a programming language allows us
to express an algorithm
C, C++, Java are all
programming languages
When a program runs on a computer, the part of the computer that carries out the instructions is called the
When a program runs on a computer, it is stored in
When a program is not running, it is stored
on a disk
RAM, random-access memory, is called that because
you can pick any two random locations and it will take the same time to access the date
a bit is
a binary digit like 0 or 1
A byte in memory is identified by a unique number called its
In modern computer systems, a byte consists of
8 bits
3K means about 3 thousand bytes. How would you express two hundred million bytes?
3K means about 3 thousand bytes. How would you express five billion bytes?
3K means about 3 thousand bytes. How would you express four trillion bytes?
At each step of its operation, the input to a Central Processing Unit is
an instruction
Mice, trackpads, keyboards, scanners, joysticks are all examples of
input devices
Monitors, printers, status lights are all examples of
output devices
Flash drives, CDs, external disks are all examples of
storage (memory) devices
An operating system
allocates resources like memory to programs that are running
application software
is any software that runs with the support of an operating system
Every C++ program must contain a
main function
A comment starts with what characters?
// or /*
The text of a comment
can be anything the programmer wants to write
Which of the following will not be recognized if iostream is not included in the program?
The rules that govern the correct order and usage of the elements of a language are called the
syntax of the language
An error in a program that involves a violation of language rules will be detected at
compile time
Division by zero when the program is executing is an example of a
runtime error
Compilers translate the instructions written by the programmer into
object code
A location in memory used for storing data and given a name in a computer program is called a
variable because the data in the location can be changed.
Before a variable is used it must be
Words that have a special meaning in a programming language are called
identifiers cannot start with
numbers, special characters or capital letters

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