From what Francis Fauvism says in his book, I have same worry as the author. We all like the role, Mr.. Spook, that shown by his characteristic like righteous, responsible and rigid. Indeed, this world needs people being righteous, but what will happen if all of humans turn to “Spook”? I don’t think that will be a rational phenomenon to exist. Perhaps the pursuit of creating the “perfect” race, eventually change humans’ nature instinct, leading this society quirky. 6 6. I’m not agree with Kerry Walters. Len my mind, our educational system give students enough freedom and reiterative. Don’t think Mr.. Spook is a desirable goal. ‘ think the extent should be the 60%. Nobody can be completely rational,we need improve our ability but we need have ourselves’ mind too. Do right things are not our whole lives. 1. Ways to enhance our ability to engage in effective critical thinking and make better decisions: 1 . Knowledge management system in organizations can help senior manager to find out problems within company. The organization has a large number of valuable programs, planning, achievement, and experience, needs to classify storage and engage knowledge assets.

Then we can using that to innovate and exchange. So 1 1 thank Tanat we can get assistant Trot AH system alertly Is ventricle automatic driving. This technology is in research and development, but we can look forward the future that we don’t have to focus on driving condition, computer can figure all out for us and ensure our safety. 2. This is not a good analogy, because denying rationality in women and Africans relate to the racial discrimination and gender discrimination. Peoples are different from machines. Peoples have their mind and emotion.

But the intelligent machines only have a tool. POP-58 1 . A belief in a transcendent God is found in almost all culture throughout the world. 2. The American have a higher degree of certainty regarding the existence of God than citizens of most nations. The existence of God can be proven through reason. 3. The existence of God can be proved in five ways. 1 . Argument form motion. 2. From the nature of the efficient cause. 3. Taken form possibility and necessity. 4. The gradation to be found in things. 5. The governance of the world.


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