1. Assume the function of the freshly appointed Dean of the College of Education. Identify the jobs you have to confront with regard to:

A. Planning –

It is evident that the College of Education has been working as a closed system for the past 34 old ages. It has non taken into history any of the economic. political and societal factors that beset the state and by making so it has non adapted to run into the demands of the current state of affairs. By staying inactive for so many old ages. the job the College faces is manifold. Since educational establishments are societal systems. and societal systems are unfastened systems. all parts are mutualist and. hence. impact one another. This is evidenced from the jobs confronting the College.

There is no shared vision-mission for the College.
The College has no vision-mission and. by holding none. has no intent or way. hence no preferable hereafter. There must be a vision because it clearly states the why we. as a College exist and what we believe in. It will function as a statement of our values. It will reflect our doctrine and cognition. and steer the actions of all those involved. It will direct the organisation. every bit good as all of its major maps and operations. to its best chances and is a cardinal constituent to the following phase of be aftering for the College. the strategic program.

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There is no strategic program for the College.
The first and most immediate job that I will hold to cover with is the development of a strategic program based on the vision-mission of the College. At present. all bing programs are merely amalgamate programs developed by the module “based on what they know is best for the College. ” The chance that these programs are biased and outdated is really high since they are non based on any environmental scan. both internal and external. I consider this to be the most of import because. for the College to last. the alteration it must undergo must be a planned one. In add-on. the restructuring of all cardinal countries of the College from its module and staff. its ends and aims. its course of study. plans and activities. policies. processs and regulations. installations and budgets. etc. will be dependent on the push of this program. Therefore. all facets of the program must be good calculated and based on existent informations. non on personal premises and biass of the module.

In the development of the strategic program. the undermentioned jobs must be addressed and aims must be developed to extinguish them or at the really least. convey them under control.

1. Problem: Aging module
The current module members are extremely qualified and committed. Almost all of them have been with the College for 20 old ages. However. more than half of them are due for retirement. New module will hold to be recruited and those with a Masters degree have to travel towards obtaining their Ph.d. . There is presently no module development plan in the College although there are connexions with other educational establishments abroad that can be tapped for this demand. In add-on. bulk of the module work is in support services instead than learning due to higher fiscal wagess that can be obtained through this service.

2. Problem: Old course of study
The course of study and plans of the College have non been revised or updated for many old ages. Some classs may already be disused. No feasibleness surveies have been done to look into possibility of presenting new classs and plans that are relevant to the demands of the state. This job likely stems from the fact stated above that the bulk of the module have concentrated their attempts on support services instead than learning. There is besides a deficiency of immature module who can inculcate new thoughts into the system. thereby act uponing the quality and significance of the current course of study.

3. Problems: Low wages
The wages of the module members are excessively low thereby coercing most of them to concentrate on consultancies to augment their income. This is one of the grounds why the quality of instruction within the college has declined over the old ages. The meager wage will besides be a job in the enlisting of new module. Wages are influenced by the low tuition rate and the nominal addition in the budget provided by the authorities. With the job of rising prices. overpopulation. and the socio-economic state of affairs of the state. it is extremely improbable that the authorities will increase its budget allotment to the university. The College will hold to include other beginnings of gross such as seminar-workshops. undertakings. etc. in their strategic programs to increase its income independent from the authorities budget.

4. Problems: Low tuition fees
University tuition rates are really low. Since MU is a province university. a large per centum of the student’s tuition is subsidized by the authorities. However. as stated earlier. the authorities is unable to increase the budget allotted to MU. It has been noted that 60 % of pupils in the college are from households of good economic position so the possibility of raising tuition fees to augment operational disbursals is an option. However. a feasibleness survey has to be conducted first before raising the fees. There is besides a hazard that the 40 % of pupils who come from households within the lower economic bracket will be affected by the tuition hiking and will be unable to go on their surveies. This may trip pupil protests and a perceptual experience that the College is elitist and will provide merely to those who can afford an instruction.

5. Problem: “Jurassic” installations and equipment
a. Building
The full edifice has to be renovated and expanded. but with the nominal budget of the College. this seems like an impossible dream. Classrooms are excessively little. chalkboards and chairs should be changed. air conditioning units replaced. etc. In add-on there is a parking job that needs to be addressed. and if planned good. can be a beginning of gross for the college.

B. Equipment
Visual and educational AIDSs are outdated. The computing machines and need to be replaced with Pentium processors with bigger storage capacities. New pressmans have to be purchased. There is no Internet entree which should be available for research and is an indispensable tool to develop planetary fight. The current equipment is vastly unequal.

c. Library
One of the show windows of a College is its library aggregation. However. the library in the College of Education of MU is more of a museum of dead books. With 85 % of the books being disused. the library is of small usage in instruction and research. The library urgently needs new books. diaries and Internet entree available to the pupils for research. and a more advanced method of cataloguing and keeping an stock list of its books. There are besides no controls in topographic point to forestall larcenies.

It is apparent that the biggest job I will hold to confront when covering with installations and equipment is capital outgo. I will hold to happen ways to fund these undertakings without trusting on the university budget.

6. Problem: External environment

1. Datu is a underdeveloped state. It is overpopulated and hapless. Merely the city is industrialized but is overcrowded. The push of the authorities is poverty relief. employment coevals. agro-industrialization. and environment protection. Although the latest study has shown that proficient and vocational instruction plans rank highest in the demand for the state to be industrialized. the College has disregarded this information and has non introduced new classs to take advantage of this demand.

2. There is competition from other universities and colleges that have better installations and equipment. and new plans. The prestigiousness of the university and the College has declined over the twelvemonth. The college is no longer considered one of the best in Pacific rim in EDAD and direction.

3. Due to the mounting socio-economic jobs of the state. the authorities is forcing for province universities to be more autonomous. MU is besides under reappraisal by Congress for its relevancy to the state. The university has non been describing to the authorities to warrant its continued subsidy. Should congress justice MU to hold no part to national development. this will intend a drastic cut in the budget allotment for MU which will impact all colleges and plans of the establishment.

B. Forming

A cardinal issue in carry throughing the ends identified in the planning procedure is structuring the work of the organisation. Since the last restructuring of the College was in 1970. a new organisational construction will hold to be established that will enable the College to efficaciously accomplish its ends. Government educational establishments will frequently hold a bureaucratic construction. extremely hierarchal and important. This sort of construction will be debatable as it is immune to alter. Aside from the formal construction. the more hard portion in the restructuring procedure will be the informal organisation. Looking at the module profile. all of its members have been with the College for 20 old ages. This would intend that group norms. political cabals. informal rankings of persons and subgroups will already be in topographic point. I am the freshly appointed Dean. If I rose from the ranks. so credence of my new function will non be every bit hard as if I came from another establishment. In the latter instance. I will be looked at as an foreigner and will be resented by the full module and staff. Then once more. even if I came from the College. I will still be faced with subgroups that may see me an adversary.

It is this informal organisation that can set force per unit area on the other module to conform to their outlooks. outlooks that may conflict with mine. This can ensue in the false information or rumours and opposition to alter. As Dean. I must acknowledge the being of information groups. place the functions member drama within these groups. and utilize cognition of the groups to work efficaciously with them. This will assist me derive support. supply stableness for the College and be utile as a channel of communicating. From my position. in order to win the Black Marias of the module and assist the school survive. I would besides hold to follow a more modern type of organisational construction. an organic construction. The College will hold to be changed to a learning organisation.

This would ease squad coaction and the sharing of information. The module profile of the College would make good in this type of construction. It will assist the College develop the capacity to accommodate and last in an progressively competitory environment because the module will take an active function in placing and deciding work-related issues. This design will authorise the module because they will be able to get and portion cognition and be a portion of the decision-making procedure. It will enable me to pool their corporate intelligence and excite originative idea to better public presentation. This construction will assist me aline the College’s vision for the hereafter and prolong a sense of community and strong civilization. a sense of ownership among the module and staff.

C. Leading

With the current module profile. I will be faced with some module members who will experience that they know more than I do due to senior status and even age. that they no longer necessitate to be supervised. or even that they should hold been appointed as the new dean as they are more qualified and higher in module rank. etc. Besides. given that the College has been inactive for many old ages. some module may be non be motivated or complacent because they will be retiring in the following few old ages. or experience threatened by alteration. Some module may back up me. others may non. Simply put. it will non be easy. The College will hold the greatest opportunity of being successful when all of the module and staff work toward accomplishing its ends. Leadership involves the exercising of influence by one individual over others. therefore the quality of leading I will demo is critical to the success of the College.

I will hold to develop a direction manner that will take into consideration the sort of module and staff I will be directing. In this scenario. I believe that transformational leading is the reply because this type of leading can animate the module to travel beyond their ain opportunism for the good of the organisation. It can entreaties to their ideals and moral values and animate them to believe about jobs in new or different ways. It can excite them intellectually. traveling them to develop new ways to believe about jobs. It will demo the module that there is respect and assurance in their capablenesss because the leader will merely take enterprise when there are jobs and is non actively involved when things are traveling good. It is a leading manner that I must larn to develop and am hopefully capable of accomplishing.

D. Controlling

The commanding map of the College is really weak. Controling is straight related to be aftering. It is this procedure that ensures that programs are being implemented decently. Control is the procedure through which criterions for public presentation of people and procedures are set. communicated. and applied. Effective control systems use mechanisms to supervise activities and take disciplinary action. if necessary. It allows the decision maker to detect what happens and compare that with what was supposed to go on. Effective control systems will let the decision maker to cognize how well execution is traveling. and facilitates the deputation of work to others. Since commanding is straight related to planning. and the College has no strategic program be it mid or long-run. so there are no parametric quantities by which to put the systems for control.

The constitution of public presentation criterions is selected based on the aims that are set during the planning procedure. Financial controls facilitate accomplishing the organization’s net income motivation which is based on the plans and activities designed to run into the aims of the program. Since the College has no program and in consequence has no aims. so the control procedure is already flawed from the start. This is evidenced from the jobs with the distribution of module maps ( no aims for direction ) or even for stock list of the library. In add-on. MU is a province university and its budget is dependent on the allocation given by the authorities. The budget has increased merely nominally throughout the old ages and. sing rising prices rates and monetary value index. it is really 50 % lower than in 1978. Therefore. the fiscal restraints of the university are really high. All units will be allotted a certain sum from this budget which evidently is non adequate to cover the operating cost of running a college. It is evident that ways and agencies will hold to be developed to increase the gross of the College independent of the authorities and university support. 2. FORCE FIELD ANALYSIS

Need: Revision of the course of study to do it more relevant to the demands of the state.

Driving Forces

1. Market Demand
One of the pushs is for the state to be industrialized and to bring forth monolithic employment chances. Technical and vocational instruction plans were ranked the highest in demand since these sorts of plans are designed to supply alumnuss with support accomplishments needed for paid employment. One of the indispensable constituents to the success of these of plans is professionally trained proficient and vocational instructors.

2. Support from authorities – Availability of funding for plans
A precedence plan of the authorities is developing and support for sustainable development and it is willing to supply fund support to organisations that will react to this demand. The college can avail of the P10. 5B budget allocated for these sorts of plans.

3. Qualified and committed module
All the module members have post alumnuss grades. with the bulk PhD holders. All of them have been with the College for 20 old ages and are extremely committed. If leading is strong. the module can be motivated to work towards this end.

4. Interest of immature PhD holders & A ; EDAD practicians
There are immature PhD holders and other EDAD practicians who are interested in learning part-time for the College.

5. No viing schools for Technical and Vocational Teacher Education There are 500 private schools in the state that have the newest installations and better-paid module but they have normally offered classs. including post-graduate plans in instruction. However. none of them offer this type of plan.

6. Connections with other educational establishments abroad
The university has connexions with other universities and preparation establishments abroad for practically about all sorts of preparations.

7. Interest of companies for renting land
The university has a land country of 300 hectares. Land can be leased to companies to bring forth income to augment its operational costs.

Restraining Factors

1. Recruitment of qualified module
Although the module members are equipped with station grad grades. it is improbable that they are non proficient or vocational experts. The plan will necessitate people who are specialist in countries such as Appliance Technology. Automotive Repair and Services. Health Occupations. etc. to develop the pupils. nevertheless. these professionals may non hold the instruction accomplishments needed to leave cognition. .

2. Aging module
60 % of the module members are at retirement age.

3. Red tape
Bing a province university. the organisational construction is bureaucratic. The procedure of presenting new classs and plans may be bogged down by ruddy tape.

4. Handiness of installations
The college has unequal installations for the plans it already offers. Each proficient and vocational instruction class will necessitate its ain type of equipment and bigger schoolrooms and laboratory infinite.

5. Fiscal restraints
The College is dependent on the budget allotment from the university which comes from the authorities. The allotment is nominal and will non be able to prolong this type of plan due to installations and equipment demands every bit good as extra module demands. In add-on. tuition rates. which besides comprise portion of the College budget is really low.

6. Low wages
With the module wages being below the poorness line if no there is no added income. it is hard to enroll new module.

3. Reducing the restraining forces

1. Recruitment and deficiency of qualified module
The presence of a committed module is an plus to the College. Although they may non hold the proficient or vocational accomplishments. they can team up with proficient and vocational experts to plan teacher education/training classs in specific Fieldss. The experts may hold the know-how but do non hold the cognition to plan course of studies for instruction intents. Together they can develop a formidable plan. The College can besides tap the universities’ connexions abroad for module exchange plans with colleges/schools that offer proficient and vocational classs every bit good as obtain scholarships for immature draw a bead oning module with possible in this field.

2. Aging module
There are many immature PhD holders and practicians in the state who are willing to learn part-time in the college. These professionals can be tapped to augment the module who are already retiring.

3. Red tape
The authorities is traveling towards the doing province universities more autonomous. The university can take advantage of this and travel towards a more independent construction. The independent construction can be extended to the different colleges so that they can bring forth undertakings and plans that can bring forth income and free cardinal disposal from the load of happening the budgets to run into all their demands. Land can be leased to companies and the income used to augment operational disbursals of the university. Tuition fees can be raised. In add-on. the university can rent the land to companies with the status that they help in the development of support plans and supply apprenticeships to pupils of the university. Some of the land country can besides be used for pupil parking. Gross can be generated through the sale of parking spines.

4. Handiness of installations
With these types of plans as a precedence for authorities support. the College can use for portion of the P10. 5B allotment and utilize this to restitute and spread out its installations. The college can besides tie-up with companies that will necessitate workers that are extremely skilled in specific proficient and vocational Fieldss to develop instructors needed for their field and get the equipment for skill developing from these companies. An apprenticeship plan can besides be developed for the College’s pupils. Companies can besides profit from these plans because the alumnuss can finally go trainers for the company work force.

5. Fiscal restraints
As stated above. support can come from the P10. 5B budget. from contributions from companies that will profit from these types of plans. and from research grants.


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