The RN to BSN plan at Grand Canyon University meets the demands for clinical competences as defined by CCNE and AACN utilizing untraditional experiences for practising nurses. These experiences come in the signifier of direct and indirect attention experiences in which licensed nursing pupils engage in larning within the context of their hospital organisation. their specific attention subject. and their local communities.

The acquisition activity and matching assignment in this Topic requires pupils to execute a heritage appraisal with households selected by the pupil from their local community.

Click on hypertext transfer protocol: //wps. prenhall. com/wps/media/objects/663/679611/box_6_1. pdf in order to entree the “Heritage Assessment Tool. ”

Interview three households from different civilizations. One household can be your ain. Compare the differences in wellness traditions between these civilizations.

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Assess three households utilizing the Heritage Assessment Tool. In 1. 000-1. 500 words discuss the utility of using a heritage appraisal to measure the demands of households and develop programs for wellness care. wellness protection. and wellness Restoration. Include the undermentioned: 1. Perform a heritage appraisal on three households.

2. Complete the “Heritage Assessment Tool” and submit to: [ electronic mail protected ]– one appraisal for each of the three households interviewed. 3. Identify common wellness traditions based on cultural heritage. Evaluate and discourse how the households subscribe to these traditions and patterns. Address wellness care. wellness protection. and wellness Restoration as they relate to your appraisal.

Fix this assignment harmonizing the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is non required.

This assignment uses a rating rubric. Teachers will be utilizing the rubric to rate the assignment ; hence. pupils should reexamine the rubric prior
to get downing the assignment to go familiar with the assignment standards and outlooks for successful completion of the assignment.

You are required to subject this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the waies in the Student Success Center.


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