Cuff links are with us for a very long time. Victorians were well known for their social etiquette and good sense of fashion. They wore cuff links when they are socializing with people. Both men and women, during the Victorian era, were wearing cuff links. The wealthy ones even hired personalized cuff links maker to create their family’s personalized cuff links, containing the insignia or initials of the family. These personalized cuff links had served as a family heirloom.Today, even those who aren’t that wealthy can afford to buy a pair of personalized cuff links. Thanks to modern technology, personalized cuff links are now cheaper because of the machines that can create personalized cuff links in minutes.In accessories shops, you can buy a pair of plain cuff links in gold or sterling silver. They offer to personalized these cuff links by engraving your initials on the surface using an small, engraving machine. Engraving your cuff links may not take long. You can wait for it for five to ten minutes, depending upon the difficulty of the insignia. So, because of these engraving machine, personalized cuff links became a popular gift giving idea for birthdays, Christmas, and graduation.There are cuff links makers out there that offer unique designs for their personaized cuff links. You can ask them to create you silk cuff links with your photos on it. Yes, they can do that! In fact, many people are buying silk, personalized cuff links with photos of their favorite stars as the main design. Although it does look vain (your photo as your cuff links design), cuff links maker can really do it, if you want them to.Business are now also purchasing personalized cuff links for their employees with excellent work performance. They give either a pair of cuff links with the logo of the company or the initials of the employee. Whichever design they choose, one thing is for sure: personalized cuff links of companies are made from the finest materials. If the personalized cuff links are in gold, it will be from a high carat gold. If it is a silver, it may be a Tifanny sterling silver or even a titanium silver. Even the gems that accents the personalized cuff links, if there are any, are from genuine precious stones.Personalized cuff links may be either in gold, sterling silver or titanium. But personalized cuff links made from these materials are quite expensive. If you prefer a cheaper kind, there are also personalized cuff links for sale that are  electroplated in gold.Electroplated personalized cuff links look like real gold. They are ideal for day-to-day wear. Although the gold electroplating wears off in time, it only wears off after continuous and daily usage.Another cheaper kind of personalized cuff links are brass or aluminum made cufflinks. With the fashionable and trendy cuff links designs, no one would notice that your cuff links are just made from brass or aluminum. These cuff links are sufficient for informal gatherings. You don’t need a pair of expensive  cuff links for a family garden party or small, office party.


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