What ethical issues have you witnessed or heard about on this company? State your opinions on what should have been done to deal with these ethical issues. A) Conflict on human rights Monika has been involved in conflict-minerals which engaging in human rights abuses. For example, the conflict-minerals took place in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central of Africa in July of 2010. The illegal activities involved the extraction and trade of minerals which controlled by warlords.

The head of the armed group have profited from these minerals and holding some errors and threatened with gunpoint forcing them to work for little or no pay. The minerals are used to manufacture our electronics devices such as mobile phones, computers and music players etc. The minerals ores containing tantalum; use to stores electricity in cell phones, tungsten; to creates vibrations in phones, tin; circuit boards and gold; used to coat wiring.

What should have been done is Monika should increase the policy on conflict minerals which prohibit the human rights abuses associated with the extraction, transport or trade of minerals. This will help to regulate and Control over the direct and indirect support to non-state armed groups or security forces that involved in illegally activities such as control or tax mine sites, transport routes, trade points, or violate the system of supply chain.

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Monika also need to strictly eliminate to corruption and bribery from any party by building efforts jointly in collaboration with relevant stakeholder and us pliers by develop transparent tracking and tracing systems of minerals used in its products to control in and out sourcing of minerals from the region. Further improving the quality of the due diligence system will also alp to provide data by the suppliers accurately. B) Misleading consumer In September 201 2, Monika was charged for misleading advertisement. The video ads does not imply the product functions in ways that it does.

Monika released one video advertisement for their new Alumina 920 that demonstrate the most advanced camera phone that shows purview’s image stabilization technology. Monika was supposed to advertise and highlight the new Alumina 920 Purview camera phones but in the video the images was not shot on a Monika Alumina purview, it was a professional camera crew using a camera to film the video inside a white van. Monika has confirmed this video was not shot with a 920. As a result, the company reputation and Ionians stock price was affected.

Major investigation has been conducted to identify the internal ethical behavior for violated the IMAM guidelines for ethical behavior “competence” and “credibility” of the company. After the incident of mislead ad, Monika issued an official apology to the public and remove all the videos. Head of media relations at Monika, stated that “It was an error and we apologize for the confusion created. ” What should have done is Monika should practice the ethical conduct by The Federal trade commission faithfully to avoid potential claims for false or misleading advertising online.

Generally, the functions of FTC is to provide protection laws and regulations on misleading advertising apply to advertisements, television and radio commercials, telemarketing and to Internet as well. FTC also helps to provide specific guidelines and ensure that all the information in the advertisements are comply with the “clear and conspicuous” disclosed in online ads and throughout marketing websites supported by evidence as well. FTC Enforcement Actions has taken more than 00 enforcement actions for fraudulent Internet advertising in the last three years.


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