This book is an analysis of a critical incident which occurred during a place visit in one of the suburbs of Cape Coast Metropolis. A brief description of the incident will be given including the intercessions that were given and recommendations for future happening. I will use the Gibbs ( 1988 ) reflective theoretical account to place strengths and failings observed in the analysis and how they may be enhanced. In decision. the lessons gathered from the incident will be stated. Pseudonyms will be used here to keep confidentiality. NMC ( 2000 ) Critical incidents are defined as utmost behaviour either outstandingly effectual or uneffective with regard to achieving the general purposes of the activity. The process has considerable efficiency because of the usage of merely the extremes of behaviour. It is good known that the utmost incidents can be more accurately identified than behaviour which is more about mean in character. Flanagan ( 1954 ) . If we were to add the critical incident to Creswell’s ( 1998 ) list of qualitative traditions. we would depict its typical characteristics as the followers ; a ) Focus is on critical events. experience of a specific state of affairs or event. B ) Discipline beginning is from single test and organisational psychological science. degree Celsius ) Data aggregation is chiefly through interviews either in individual or on telephone.

During a place visit exercising to one of the communities within the catchment country of the public wellness unit. we went to a house to see the clients who visit our installation for kid public assistance clinic. On this visit. we seized the chance to turn to the wellness demands of the house hold members as it was observed to hold jobs with environmental hygiene. This was when one member of the house told us about a pregnant adult female who abuses intoxicant. I was alarmed to hear that. so this got me funny to larn more. Substance maltreatment. besides known as drug maltreatment is a patterned usage of a substance ( drug ) in which the user consumes the substance in sums or the methods which are themselves harmful. Some of the drugs frequently associated with this term includes ; intoxicant. barbiturates. substituted pep pills. cocaine and opiods. Mosby’s Medical Nursing and Allied Health lexicon ( 2002 ) . Public wellness practicians have attempted to look at substance usage from a broader position than the person. stressing the function of society. civilization and handiness.

A survey done in 2010 asked drug-harm experts to rank assorted illegal and legal drugs. Alcohol was found to be the most unsafe by far. Behave cyberspace. com. Madam AA is a 24 twelvemonth old adult female who co wonts with a unsighted adult male. her fellow. The adult male takes attention of her particularly all her fiscal demands but she has one specific job which harmonizing her is the cause of her recent imbibing wont. Harmonizing to madam AA. she wished her fellow had performed the necessary matrimony rite so that she can besides be addressed as a “Mrs. ” Earlier on. Madam AA admitted that. she used to imbibe intoxicant on occasion but the tendency has now increased to imbibing intoxicant every twenty-four hours. an act her fellow and siblings abhors really much. Upon farther inquiring. she admitted that she has defaulted from Antenatal Care ( ANC ) services because the Tablet Fersolate she takes alterations the colour of her stools to green which is unpleasant to her. The public wellness nurse educated Madam AA on some of the benefits that one can acquire from go toing ANC services.

A co-worker besides promised her to replace the Tablet Fersolate with Tablet Vitafol which she agreed to. Madam AA’s sister added that her imbibing wont is so bad that she usually trips over the venters. I spoke to Madam AA about the danger she is exposing her unborn kid and that of her ain life to. I encouraged her to seek and remain off from friends who usually go out with her to imbibe intoxicant. I besides encouraged her sister to be a “watch woman” for her in order to forestall any accident in the hereafter. Traditional paediatric attention is frequently based on the premise that parents have the basic cognition and resources to supply a nurturing. safe environment and to supply for the emotional. physical. developmental. and wellness attention demands of their babies and immature kids. Unfortunately. many households have deficient cognition of rearing accomplishments and an unequal support system of friends. extended household. or professionals to assist with these critical undertakings. Home-visitation plans offer an effectual mechanism to guarantee on-going parental instruction. societal support. and linkage with public and private community services ( … )

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The undermentioned twenty-four hours. we visited Miss AA at place. On this twenty-four hours. unlike the old one when we met Miss AA rummy and unkempt. she truly appeared neat. She had seen to her personal hygiene demands. did non hold the alcoholic breath odor and was helping a neighbour in readying of nutrient for a naming ceremonial later in the afternoon. We advised her to turn down any alcoholic drink she may be served with. which she agreed to. The Vitafol pills were so handed over to her as promised and she was congratulated for remaining off from intoxicant.

My feelings about Madam AA’s imbibing wont reminded me of what we have been taken through on the topic of substance maltreatment particularly alcohol being the most unsafe of these substances. I was nevertheless astonished to see a immature adult female who was so careless with her life. In fact. instantly I saw Madam AA. for the first clip. I was prejudiced. I thought for a minute that she may be enduring from one signifier of psychosis or the other. This was when I realized that. maintaining this adult female at place was non the best of options for her. I merely judged her in my bosom without believing professionally. She really needed attention in the psychiatric infirmary. She needs to see a psychologist for Sessionss. Bing on admittance for supervising would hold been the best of option for her but all I could make was judge her.

On rating. a little but turning organic structure of research has supported the effectivity of home-visitation plans. The following benefits have been found as an result of some. but non all place visitant plans. Olds DL. Kitzman H. Review of research on place visiting for pregnant adult females and parents of immature kids. Future Child. 1993 ; 3:53–92 Harmonizing to Olds DL. Henderson CR Jr. Tatelbaum R. Chamberlin R. . ( 1993 ) in the diary. Bettering the bringing of antenatal attention and results of gestation: a randomised test of nurse place trial. Pediatrics. antenatal benefits of place visiting includes ; Increased usage of antenatal attention. increased birth weight. decreased preterm labour and increased length of gestation. increased usage of wellness and other community resources ( eg. antenatal visits. well-child visits. household. planning plans for adult females. babies. and kids [ WIC ] . and immunisations. improved nutrition during gestation. fewer urinary piece of land infections during gestation. increased attending at childbearing categories and lessening in maternal smoke and intoxicant consumption.

The bad facet of Madam AA’s state of affairs was. she was prone to falls and usually topples over her venters but that ne’er deter her from imbibing the following twenty-four hours. In add-on to her accidents. she had besides defaulted from her ANC attending so at that place was really small to larn from the advancement of her gestation. That is. the present province of her foetus and that of her ain wellness was unknown. In a study by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health ( NSDUH ) released on September 9. 2013. it stated that adult females who drink alcohol while pregnant addition the hazard that their babies will hold physical. acquisition. and/or behaviour jobs. including Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder ( FASD ) .

These jobs are caused by intoxicant and can be lasting. Alcohol can interrupt foetal development at any phase during a gestation. even before a adult female knows she is pregnant. If a adult female is pregnant. there is no known sum or type of intoxicant that is safe for her to imbibe. To forestall jobs like FASD. a adult female who is pregnant or likely to go pregnant should non imbibe intoxicant. However. the good facet of the state of affairs was our meeting with Madam AA was really seasonably so we gave the necessary instruction on the importance of go toing ANC service. We informed her that this will assist measure her status and that of the unborn kid. In add-on we spoke to her on the demand to abstain from intoxicant so it nevertheless non surprising that we met her the following twenty-four hours in a better status than the old twenty-four hours. .

In analysis. public wellness nurses have been viewed as advocators of the hapless. the disadvantaged. minorities. and any population groups in demand of community-based. prevention-oriented wellness attention services. Equally early as 1859. with the initiation of the first territory nursing association. nurses were viewed non as mere attenders of the ill. but as societal reformists. Public Health Reports nurses were strategically located to go antiphonal to their communities’ unmet demands. ( Gardner. M. S. : Public wellness nursing. The Macmillan Company. New York. 1917. ) In this incident. I realized that the public wellness nurses do good to see the assorted places but their intercession to job encountered is really minimum.

For case. in Miss AA’s instance. it can clearly be seen that we should hold made the appropriate referral for farther direction but that could non be done. We merely counseled her and left her to her ain destiny. I therefore recommend that. the public wellness nurses will do contacts with other establishments for either healing or rehabilitative intents. This will assist in the proper referral and farther direction of instances that are identified in the communities. I besides recommend that certain particular instances identified in the communities should be followed up on to cognize the result of the visit. Again. logistics such as easy agencies of transit for the nurses to their assorted catchment countries should be provided. This will assist in transporting any exigencies encountered in the communities to the appropriate installations so that lives can be saved.

In decision. there’s much to be gained from effectual place visit such as placing high hazard individuals and offering the appropriate intercession. In utilizing the constituent of nursing service. appraisal of Miss AA led us to the root cause of her imbibing intoxicant. she was educated and counseled but uninterrupted support and agreement for referral to the appropriate installation for farther direction was non done. Despite the intuitive entreaty of deploying wellness attention professionals whose mark of attention is the whole community. public wellness nursing has non been steadfastly institutionalized in the nation’s wellness attention system. Indeed. in many metropolitan countries. PHN services are confronting unprecedented budget cutbacks and staffing decreases.

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