Culture is a set of values and beliefs that influence the effectivity besides scheme preparation. It is a form of shared basic premises that people learn to bring forth behavioral norm. Poverty is being unable to supply yourself with comfort and stuff demands. Culture of poorness shows that those who are hapless stay in poorness due to accommodating the poorness load. The universe eliminates the civilization of poorness through instruction and acquire their precedences straight and make micro-culture where the whole universe will belong ( Bass. 2005 )

I agree with the place that the hapless are mostly responsible for their ain poorness because when they realize they are hapless alternatively of working difficult they start experiencing helpless and non belonging and they feel that the society do non function their demands. They feel they have no power hence can non seek to alter their state of affairs for the better and experience they are inferior and think that the rich are superior which make them non set attempt to alter their state of affairs for the better.

The hapless besides feel that they are unworthy and do non organize any racial group and experience that they are unworthy and do non organize any racial group and experience that they are discriminated by the members of the society. Peoples who are hapless do non cognize any history o going rich and geting wealth. they merely know heir jobs and defects ; they recognize merely the hapless conditions and merely their vicinity which is besides populating in poorness. Poor people have no knowedge. vision or thoughts to compare themselves with other people who are rich for illustration they do non care whether they are in high category or low category.

The hapless should be encouraged to work hard and non accept the poorness load in order to better their life style. CAUSES OF SOCIAL INEQUALITY RACISM This is the being of a higher race and a lower race due to the higher race holding high quality composite. This is as a consequence of holding supernatural gifts that others do non hold or being gifted in hunting and being brave and being known to stand out in war. this is recognized by ownership of trophies gained after being a victor.

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The looser becomes the victim of the vanquisher. When an single experience personal high quality and see others as inferior societal inequality will ever be experienced ( Faning. 2000 ) SOCIAL STRATIFICATION This is where adult females politically and socially experience inferior. Old people are respected merely when they are strong. In some tribes people rank high when they are initiated and besides when they are granted new names. people are grouped together and accorded position depending on which group they belong either hapless or rich.

There are caste system where each person is born in for illustration in India Brahmin is the caste at the top and Harijans is the bottom caste which is based on good or bad behavior. In Britain land was owned by aristocracy depending on household tradition. behavior or privileged who were the governing group. SEXISM This is know aparting one another basing on gender for illustration adult females favoritism. These are attitudes or behaviors that make societal functions to be stereotyped establishing on gender. this besides involves opprobrious behavior to a individual of opposite sex.

In work topographic point adult females are excluded in employment to the benefit of work forces. Employers fail to enroll adult females even though they have same or even higher makings than work forces. Womans are besides denied places in political relations whereby work forces dominate parliament with adult females being the minority. Sexism causes societal inequality because adult females feel inferior to work forces and belief that they are weak and unproductive. they regard themselves with low regards. they fail to utilize thoughts they have and are non advanced. This makes all the work to be left to work forces to make and societal inequality will ever impact the society.

Effects OF SOCIAL INEQUALITY It brings about difference in faith where we have Christians. Muslims or Hindus of different faith and beliefs. Social category arises whereby those who belief they belong to same societal category work together and go forth out those of different societal category ( Bowen. 1948 ) Some people think they are inferiors and other superior taking to division and deficiency of integrity. In footings of tegument coloring material. there is extremist differentiation between black and white people. It can do mental unwellness due to deficiency of improved engineering and accomplishments in handling unwellness.

Low income earners lack basic demands due to miss of adequate money to finance their basic demands. Unequal distribution of wealth between rich and hapless in countries which are more productive than others for illustration mountain parts are more productive compared to lowland parts. REFERENCES 1. Madden Janice Fanning ; Changes in Income inequality within US ; W. E Upjohn Institute. 2000 2. Bowen Howard ; Toward Social Economy ; Rinehart. 1948 3. Bass Stephene ; Reducing Poverty and prolonging the Environment ; Earthscan. 2005


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