In the novelette. “Of Mice and Men “ . written by John Steinbeck. he is able to portray the fact that the character that was chiefly involved in Lennie’s ruin was Curley’s Wife or that she has brought all the jobs for the work forces populating working in the farm. There are different points of position on whether she is Miss Dynamite or a victim. Nevertheless there are different facts that need to be considered for both sides of the statement.

Second Paragraph

One of the statements of the novelette is whether Curley’s Wife is Miss Dynamite or on whether she is a victim. She comes in the narrative as a really strong character and the reader is able to comprehend this. She is ever seeking to score work forces and this is wrong as she is a married adult female. “She smiled archly and twitched her body” . This gives the feeling that she is non interested in what others think and the lone thing that she is believing approximately is in holding merriment. Womans that were married weren’t supposed to that sort of merriment. She conveys that she is non concerned about her hubby. If she would be interested in her matrimony she might possibly hold a good clip and in some manner start loving her hubby. However there is the item that her hubby is non ever with her “I’m seeking to happen Curley Slim” .

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She is truly non interested in happening Curley. she merely wants some comrade but she could speak that with her hubby and get down to work out the jobs within them and get down to bask the company between them. Furthermore she should non move as a victim and she could truly make something about the fact that she is bored. She could read a book or make some other activities and every bit mentioned before she could speak to her hubby about it. What she is making is non profiting anyone. she is acquiring herself and the workers into problem and she. alternatively of going a nice individual to be about. becomes an raging individual. On the other manus there is the statement that she is a victim on how she is being treated and the fact that she is truly alone and that her hubby does non pay any attending to her.


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