Hiring a person for your company not only affects the person that will be hired but it also affects the people that work for the company, although they may seem like they will be a good fit for the position during an interview how hey will work with the other employees is what really matters. Managers have to think about all these types of things before they hire someone because everyone in that company have been there for some time and to add a new dynamic to the equation can be a negative or a positive for them all.

This process also goes further than just the work place you have to know if this person is responsible outside of the work place as well because once they are hired they become a representation of the company at all times. So their social lifestyle and Ethical Issues and Management Paper 3 heir professional lifestyle has to be balanced. As a manager you never want to hear information about an employee misrepresenting the company on their free time.

Although they do have a personal life and the two should be separate it is important for all employees to know that people are always watching and it can affect the way a person my feel about the business once it is all said and done. Managers always want to make sure that all employees represent the company in a good manner at all times and this also applies to them as well. Making the right ethical decision at all times is very vital when oh work for someone other than yourself. Now as a manager even going as far as not going out with my co-workers socially was a major topic, never wanted anyone to feel that the way they may act outside of work did not affect I may think they will make decisions inside of work. So in my opinion it was best to keep work and business separated. In some cases when you let you employees think it is k to hang out and talk a certain way when you are outside the work place they feel back at work they can do the same, so as a manager it is very important to make sure you always make the best ethical session in regards to how you deal and not deal with employees.

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Today, in a lot of business you will often see managers socialize with fellow employees inside and outside the work place but in most cases it is only inside because a lot of managers know once you cross those boundaries then the relationship between the two will change. It is almost like a little piece of the respect they once had for you as their manager changes because they feel you are friends the rules no longer apply to them.

This is how a lot of personal and business relationships are destroyed because Teeth kcal Issues and Management Paper 4 hat boundary was crossed. This then also makes other employees feel like there may be favoritism taking place and start doing things because they feel like it is k. This is the impression is not what you do not want to have your employees think of you so it is always best to teach and do as you teach at all times.

I worked in human resource as a hiring manager for many yours and there have been quite a few times where I had to realize that had to separate my personal feelings for certain people that I worked with because we did socialize outside of work and let them know that at work I am work boss and tot your friend. But that did cause some kind of tension in the work place, and that made it hard for me to have personal relationships in my workplace.

This not only affected my work space but other employees begin to complain of the behavior of the person thought was my friend and they did think I was showing favoritism because there was no disciplinary actions taken to correct the problem. This then was taken up to my boss and I was put in a position where could lose my job because of how it was displayed to her as if I was not doing my job to fix the problem. That is when I realized that something had to be done because I could not allow someone else to be the cause of me losing my job because of our friendship outside the workplace.

I then had to start given write ups for the behavior that was taking place and the friendship once had was gone, but when it is all said and done the things this person was doing was wrong and some action had to be taken to fix the problem. I think I did the right thing in the situation it is just unfortunate that this person end up being terminated from the position due to the behavior but that IS hat it would have been like if someone else was the manager or doing the offenses.

Ethical Issues and Management Paper 5 In the end it is always best to make sure when you are hiring new people for position to always keep it business at all times and to make sure that person is a good fit for the position regardless how your personal relationship. As a manager these type of decisions do not come easy and it is a process. I have learned from my mistakes and know now that every decision I make should be morally and ethically right on every one involved.


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