must include wireless digital cameras with a three-week archiving system ( minimal ) and a state-of-the-art wireless entree control system for vehicle Gatess.

The cost is non excessively prohibitory. Integrators frequently re-sell the merchandises as portion of larger, turn-key bundle. Therefore these system monetary values do vary. Ballpark figures can be in the scope of $ 2,000 to fit a individual gate or door with an entree panel and reader. And depending on an airdrome ‘s constellation, one panel can command up to four gates/doors. A monthly, per-panel “ web entree ” fee, normally costs less than $ 100 and keeps each one tied into a cardinal monitoring station and informations storage depository ( Broderick, 2003 ) .

Security Consideration

When developing a program for perimeter security, there besides needs to be a great trade of consideration for entree roads taking up to jump parking. Alternate parking will offer entry/exit points for entree onto the chief flight strip. The surrogate entry/exit points should be located on both sides of the airdrome. They excessively need to be secured by some type of fence and gate and should non be used for day-to-day activities. The intent behind the surrogate parking batch entry/exit points should be reserved for exigency vehicles and eventuality usage merely.

Presently, really few little airdromes have the resources to procure and protect its parking countries 24 hours a twenty-four hours. One security characteristic that little airdromes should implement is the ability to place both employees and visitants upon reaching and going of a installation. Harmonizing to Thomas W. Wathen ; “Protecting life and belongings often requires that you identify employees and visitants come ining and go forthing the premises you guard” ( 1989, p. 141 ) .

First one would get down by corroborating that employees and visitants are cleared for entree onto the belongings by verifying their designation. Security forces should enter and track the employees or visitants clip spent on the evidences every bit good as their purposes. Random and everyday hunts can offer security and work as a hindrance for larceny and condemnable mischievousness.

Second, to assist protect people and the installation, an airdrome should guarantee extended illuming exists non merely on the exterior and inside of the edifice, but on parking countries, Gatess entry/exit points, on all entree roads taking to the installation, and at security enclosures.

Security lighting is an cheap and effectual preventive step against invasions or other condemnable activities. This type of illuming AIDSs security forces in the sensing of interlopers and works as a hindrance. It besides promotes a feeling of safety among staff and visitants. Lighting should non be limited to dark ; lightning should be able to turn dark into twenty-four hours ( Broderick, 2003 ) .

Third, all parking countries should be equipped with overlapping picture surveillance that is continually monitored and recorded. A municipal airdrome should be able to put in a comparatively little figure of cameras to accomplish complete coverage of parking and other public countries.

Last but non least, a little airdrome should see the feasibleness of using security officers to police the parking country every bit good as interior and outside the margin of the installation. The physical presence of a guard, even if conducting patrols at random intervals provides yet another bed of protection.

Optional Security

There is optional security equipment that can be utilized to augment security and barriers already addressed. Physical security can incorporate characteristics such as gesture detectors/sensors and optical maser light beams. Although this may heighten the sensing of an interloper and watchful security for a faster response clip, there are drawbacks to the usage of these types of security detectors.

One major drawback to these extra security steps is cost effectivity. Prior to execution, sing a entire cost attack when budgeting for an overall safety and security program is overriding to success.

The 2nd drawback is the dependability of such devices and their room for fringy mistake. For illustration ; motion of wildlife and dust blowing in the air current could do legion false dismaies. This in bend, can bind up human resources that could be better utilized in other countries instead than reacting to false dismaies.

All doors and storage installations should be equipped with some type of base on balls card readers. These base on balls cards take the topographic point of keys, and serve to place and track forces and visitants. This is the certain manner to keep an accurate caput count for the figure of forces in a installation at any given clip. Pass cards besides work as a hindrance by curtailing entree into protected countries. Within a restrained installation, this is of import based on occupation map, forces demands and duties.

Information garnered from base on balls cards can be recorded and maintained for a determined period of clip for scrutinizing intents. If an employee forgets or loses the base on balls card, so they must inform security at the gate and be issued a impermanent base on balls card for the twenty-four hours until make fulling out the proper signifiers for a new one with human resources.

Extra advantages to go through card readers are ; upon the expiration of an employee, their old card can instantly be deactivated. If one finds their lost card it can be reactivated at that clip. In the long term, this will cut down the disbursal of re-keying locks in the installations and obtaining company belongings back from an employee upon expiration. It besides prevents the hazard of employees doing duplicate keys.

All visitants and sellers will besides be required to look into in at the security gate and be issued a impermanent base on balls card with limited controlled entree. Those who own storage garages for their personal aeroplanes will be issued a base on balls card to their ain storage installation upon the allowing on their signed contract and background cheque with the installation.

The base on balls card designation system presents multiple security solutions for forestalling and extinguishing exposures. They work to instantly increase security and cut down hereafter outgos. Although more expensive, adding exposure to entree cards provides an even greater degree of security.

Airport Hierarchy

As antecedently discussed, municipal airdromes typically contract out their security operations. If economically executable, security organisations should test and engage their ain security forces. If resources are available, security officers should be stationed strategically at vulnerable points revealed by a thorough hazard appraisal. For illustration ; One security officer should stay in the despatch and surveillance office at all times.

A security officer should be stationed at the entrance/exit gate at all times for vehicle and forces cheques. In add-on, an officer should be on changeless interior patrol of the installation and an officer should be on changeless exterior patrol of the installation. It will ab initio be the duty of the security officer to advise the proper concatenation of bid during nature or manmade catastrophes. They will measure and direct response squads to the catastrophe and crisis sites. In bend, airdrome hierarchy for response should work similar to the below list:

  • Reacting officer on-site
  • Airport installation direction
  • Local jurisprudence enforcement and first respondents
  • Surrounding legal powers with common assistance understandings

Although municipal and private airdromes are regulated by policies, ends, and aims, to an extent, they should hold common criterions of operation. These Standard Operating Procedures ( S.O.P. ) should include keeping the safety of its travellers, back up economic prosperity, continuing investing and a degree of service to province, national and international markets ( Bend Metropolitan Transportation Plan, electronic ) .

Familiarization with, and on a regular basis scheduled preparation in the National Incident Management System ( NIMS ) and Incident Command System ( ICS ) is a must as big scale incidents can rapidly overpower the response capablenesss of airdromes functioning smaller communities. Engagement in joint exercisings with local jurisprudence enforcement and first respondents will supply the foundational rules to be employed during a ruinous event and give the owners/operators of little airdromes an chance to analyze current preparatory steps and refine protocols for incidents of changing effect.

To reason, municipal airdromes face a myriad of challenges similar to the challenges seen in big commercial installations. Because America has yet to see a ruinous act of terrorist act affecting smaller aircraft, attending paid to security at municipal airdromes has been minimum. Although the hazards to National Security are non as obvious or as potentially ruinous, peculiarly in the absence of a successful executing of a chemical or biological onslaught, smaller airdromes with limited security budgets are an attractive and softer mark for terrorists who may be thwarted by improved security at big terminuss.

There are many cost effectual solutions available to cut down the exposure of municipal airdromes ; developing in NIMS and ICS rules every bit good as developing an apprehension of how to outdo utilize outside resources is of negligible cost but could good turn out priceless in the face of an existent calamity. Unfortunately, in a clip of limited resources and limitless possible menaces, it may take a successful terrorist onslaught to increase accent on the security exposures of municipal airdromes.


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