Political civilization as we’ve defined it in category is a form of orientation expressed in symbols. beliefs. and attitudes toward other people. The definition itself enables us to understand that every person is involved and political civilization plays an of import function in a society. As for Filipino political civilization. it is difficult to come up with a general construct cognizing that our state is an archipelago bounded by a batch civilization. tradition and attitudes toward other people that may be an indispensable component for a nation’s advancement or devastation. What are those civilization and national character that can be a menace or an border for our states success? For us to be able to reply what are these civilizations or national characters. we will associate it to former Senator Leticia Ramos Shahani’s Moral recovery plan wherein she stated that our state is now a ill state soberly afflicted by meshing diseases of poorness. passiveness. transplant and corruptness. exploitatory backing. factionalism. political instability. love for machination. deficiency of subject. deficiency of nationalism and desire for self satisfaction.

She farther said that this cancerous growing is impacting the critical variety meats of our society to the extent that we seem to be in a province of palsy wherein the patient is non reacting to the jobs facing it. She said further that our country’s illness is moral in nature that’s why she suggests that we should undergo an economic recovery plan and we besides desperately necessitate a moral. rational and religious recovery plan for us to be able to last the engagement diseases. That’s why she. together with senators Romulo and Maceda proposed a declaration directing the commission on instruction. humanistic disciplines and civilization. societal justness. public assistance and development to instantly carry on a joint enquiry into the strengths and failings of the character of the Filipino with a position to work outing the societal ailments and beef uping the nation’s moral fibre ( Resolution No. 10. MRP ) .

Where they came up with a list of the character of the Filipinos classified as to be our strengths and failings. and these are the following for the strengths which includes pakikipagkapwa-tao. which includes bayanihan. utang na loob and pagdadamayan ; Family orientation wherein Filipino households are attached with their household members ; joy and wit which would still seen after a tragic event ; flexibleness. adaptability and creativeness. hardwork and industry. religion and religionism and the ability to last. these strengths are truly noticeable compared to the characters of the aliens.

On the other manus. the failings are besides here. and these would include utmost personalism. where an single ever relate things personally ; utmost household centeredness where there’s an inordinate concern for the household ; deficiency of subject. that includes deficiency of preciseness and compulsivity. hapless clip direction and in cunctation ; passiveness and deficiency of enterprise that includes being excessively patient and long agony for our diseases to the extent that we do non react into it ; colonial outlook. edifice penchants based on the foreign materials ; kanya-kanya syndrome. deficiency of ego analysis and self contemplation. In this plan. they focused in beef uping our failings. which is truly indispensable to further analyse the disease of our ill state. In former senator’s plan. she besides proposed schemes that targets the roots or factors of these Filipino characters and these are the place environment. societal environment. civilization and linguistic communication. history. educational system. faith. economic environment. political environment. mass media. leading and function theoretical accounts.

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For former Senator Shahani. for us to be able to implement the schemes we should hold a clean custodies and pure Black Marias. she besides believe that a strong national character based on nationalism. integrity. honestness and ego trust is our ultimate and surest defence and our greatest hope lies within us. Based on former Senator Shahani’s moral recovery plan. we can analyse that we have a batch of national character that serve as a menace that may take to our country’s devastation or lead to “sui-policide” . So what should we make to forestall that “sui-policide” and the engagement diseases? Does Senator Shahani’s proposal would truly assist? We. in our group believe that Shahani’s proposal will truly be a great aid in forestalling that sui-policide. We believe that If we caused that meshing diseases we must besides be accountable to bring around these diseases. We must get down alteration within ourselves. We must be unfastened to acknowledge our failings and farther beef up it.

From being inactive. we must alter and be aggressive in footings of reacting to our nation’s diseases and in look intoing our government’s public presentation. We must besides develop nationalism. integrity. honestness. and self trust because it is the ultimate and surest defence for that meshing disease. We must larn to value our province. for us to be able to hold an impulse to salvage it from its devastation. We should get rid of selfishness. utmost personalism. utmost household centeredness. colonial outlook. deficiency of ego analysis and self contemplation. And in conclusion. we must larn to be responsible in our actions. develop self subject. for Torahs. even how rigorous it is implemented if we. citizens are non following that Torahs these Torahs will be useless.

For us to hold a progressive Philippines. we must construct our people. our state. how? Through what is former Senator Shahani suggest and we quote ”Building a state is through extinguishing its failings and developing our strengths. We must look at ourselves objectively. with scientific withdrawal and besides emotionally. fondly and when suitably with disgust. We must see ourselves as might a lover sing a loved one but besides as a justice capable of giving a rough finding of fact. ” All of our desire to bring around our ill state is possible every bit long as we will construct our people. our state and all of these start within ourselves.


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