Anne Lamott said. “Good literature substitutes for an experience which we have non ourselves lived through. ” Good literature allows persons to populate through events which they have non encountered in their lives. I agree with this quotation mark because I believe it is true. This quotation mark is shown to be true through the books. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. In both pieces of literature. characters had an experience which we haven’t had or been through. Books assist us understand the state of affairss that we haven’t faced yet. In Oliver Twist. Oliver’s experience was bad.

He was stuck in a state of affairs. The societal environment in which he was raised in bucked up larceny. He was born in poorness. Thievery and poorness are both bad experiences which we haven’t faced or lived through. Oliver ran off twice from people that provided him shelter in exchange for him perpetrating to thievery. Some either in his group bullied him for being weak or he attacked them for noticing on his parents. His half brother wants to destroy life for him by destructing all the wealth that his parents left behind like the necklace. He doesn’t want Oliver to acquire any of his parents heritage.

Subsequently his half brother is forced to give it all back to Oliver and now he has it all. Most of us have non ran off from place. been bullied. or bullied person. We have non lived through what Oliver has. This piece of literature Tells us about the state of affairss he faced in inside informations. and these we have non faced. It’s assisting us to better understand what’s out at that place. One literary component would be individuality because he is left on his ain. He is a orphan. We have non experienced this either because most of aren’t orphans or have been in and out of different surrogate places like Oliver has.

We can see and experience his emotions. In Hatchet. Brian Robenson besides had a bad experience. He went through a plane clang and got stranded on a island with small resources. He has less nutrient a tomahawk. He has no 1 to assist him in the wilderness or to supply him with shelter. He can’t contact anyone to deliver him either because the wireless is down. He is trapped with no manner back. He attempts to perpetrate self-destruction because he can’t take it any longer but ends up lasting. He’s trapped with either a bear seeking to kill him. a hedgehog hiting at him or a skunk doing him smell bad.

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He is subsequently rescued by a plane that spotted him and landed. It helped him acquire back to his safe environment. These are some tough state of affairss. This is a experience which people haven’t faced in their lives. Peoples don’t acquire a opportunity like Brian to wing a plane while the captain is holding a bosom onslaught and clang. This piece of literature Tells us all about his emotions and what he’s traveling through. being all entirely in the forests. We haven’t been through what he has but we can experience it like its go oning to us. We are understanding how tough it is out at that place.

The quotation mark by Anne Lamott. “Good literature substitutes for an experience which we have non ourselves lived through” . Tells us how no 1 has faced state of affairss like these supporters from these literatures. These are good literature because they are leting us to experience the emotions that the supporters are experiencing when faced with state of affairss we have yet to brush. They are stating us all the inside informations what they are faced with and how they are responding to it. It’s seeking to state us like we are at that place. These two pieces of literature have allowed us to see state of affairss that we haven’t been through. We can experience it through these books.


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