Masai community has been populating in the northern parts of Tanzania and the semiarid portion of Kenya where they have retained strongly their cultural individuality through out the modernisation epoch. Due to their geographical countries of happening being characterized by rough conditions conditions they have adapted to mobile signifier of support where they keep switching from one country to another in hunt of green grazing lands and H2O for their animate beings and themselves excessively. However. western civilizations have greatly tried to act upon the civilization of the Masai for a long period with no great success.

Through instruction. agribusiness. medical specialty and societal relationship among them. intervention in their civilization has intensified with bulk of the international western communities mentioning to them as being backward and primitive. This is nevertheless really incorrect as the community is greatly satisfied and their societal fibres are even stronger compared to other communities in the western universe. Many of their political orientations are rich and incorporate values comprise their individuality upon which they derive pleasance and harmonious support ( Stephen. 12 ) .

This essay explores the community from the position of their economic forms and analyses the cost and benefits of switching from their cultural forms. Besides. the intercession of the western developed states to economically and socially change the Masai civilization is discussed in inside informations with an orientation of deducing major decision and recommendations towards the stabilizing of the community. Masai community preponderantly depends on farm animal for their support where they maintain cattles. caprine animals. donkeys and camels.

Through out the history of the Masai. they have been rise uping farm animal in a mobile manner where they move from one part to another in hunt for greener grazing lands and H2O. With their geographical country being unsuitable for conventional agribusiness due to the fruitlessness of the land. their land is non subdivided and they roam freely through out the wilderness unrestricted even by the national boundaries of Kenya and Tanzania. As a consequence of their chief business. they besides derive their staple nutrient from the animate beings.

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To add to that. they are engaged in trade with their neighbours and bargainers who come to the part from the chief metropoliss to acquire animate beings for meat. Trade therefore involves dealing between farm animal and nutrient merchandises or money with the Masai people. To add to that. the Masai have late developed a civilization of touristry where they trade in different points that are made out of beads and tegument to the tourers who frequent the Masai Mara national modesty. Though this is non a major economic activity. it is easy developing to be assimilated by bulk of the Masai in the full part.

Crafting bulk of the beads from the part rocks and carnal castanetss. they prepare to sell the trade works to the tourers who pass by for their vacation in Masai Mara. They dance in manner to delight the tourers who so buy their beads or bead made necklaces and bracelets ( Robert. 6 ) . As pointed out earlier. the Masai community has maintained their civilization strongly amidst the international force per unit area to switch to other signifiers of life. Switch in their civilization as Mr. Johnson suggests will take to loss of individuality by the community as it assimilates new cultural associations.

All facets of life in the Masai land are associated to their cultural being and is strongly adhered to. Their cultural garb consisting of bloomerss. cotton shirts and the ruddy cloth won by the work forces reflect non merely their suitableness for the rough status but besides their association to faith. While switching to harvest agriculture might be difficult due to the rough environmental conditions. their economic dependance on the cattles would be wholly lost. The part would necessitate immense measures of H2O which would do it less suited to bring forth merchandises for sale.

Besides. displacement would do the Masai people have jobs in measuring their overall wealth which is assessed in footings of cattles held by the people in the Masai community. Marriage and societal relationship would besides be broken down as it is besides valued in footings of the figure of animate beings that one paid to acquire a married woman. Their linguistic communication would besides be lost as they assume the English used and emphasized by Mr. Johnson. Therefore. alteration in their civilization would function to kill the community as it defines their day-to-day societal. economic and relationship with other neighbouring communities.

However. a displacement in their civilization would increase their entree to the external universe thereby opening the part for more development. With the engineering being considered to belong to the West ( US ) . the community would better its support greatly by following new life mechanisms. As taught in category basic medical specialty and rangeland direction every bit good as irrigation would increase their life signifiers from the traditional scene to the modern settled one. Their perceptual experience would besides alter where the miss kids instruction would be valued more than merely a consideration of waste of resources by the parents.

As the Masai civilization face the great menace of losing their civilization in the state. the authorities of Tanzania should set up better regulations and statute laws that will guarantee that the civilization is to the full respected at all the times. As a autonomous province with the overall authorization of protecting the civilizations of its people. it should go through the necessary ordinances that would assist in retaining the Masai civilization and all the other autochthonal civilizations as a mark of pride. Besides. the state should procure the Masai land from invasion and subdivision for their overall civilization to be maintained.

To add to that. it should promote more instruction to the local Masai and seek the usage of local linguistic communications in the advanced acquisition systems. The author’s contribution of money to Johnson is unethical as it encourages him to go on ignoring the Masai civilization in their ain land. Johnson did non let the pupils to talk their linguistic communication when they were in school. He did non let them to have on their Masai garb and besides denied them from traveling to their community to run into other people.

Besides. learning the pupils that the Masai civilization was inferior. he would lend greatly to the overall loss of their individuality and assimilation of the western civilization. US authorities should non actively intervene either politically or economically to coerce other groups change from their civilization. It should guarantee that other communities are free of intervention to independently develop to their civilizations. Since people have different ways of nearing issues of civilization. the American manner do non suit in all the state of affairss as rating of development it wholly different.

The Masai people in Kenya and Tanzania consider development as being good rooted in their civilization from where they derive their overall pride. Where as Americans assess the overall wealth in footings of pecuniary footings and capital trade monopolisation. other communities assess their wealth in footings of available paths of land. animate beings or girls to be given in exchange for cowss ( Stephen. 12 ) . Besides. traditional civilizations have been considered as the chief beginning of consolation either in love. traditional medical specialty every bit good as overall belief in faith.

Masai believe that God protected them from injury by wild animate beings a position that has worked for them as they interact harmlessly with the unsafe big cats during their graze. As a consequence. America should see back uping the overall development of the civilization with independent articulation of the of import cohesive facets to it. It can help in developing the regional substructure that can help in easing the trade and motion between the Masai and the adjacent communities.

Decision. Communities’ civilizations should non be influenced or forced to switch as they are rich and sketch the community individuality. Culture determines the community’s relation within it’s groupings and besides with the adjacent communities that associate with the community. As observed in the Masai community. all their definitions are derived from their cultural orientation which assists them to work out all the jobs they encounter in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives.

Strong provinces economically and politically should avoid utilizing their might to hale the traditional civilizations as they have great lessons they can larn from them and their consideration of growing and development is wholly different. Work cited page Robert. Biswas-Diener. “Be beautiful and carry a large stick: Physical attraction and the Masai aesthetic” Clamor July. 2002. Stephen. McCrummen. “Our history will die” Washington post foreign service. 18th June. 2007


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