Business Research Is “a systematic Inquiry that provides Information to gulled managerial decisions. More specifically, It Is a process of planning, acquiring, analyzing, and disseminating relevant data, Information, and Insights to decision makers In ways that mobile the organization to take appropriate actions that, In turn, maximize performance. (Cooper & Schaller, 2011). In my professional experience, I have used a similar method to solve problems that a rage elderly community had encountered. As a police officer, I am constantly dealing with problems. Some problems can range from acts of vandalism to more extreme problems, such as domestic violence and In rare cases, homicide. However, I can recall one particular problem that had manifested Into problems from other officers who worked In my area.

Last year, I was dispatched to a residence which was wealth a large gated community. The community Is a 55+ retirement community. On this particular call, a woman had been defrauded several thousands of dollars In a scam that Is commonly referred to as a “Granny Scam. In these scams, an unknown Individual will randomly call the residence of an elderly person, and state that one of their relatives had been arrested for drunk driving.

In order to ball the relative out of Jail, the elderly person person receiving the call believes there is indeed a relative in Jail, they are then instructed to purchase a Western Union “Green Back” card and transfer money onto it. Subsequently, the elderly individual will call the individual back, and provide him or her with the account number to the card as bail. After receiving over two dozen of these calls, from this area, I decided to host a memoir to the residents of the community in order to inform them of this growing crime and to provide them with the tools necessary to avoid such scams.

After approximately one week, I along with my coworkers noticed a dramatic decline in calls for service which were fraud related from that particular community. Though it may not be entirely business related, it still took a great amount of research and statistical logging in order to convince my command staff to host a seminar for that community. Furthermore, had I not researched the problem, and networked with fellow agencies, my idea would have never left the ground.

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