Customer trueness and satisfaction are of import in any service industry ; nevertheless, they are particularly of import in the hotel industry. When a client is satisfied with their experience at a hotel, so they will so mention that hotel to their friends and household, every bit good as continue to utilize the hotel themselves, in this being therefore staying loyal to the hotel. Customer satisfaction and trueness is are non ever an easy undertakings for hotels and requires extended work and research to accomplish. Customer studies are conducted in order to understand what the client wants and how to implement that into the hotel ‘s preparation plans to seek to guarantee that the clients are satisfied with their hotel experience. Many employee plans implement use the suggestions by employee study and remark cards, every bit good as adept advice on how to fulfill the client.


Customer trueness and satisfaction can do or interrupt any concern, and, in peculiar, a hotel. When a client is non unsated, they will non return to the hotel and will distribute portion their bad experience with everyone they know ; but nevertheless, when a client is really satisfied with a hotel, they will be given to be loyal and maintain coming back, every bit good as portion the information with friends and household. Customer trueness is more than go oning to sponsor the hotel ; it can besides include mentioning friends and household, utilizing the hotel for concern maps, and sponsoring back uping the “ sister ” hotels that are within the same concatenation. A client becomes loyal by go oning to be satisfied with the hotel concatenation, either by through being listened to by the staff when there is a job, through being treated with regard, or even through something every bit simple as holding fresh towels in the room on a day-to-day footing. Many client studies are conducted to have feedback as to how satisfied a client is with a hotel and what the hotel can make to either maintain the client satisfied or do the client more satisfied. The hotels use this feedback from the clients to implement new preparation plans, every bit good as include adept advice in their employee preparation. The undermentioned literature reappraisal of these characteristics of client trueness and satisfaction in the hotel industry supports the hypothesis that client trueness and satisfaction are imperative to running a successful hotel.

Customer Satisfaction

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We all know that client satisfaction is a cardinal point in holding a successful concern, but what is client satisfaction? ( Too personal and presuming ) Before go oning with the reappraisal, the definition of “ client satisfaction ” demands to be explored. Customer satisfaction can be defined in several different ways. Many people believe that client satisfaction is merely that: a satisfied and happy client ; nevertheless, Engel and Blackwell ( as stated by cited in Back, 2001, p. 23 ) define client satisfaction as “ an rating rendered that the ingestion experience was at least every bit good as it was supposed to be beliefs with regard to alternative. ” Back defines client satisfaction as “ the consumer ‘s overall judgement, including service characteristics, the service merchandise, gross revenues forces, or other situational variables, ” ( 2001, p. 24 ) . While all of these definitions are right, the fact still stands that it is imperative in hotel direction that the client is to the full satisfied in order to retain their concern. Customer satisfaction can be achieved in through a assortment of methods. Some of these methods include run intoing client outlooks in respects to soothe, offering first-class client service through effectual employee preparation methods, and using client studies and remark cards.

Meeting Customer Expectations

Meeting client outlooks sing comfort can be compiled into five different classs: merchandise, staff, reaching, value, and location. Merchandise comfort can be a assortment of points to the client. Harmonizing to Barsky and Nash ( 2003 ) “ when depicting comfort merchandises, invitees most frequently commented about their room-in peculiar the room ‘s design, a comfy bed and room, room and hotel cleanliness, and convenient and particular comfortss. ” Bing comfy with hotel staff members can hold an impact on client satisfaction as good. The staffs ‘ cognition, attitude, and helpfulness enhance the clients ‘ comfort when remaining in a hotel. Besides In add-on, “ invitees felt comfy cognizing that they can swear the staff with their safety, properties, messages, and wake-up calls ” ( Barsky and Nash, 2003 ) . When a invitee arrives at a hotel, they want to experience immediately comfy with their pick in hotel. Upon arrival “ utilizing gracious words, reiterating the invitee ‘s name, and handling the guest warmly makes the invitees feel comfy, ” ( Barsky, and Nash, 2003 ) . Value is an of import facet in respects to clients being comfy with their hotel pick. Harmonizing to a survey by Valerie Zeithaml in 1987 ( as stated by Gordon, 1999, p. 18-19 ) value can be categorized into four groups:

Value is low monetary value – the sensed value is based entirely on paying a low monetary value.

Value is acquiring what I want in a merchandise – the sensed value is based on the benefits the consumer receives for a merchandise.

Value is the quality I get for the monetary value I pay – the sensed value is defined as low-cost quality.

Value is what I get for what I give – the value is defined as the tradeoff between what is received versus what is given up. Some common illustrations could be clip or money.

Finally, the invitees will happen comfort in the location of the hotel because of the propinquity of the hotel is to the invitees ‘ involvements. Bull indicates ( as stated by cited in Lee, 2003, p. 18 ) “ the location of a lodging belongings non merely includes the distance from, or entree to one or more specific attractive forces, but it besides consists of qualities such as soundlessness, positions from suites, and the nature of the belongings ‘s milieus. ”

Customer Service

Customer service given by hotel employees can be a determinant factor if in whether or non a client stays at a hotel or non. The hotel employees are the face of the hotel, and how the client is treated when remaining at the hotel impacts how the client remembers on their stay. “ The research group ‘s index [ Market Matrix ] of client satisfaction in the housing concern indicates that a turning figure of invitees are unhappy with the degrees of service they ‘re acquiring, ” ( Watkins, 2005 ) . Customer service is more than the forepart desk employees or the bellboy ; client service includes the reserve agents through the call-in line every bit good as the web-agents. “ No count how they contact you walk in, name a reserve agent or see your Web site – frequent invitees should see consistent client service from each channel, ” ( Sparkes, 2004 ) . Kirwin provinces, “ Common sense tells us that satisfied clients are more likely to return than those who ‘ve had a bad experience, ” ( 1991 ) . Besides, both Keaveney and Lewis advise ( as stated by cited in Lee, 2003, p. 13 ) that “ hapless employee public presentation has been linked to increased client ailments and the likeliness of exchanging to a viing service. ” Customers associate their experience of one hotel with the similar hotels within the same concatenation. For case, if a client has a bad experience with the cleanliness of a room with a Comfort Inn, they will tie in that bad experience with all hotels within the Choice Hotels concatenation. Harmonizing to Crosby, Evans, and Cowles ( as stated by cited in Lee, 2003, p 13 ) , “ the behaviour and attitudes of contact forces are declarative of the degree and quality of services offered by the service house, and they exert a strong influence on client satisfaction. ” Adequate preparation will assist to guarantee that employees treat clients with regard and courtesy even through something every bit simple as telephone etiquette.

If a hotel does non supply effectual client service through something every bit simple as a phone call, so the client will so take to take their concern elsewhere. Kennedy ( 2010 ) outlines some grounds why a hotel should concentrate on telephone cordial reception:

Hotels typically have many of import clients who ne’er visit – their lone personal experience is over the telephone. This includes travel agents, run intoing contrivers and administrative helpers from local corporate histories.

Family, friends and co-workers of your in-house invitees who call during their stay will organize first feelings from how their calls were handled.

Even invitees who booked online and subsequently name with a inquiry or particular petition signifier first feelings from their telephone experiences. If the feeling is non good, they may really good make up one’s mind to call off.

A preparation session may be needed for employees to guarantee the best phone client service is given and to repeat that client calls are non the nuisance that some people believe, but that they are the voice of the hotel. The following are ways suggested by Kennedy ( 2010 ) that the employees can be trained on to give first-class telephone service:

Answer the “ know at the door ” of a pealing phone line with a proper salutation

Speak easy and clearly.

Pay attending to inflexion

Convey energy and enthusiasm

Ask for the company ‘s name, if non provided.

Ask permission to put the call on clasp, courteously explicating why it is necessary.

Thank companies for keeping and apologise for the hold, particularly if the clip was important

Use the transportation button judiciously

End the call right. Just as a positive first feeling starts the call off on a good note, stoping the call right will go forth a memorable permanent feeling every bit good.

No affair how good a hotel is run, there are ever traveling to be mistakes by the staff ; it ‘s merely it is human nature. The issue is non the error per Se ; instead, the issue is how the error is handled by the staff and direction. Many hotels now have employee preparation plans as to how to manage header with disquieted or ireful invitees. “ Programs aimed at developing employees in managing invitee ailments and supplying value-added service are indispensable to developing an effectual staff, ” ( Kirwin, 1991 ) . Of class, hotels do non deliberately do mistakes and will seek to repair them in any manner they can possible. “ No housing concern likes errors or defects, yet occasional service failures are inevitable regardless of how strict criterions and processs are or how much employee preparation is regimented, ” explained by Hart, Heskett, & A ; Sasser, Johnson & A ; Fern, and Lovelock ( as stated by cited in Fu, 2003, p. 2 ) . Even though errors are inevitable, they can besides be utile to a hotel to in placing jobs that need to be addressed. Brown ( as stated by cited in Fu, 2003, p.3 ) advises that “ service failures help a concern to observe the causes of hapless public presentation and to better its service processs and employee preparation. ” The client will appreciate the attempt by the hotel when they can accept their error and supply a solution. Bitner, Booms, & A ; Tetreault explain ( as stated by cited in Fu, 2003, p.3 ) “ a survey of consumers in the air hose, hotel, and eating house industries found that most clients who received apologies, attentive aid, and compensation from service employees after meeting service failures really perceived the experience as really favourable. ” Customer satisfaction can be measured by clients voicing their sentiment on their stay by through talking face-to-face with a client service agent, through client remark cards, or by through studies conducted for the industry.

Remark Card games and Surveies

Remark cards and studies are really of import indispensable to hotels to understand what clients are believing and experiencing about their hotel and how to better their concern. “ To place the operational and selling issues that influence satisfaction and trueness, most hotels study their invitees in some manner, ” ( Schall, 2003 ) . Remark cards and studies can convey both positive and negative client feedback and should non be taken lightly by the hotel. “ Most hotels have quest satisfaction studies that enable them to construct upon strengths and mark countries for betterment, ” ( Carlstead, 2004, p.18 ) . Schindlerhof Hotel ( SH ) is an illustration of a hotel that provides remark cards to their invitees and takes the information really earnestly. “ SH attempts to derive information from the incident to place company structural and procedure failings ( weak musca volitanss ) and to detect new market opportunities, ” ( Voss, 2005 ) . Remark cards should be placed throughout the hotel to guarantee that clients have easy entree to them and can return them easy every bit good. In SH, “ invitees can happen the cards on every tabular array in the eating house, in every room and in the anteroom of the conference suites, ” ( Voss, 2005 ) .

Many hotel studies are done industry broad by companies such as JD Power and Associates, PricewaterhouseCoopers ( PwC ) , and American Demographics and are measured through the Market Matrix Hospitality Index and the American Customer Satisfaction Index ( ACSI ) . These studies are done conducted to garner information from clients on their satisfaction with hotels and what betterments can be made. JD Power and Associates conducted the 2008 North America hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study and based their findings on responses from more 53,000 invitees over 12 months ( Baker, 2008 ) . Harmonizing to Baker “ hotels are rated on seven steps: reserves, cheque in and look into out, guest suites, nutrient and drink service, hotel services, hotel installations, and costs and fees, ” ( 2008 ) . The survey indicates that the overall satisfaction in every class dropped, except for luxury and extended stay, from the old twelvemonth ( Baker, 2008 ) . JD Power and Associates conducted the same survey in 2009 and “ maintained the industry overall has improved in guest satisfaction year-over-year ; Market Matrix showed the first large bead in its quarterly guest satisfaction Numberss since the recession began ; and ACSI offered assorted consequences among trade names, but showed the industry overall was keeping client satisfaction, ” ( Crowell, 2009 ) .

Customer satisfaction is one of the most widely surveyed classs in the hotel industry and is of import when reexamining policies within hotels. Krantz indicates “ Last twelvemonth [ 2006 ] , hotel client satisfaction measured 75 on the American Customer Service Index ( ACSI ) – the highest since 1995 – piece at the same clip the figure of employees per occupied room declined more than 10 per centum, PwC ‘s cordial reception pattern reported, ” ( 2007 ) . Another manner that client satisfaction can be surveyed is by traveling through client letters and remark cards and matching the ailments and regards to assist understand what the clients want. “ American Demographics sifted through a generous sampling of the about 2,000 letters submitted by consumers last twelvemonth [ 2002 ] to hotels and resorts through, a division of Cincinnati-based market research house Intelliseek, ” ( Anonymous, 2003 ) . The most effectual manner to make client satisfaction is by holding a friendly and helpful staff. “ In fact, the highest per centum of satisfactory letters ( 44 per centum ) fell into the “ hotel staff public presentation ” class, ” ( Anonymous, 2003 ) . The most of import thing to retrieve when reexamining client remark cards and studies is that, without the client, the concern would non last. As stated by Carlstead “ in general, these are used for the concrete intent of informing patterns that will heighten guest satisfaction and trueness, ” ( 2004 p. 18 ) .

Customer Loyalty

A common misconception is that when a client is satisfied with a concern they will be loyal ; nevertheless, this is non ever the instance. “ A client may be wholly satisfied but may non buy once more because of factors unrelated to satisfaction, ” ( Gordon, 1999, p. 13 ) . Customers require more than satisfaction with a hotel in order to be loyal. Waller ( as stated by cited in Strauss, 2004 ) provinces:

Mere satisfaction does non make trueness. We expect to be satisfied. It takes delight-recognition, experiencing valued, being made to tip particular. If the concern traveller is merely another invitee, and is non recognized, he or she will leap to another hotel on the following trip with no vacillation, no affair how satisfied their stay.

Sigauw advises ( as stated by cited in Strauss, 2004 ) , “ While satisfaction is usually a precursor to return, there needs to be something more. Hotel companies need to set up an emotional connexion. ” Hampton Inn franchises are one illustration of this connexion. Hampton Inn offers their clients a “ 100 % satisfaction warrant ” and has offered it for over 20 old ages. This warrant states “ if for any ground a invitee is n’t wholly satisfied, that invitee is n’t expected to pay, ” ( Anonymous, 2009 ) . This may look like a catch to some people, but for Hampton Inn, it works to assist retain clients and maintain them satisfied. “ This 20-year promise of satisfaction has kept Hampton among the top acting hotel trade names in client trueness and satisfaction twelvemonth after twelvemonth and will go on to vouch satisfaction when you find yourself remaining with Hampton, ” ( Anonymous, 2009 ) . Other hotels try to retain clients with “ trueness plans ” when which give points or free suites to clients for remaining at their hotel who are joined in the loyal plan.

Loyalty plans are going more and more popular among concerns and particularly in hotels. The issue is, though, do these “ trueness plans ” truly give hotels loyal clients or are they merely catchs? Mattila states as an illustration of hotel trueness plans, “ Hilton HHonors plan makes it easy to accomplish an elect position, while Hyatt ‘s Gold Passport plan offers a free stay after two corsets charged to a MasterCard, ” ( 2006 ) . Peoples are non concerned with how many points they have earn at a certain hotel ; they are interested in what the hotel can make for them for being a “ loyal ” client. “ Hotel points average really small, but acknowledgment and in-stay fringe benefits like ascents, expedited check-in, late check-out and so on are extremely valued, ” advises Waller ( as stated by Strauss, 2004 ) .

Hotels create these “ trueness plans ” because they know that it is harder to derive new clients than it is to retain current 1s and need to happen ways to guarantee their clients maintain coming back. “ During hard economic times hotels are reminded of a cardinal lesson: edifice invitee trueness is the lone manner to vie without giving gross, ” ( Sullivan, 2004 ) . Torres and Kline besides understand the importance of maintaining clients loyal with their observation in the industry that “ companies are a besides recognizing that fring a client means fring more than a individual sale: it means fring the full watercourse of purchases that the client would hold made over a life-time of purchase, ” ( 2006 ) .

Other than trueness plans, below are some ways that hotels can construct a more loyal client base:

Develop a client centric communications scheme. Dainty people as persons.

Personalize your communications and speak to invitees on a one to one footing.

Do n’t over communicate. Remove “ email blast ” from your selling vocabulary.

Surprise and delectation loyal clients with fringe benefits, wagess, and value-adds.

Seriously see utilizing an outside communications house with direct selling specializers on staff who know how to:

Segment your database

Develop relevant content and compelling offers

Raising and intensify the relationship over clip ( Pratt, 2010 ) .

The image of a hotel can hold a significant impact on client satisfaction and trueness. Ostrowsky, O’Brien, and Gordon indicate ( as stated by Kandampully and Suhartanto, 2000 ) “ old surveies show that the image of the location, employee attitude, installations, and services of a hotel constitute of import factors in finding client trueness. ” The manner a client perceives a hotel ‘s image can be a determinant factor of if the client keeps returning or non. Kandampully and Hu explain that “ those houses who have developed schemes and systems to guarantee that the full house ‘s focal point remains directed on helping and back uping clients non merely derive positive influence on the houses ‘ image but will besides derive client trueness, ” ( 2007 ) .


Customer service and trueness are non ever complementary of each other ; nevertheless they are both indispensable to the success of the hotel industry. Hotels realize that fulfilling the client is one of, if non the most, of import factors in maintaining their concern alive. Satisfying clients can be include something every bit small as listening to their job and happening a solution or every bit big as giving a “ 100 % satisfaction warrant ” and non bear downing the client for non being satisfied to the full. ( Conducting client studies and offering remark cards are indispensable tools for finding whether or non a hotel is functioning their patronage as needed. By guaranting that clients are satisfied, hotels and other concerns can make client trueness ; after all, satisfied clients frequently portion their experiences with friends and household. A well-trained staff can do or interrupt a hotel ‘s image ; a friendly smiling at the forepart desk, helpful staff members throughout the hotel, and astonishing installations are cardinal factors in deriving and maintaining patronages. Staying aware of the staff ‘s attitude, keeping the hotel ‘s belongings, and carry oning research as to client satisfaction will assist hotel direction to continue all the criterions necessary to retain client trueness. )


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