The intent of this study is to analyze the strategic capablenesss and possibilities of Ryanair in today ‘s concern environment. Like any company, it is influenced by its economic, societal and political environment. Business strategic determinations depend on its internal construction, its strengths and failing and its concern procedures. This study will measure Ryanair from all these angles and draw decisions on its place in the market and what the hereafter holds for the company.

Ryanair is one of the low cost flights in Europe. It is the largest low budget air hose on the continent. Its Chief Executive Officer is Michael O ‘ Leary whose exceeding leading qualities brought the company into its present profitable province.

The study will cover the concerns fiscal position, the grounds for its failings and strengths and the influence of the external environment on the concern ‘ nowadays and hereafter. Beginnings of information will the company ‘s histories and literature, web sites, books and diaries on Ryanair and concern scheme.

Chapter 2

The External Environment of Ryanair

2.1 General Background of the Airline Industry

The European air hose industry has been really dynamic particularly over the past 20 old ages. This dynamism is due to the addition in low budget air hoses and menus. The figure below shows the per centum addition in the proportion of low cost air hose travel in Europe. The per centum grew from about 1 % in 1995 to about 20 % in 2008 ( Cento 2008 ) .

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Figure 2.1 Showing the per centum addition in the low cost air hoses in Europe between 1995 to 2008. Beginning: Cento 2008

This is chiefly as a consequence of the deregulating of the air hose industry in the 1990 ‘s which removed many limitations on the paths air hoses can wing and how much they should bear down, the presence of really enterprising enterprisers and explosive addition in internet gross revenues and selling which makes inexpensive tickets easy accessible to many people etc. ( Cento 2008 )

2.2 SWOT Analysis of Ryanair Ltd.

SWOT Analysis will be used to depict and explicate both the external and internal environment of Ryanair. “ A SWOT analysis summarises the cardinal issues from the concern environment and the strategic capableness of an administration that are most likely to impact on scheme ” ( Johnson & A ; Scholes 2006 ) . Opportunities and Threats will be examined foremost to find the external environment of the concern.


There are several chances that Ryanair faces in today ‘s environment, they include:

Addition in tourist finishs: with more states fall ining the European Union ( EU 2010 ) , there has been an addition in the possible figure of holiday finishs for many people in Europe. In the UK, for case, more people are going outside the states for their vacations and short interruptions ( ABTA 2004 ) . This provides a enormous chance for growing for concerns like Ryanair that non merely supply inexpensive flights, but besides provide hotel engagements and other vacation services in Europe.

The constitution of the European Low Fares Airline Association ( ELFAA ) : this association was formed in 2004 and its chief intents include advancing the involvements of its members, act uponing regulative issues and turn toing other policies that might impact the industry. With this association, the involvements of Ryanair and any other low cost air hose are protected. For case, at the minute, ELFAA is naming for the keeping of the current EU regulations of flight clip restrictions disputing the claims that they were insecure ( ELFAA 2010 ) . Increasing the flight clip restrictions will impact the air hoses ‘ concern since they will hold to engage more pilots or cut down the figure of flights they are soon offering.

The current economic clime: this sounds like a job but the fact that many people have less disposable income during the economic recession means that they are more likely to go on low cost air hoses ( Times 2008 ) . Many people can non afford luxury flights and a no-frills flight such as what Ryanair offers all of a sudden become more appealing. Despite the general slack in gross revenues in Europe in 2009, Ryanair ‘s operating net income border was 5 % ( see figure 3.2 ) . Despite the bead in net income, Ryanair rider growing was about 53 % in 2009 ( see figure 3.1 ) .


Like every concern, there are menaces in the environment which affect Ryanair. These include:

Trade unionism: like with any other major industry, the trade brotherhoods ever serve as a cheque on the companies in which their members work. For case, the claim that flight clip restrictions are insecure has come from a group of pilot trade brotherhoods who are buttonholing for better working conditions for their members ( ELFAA 2010 ) .

Competition: there is ever the menace that new concerns will come in to a apparently profitable industry. There is already an intense competition between the air hose companies ; low cost air hoses and full service air hoses ( Copenhagen Business School 2007 cited in air hose concern theoretical accounts n.d. ) . This besides touches on the first two of five forces of Porter. Based on the five forces of Porter, the menace of new entrant is average and the strength of competition is high.

The being of replacement merchandises: while there are other travel methods, they do non represent a really serious menace to the industry. Even with really fast trains in being, many people will still prefer to go by air. Therefore, this menace is medium.

Suppliers ‘ bargaining power: providers include the labor ( employees ) , advertisement and selling service suppliers and possibly most significantly aircraft providers etc. These providers have low bargaining power at the minute particularly with hapless aircraft gross revenues.

Buyers ‘ dickering power: this is besides low because they can non afford to take better replacements. Bing able to take between the viing air hoses are the lone bargaining power that the consumers have but the power to take another industry alternatively of the air hose industry is really low.

In drumhead, the industry appears to be attractive. The chances outweigh the menaces ; purchaser and provider bargaining powers are low doing it easier for the air hoses to acquire comparatively inexpensive supplies, demand just monetary values from their purchaser. The lone drawback is the intense competition between the air hoses themselves. See Appendix 1 for back uping PESTLE analysis.

Chapter 3:

Internal analysis of Ryanair

To to the full understand the strategic capablenesss of Ryanair, this study will besides analyze the company ‘s nucleus competences, its strengths and failings and its value concatenation.

3.1 Ryanair ‘s Strategic Aims

For this analysis to be complete, it is besides of import to cognize what Ryan strategic aims are. They are:

To hold the highest Numberss of air conveyance paths in Europe

To offer the lowest air menus in Europe

To supply the best client service for air travel in Europe

To accomplish tremendous growing

3.2 Ryanair ‘s nucleus competences:

It is in fact the taking air hose supplying low cost menus to the populace. In supplying these menus, it stimulates demand and marks people with low income or people who merely do non desire to pass a batch of money on short flights.

Ryanair has adopted concern procedures which produce high quality services while at the same clip cut downing cost.

Ryanair ‘s employees are trained to transport out multiple maps and this reduces the figure of people the company has to engage. In add-on, the employees are paid based on their productiveness ( Boesch 2007 ) .

It offers a high figure of paths ; 1,400 flights every twenty-four hours from 44 bases along over 1,100 low menu paths across 27 states and a sum of 160 finishs ( Ryanair 2010 ) .

3.3 Ryanair ‘s strengths

Low cost menu scheme: the popular Ryanair stating ‘stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap ‘ has proved to be really successful and continues to be the company ‘s greatest strength. It ensures uninterrupted demand. It has proved exceptionally popular in the present economic clime but even as the economic system recovers, there will be people who can non or will non purchase tickets for luxury flights.

Figure 3.1. A figure demoing the rider figure and load factor growing from 2006 to 2009. Beginning: Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation.

The proviso of other accessory services: Ryanair non merely provides air hose tickets but besides provide accessory services such as hotel engagements, auto hire services, publicizing infinite on aircrafts, recognition card fees and telephone engagements ( Boesch 2007 ) . These services increased the company ‘s gross by 36 % in 2006. In add-on, Ryanair has the largest travel web site and is easy the most recognized trade name on Google. The company has been able to change over the tremendous web traffic into chances for on-line advertisement grosss.

Figure 3.2: Figure demoing Ryanair ‘s operating net income border from 2006 to 2009.

Beginning: Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation.

3.4 Ryanair ‘s Failings

Poor client service: despite the company ‘s nonsubjective to supply the best client service, it really was voted the universe ‘s least favorite air hose in 2006. Ryanair scored severely in every facet including, unfriendly staff, flight holds and hapless legroom ( TripAdvisor 2004 cited in Boesch 2007 ) . This is really hapless particularly since Southwest air hose, whose theoretical account Ryanair adopted was voted the 5th most favorite air hose ( TripAdvisor 2004 cited in Boesch 2007 ) .

The usage of secondary airdromes: Ryanair uses secondary airdromes which are normally less engorged and have low landing fees. However, these airdromes are normally far from chief metropoliss which most travelers aim to travel. It poses conveyance challenges to its clients.

3.5 Ryanair ‘s Value Chain

The value concatenation of a company refers to the activities in that company. As the merchandises or services pass through the concatenation of activities, they increase in value ( Appendix 2 ) . Ryanair ‘s value concatenation can be described as follows:

Primary Activities

Support activities

Inbound Logisticss

Quality Training of Staff

Low cost of providers

Favorable airdrome understandings

Minimal Corporate HQ

Low cost preparation

The cyberspace

The Boeing Discount


The ‘no frills ‘ and low cost operations

The limited crew

Internet information

Alliances with other contractors

Outbound Logisticss

Quick turnaround flights

Reliable service

In house direction control,

Integrated systems

Outsourced procurance

Selling and Gross saless

Low cost publicities

Free promotion

Internet gross revenues

In-house human resources

Low engineering selling particularly through internet gross revenues


Limited resources,

Low cost

High productiveness

Employee public presentation contracts

Low cost procurance

Chapter 4


This study has described and analysed Ryanair ‘s external environment and industry every bit good as its strategic capableness. It has made usage of different scheme tools to accomplish this such as PESTLE, SWOT, Five forces of Porter, Core Competencies and Value Chain. These tools have helped to understand the attraction of the air hose industry, Ryanair ‘s strengths and failings in accomplishing its strategic aims.

The study found that the European air hose industry, although extremely competitory, is rather attractive and contributing to the company ‘s growing and endurance. It besides found that Ryanair ‘s nucleus competences which include being the taking low cost air hose in Europe, holding a extremely productive staff and winging a big figure of paths have helped to accomplish some of its aims. However, its failings show that the company still needs great betterment. It appears that in the procedure of cutting costs, Ryanair overlooks client comfort, staff friendliness all of which has earned it a repute for hapless client service. This and the fact that the company sometimes does non adequately inform the populace about the existent finish in its advertizements have resulted in hapless public dealingss.

In drumhead, Ryanair has been a enormously successful company and is poised to accomplish even more success in the undermentioned old ages. However, it needs to be cognizant of its defects particularly in public dealingss. Despite its strong desire to salvage costs, it might desire to see some flexibleness in services that keep clients happy.

Chapter 5

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Appendix 1

PESTLE Analysis


Increased political stableness in Europe


The economic recession which has caused less disposable income for many people.


Increased desire to see the remainder of the continent and research new states merely added to the



The handiness of the cyberspace to most people


Increased EU Torahs and ordinances particularly on security


Increased environmental concerns such as noise control


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