Organizations must cover with moral and ethical issues that can include dishonesty. larceny. and employee drug usage. However. companies that have ethical guidelines and develop their employees in ethical behaviour will hold exceeding employees. Therefore. organisations that create ethical policies and supply ethical preparation will promote ethical criterions in the company. Therefore. I will profile the Taylor Ambulance Company. Inc located in Kelsey. The Taylor Ambulance company has serviced Kelsey for 10 old ages and they are responsible for transporting persons who needs exigency medical attention and transport them to local infirmaries.

The ambulance company will besides transport non-emergency patients to rehabilitation centres. Taylor Ambulance is dispatched by the Kelsey’s Fire Department and the city’s exigency conveyance contractor. Presently the Taylor Ambulance company has 70 paramedics and exigency medical technicians and has a fleet of 26 ambulances. The company receives exigency calls through the 911 system of Kelsey. The Taylor Ambulance company’s mission statement is “We will supply the people of Kelsey with speedy and professional exigency medical care” . Donna Taylor and Phillip Embry formed the Taylor Ambulance company in 2000.

The company started out little ; nevertheless. the company grew over the old ages and as of 2009 the company staffs 95 employees. Besides in 2009 the Taylor Ambulance company provided 57. 000 ambulance conveyances for the metropolis of Kelsey. Furthermore. in 2009 Taylor Ambulance had a net income of $ 870. 668. Furthermore. the Taylor Ambulance company receives their gross beginnings from exigency and non-emergency conveyances and authorities subsidies. Additionally. Taylor Ambulance Company has an 8 twelvemonth contract with the metropolis of Kelsey which runs from March 1. 2008 until February 28. 2016.

The Taylor Ambulance company provides an first-class service to the community and the company is really profitable. However. most concerns will confront moral and ethical issues with their staff and employees. Some of the moral or ethical issues faced by the Taylor Ambulance company can include ; •Dishonesty •Lack of Confidentiality •Privacy issues •Drug or alcohol abuse •Lack of patient sensitiveness or compassion •With keeping medical attention •Don’t award patients medical directives such as. Do Not Resuscitate •Patient Neglect Therefore. it is really of import that the Taylor Ambulance company has an overall moralss plan.

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The Taylor Ambulance company’s human resource section will presume the duty in developing an ethics criterion policy. The morals policy will include all moral and ethical issues that could show itself in the medical field. Therefore. the Taylor Ambulance moralss policy guideline will include how to move ethically in ; •Honesty •Patient confidentiality •Patient sensitiveness and compassion •Patient privateness Torahs •Drug and alcohol developing •Patient medical attention •Respective patients medical directives •Patient disregard

Additionally. when the moralss policy is completed by the human resource director the director will work with the preparation supervisor to put up ethical preparation for the employees and staff. The moralss preparation will be supervised by the preparation supervisor who will document and execute the preparation. The initial moralss preparation will co-occur with an employee’s new hire orientation. Therefore. after the employees new hire orientation they will be required to finish 8 hr moralss preparation. Furthermore. after the moralss developing the new employee will be required to take a short quiz to do certain they understand the company’s ethical guidelines.

Once the employee receives their moralss developing they will have a certification of preparation. Furthermore. the employee will be required to subscribe for a transcript of the moralss policy for interpolation into their employee file. Whereas. it is of import to have moralss developing it is besides of import to supervise employees for un-ethical behaviour. Therefore. during employment with the Taylor Ambulance company the employees will be monitored by their organisations supervisor or director for un-ethical behaviour.

However. ethical behaviour should be enforced by the company. Therefore. if an employee of the Taylor Ambulance company is reported as being un-ethical the employee will be sent to the human resource section to talk with the human resource director. If the human resource director believes the employee was moving un-ethical per policy guidelines the employee may have a disciplinary action. Finally. the Taylor Ambulance company will promote ethical criterions by making written moralss policy and supply employee ethical preparation.

Therefore. the Taylor Ambulance company will use their human resource section to make the moralss policy and the preparation supervisor will carry on and attest the moralss preparation. Besides the employee supervisor or director will supervise the ethical behaviour of their employees. Furthermore. if an employee is moving un-ethical the human resource director will pull off the disciplinary actions. Therefore. making a written morals policy is indispensable for making an honest work environment for the staff and employees.


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