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  1. Our Trade name

Rubia Coffeeare a new concatenation of java stores that will offer more value per drink than any other concatenation java store. The manner thatRubia Coffeewill make this is by offering a big assortment of java beans for wholly different spirits even for those authoritative orders, happy and enthusiastic staff, a relaxing environment in each store, and besides offer a big scope of high quality nutrients to complement our drinks. Each java will be made by a extremely trained employee to vouch a high quality drink. We’ll besides offer multiple counters to order at to do certain each clients wait is kept to a lower limit. This is seldom offered at other concatenation java stores.

The name Rubia comes from the word Rubiaceae which is the name is the all java workss fall under as all different strains of java workss are in the Rubiaceae household ( Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. 2013 )

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  1. The Market

The UK java store market now has a net worth of ?1.401 ( Helena Spicer. 2013 ) . This is predicted to go on lifting until at least 2018 harmonizing to a Mintel study [ 1 ] . The market leader is Costa Coffee with 1656 mercantile establishments which is a 27 % addition from 2011-2013 whereas Starbucks has 730 units which has decreased from 739 in the same clip period. This may be because Costa Coffee has dominated the market and has taken many of the most convenient topographic points for high footstep.

In an Infographic study done by Helena Spicer about clients of java stores she found that 44 % of people enjoyed something that they’ve drank before, 38 % said they like something they can’t have at place, and 33 % of those interviewed buy their drinks based on low monetary values. However harmonizing to this study 27 % of clients find the branded java stores are non good value for money and 65 % of clients go to coffee stores due it it’s convenience ( Spicer, H. 2013 ) .

Our Target market is those clients whose gross one-year family income is above ?25,000 whilst still providing for those that do non run into this by offering a rescuer bill of fare. The ground this is our mark market as 44 % of those in this section travel to at least 1 concatenation java store on a regular footing ( Mintel. 2013 ) .

  1. The Shop

Our stores shall be around the mean size of 202 sqm ( Edinburgh Council. 2011 ) . This is because these stores are normally placed in easy to entree countries. Within these stores there shall be at least 20 seats for clients and 15 tabular arraies. This is so the client can sit with their order and devour it on site if they wish even though many clients take their drinks and/or nutrient off site.

Fig 1 – Rubia Coffee Layout

The design of the mean mercantile establishment forRubia Coffeecaters for multiple different clients. The stooled country caters for clients that may be by themselves but would wish to sit down. The tabled eating country is for clients that are with either a group of friends or a partner. The Waiting Area is besides near the door for those clients that wish to devour their order off site. The pointers in Fig 1 show the flow of clients around the store. This flow of clients will maintain the store from acquiring crowded.

The design of the mean mercantile establishment is besides good for the employees every bit good. This is due


Servicescaping now has a higher significance in the design of any mercantile establishment whether it be for retail or service. This is because the servicescape can hold a direct and indirect consequence of the client position on the quality of the service ( Reimer, A. Kuehn, R. 2005 ) .

When planing a store layoutRubia Coffeehappen that it is really of import to make an ambiance that the client find relaxing but besides feel like the topographic point they are in has a quality feel to it. This is why in our stores there are loosen uping colorss such as leafy vegetables and blues every bit good as loosen uping music in the background.

  1. Service

Service Quality

When looking at service quality you need to look at what impacts service quality. Harmonizing to Parasuraman, Zeithaml, And Berry there are 5 determiners to service quality. These are tangibles, dependability, reactivity, confidence, and empathy ( Parasuraman, A. , Berry, L. , Zeithaml, V. 1991 )

The dependability of the service is the ability to execute the service faithfully and accurately. This facet is when employee preparation and proper planning is need to do certain that the service is carried out the manner it should be.

Tangibles for the service quality are the physical visual aspect of the installations ( Buttle, F. 2009 ) . This includes equipment utilizing for doing and fixing the nutrients and drinks. The staff besides come under the tangibles for the service quality. This will guarantee that employees are good dressed in the correctRubia Coffeegarb which shows a smart yet friendly character of the staff.

Responsiveness shows the willingness for the employees and directors to assist clients and supply the efficient service. This will be achieved by high quality preparation and besides the caring personalities of the employees.

Assurance is the ability of the employees in guarantee trust and assurance in their function store to the clients with their cognition. This is besides achieve via high quality preparation and every bit good as their enthusiasm in their occupation function.

The last portion of the SERVQUAL Model is Empathy. This is the individualized attending to clients thatRubia Coffeeemployee will give to each client. This could be helping a individual in a wheelchair or if a client is a regular, admiting them when they enter the cafe .

These determiners will be used to maintain high degrees of service quality. As these determiners are easy apprehensible. Each director shall be able to implement new processs that will maintain the criterion of each deciding high.

Measuring Service Quality

Service quality shall be measured by looking at the figure of repetition clients an mercantile establishment has. As this indicates that the quality of the service that you are supplying is satisfactory for that client to maintain returning back to the same mercantile establishment instead than happening an option.

Another method of step the service quality would be by giving clients a little signifier with an inducement of a money off verifier for their following purchase. These signifiers will incorporate a little sum of inquiries sing the determiners of service quality/the SERVQUAL instruments ( Berry, L. Zeithaml, V. Parasuraman, A. 1994 ) . These inquiries shall be a evaluation system of 1 to 5, with 1 being really bad and 5 being first-class. They will besides hold infinites for remarks in which to better certain countries of the SERVQUAL determiners.

Service Recovery Plan

A service recovery program can be defined as ‘all the actions taken by a company to decide a service failure’ ( Buttle, F. 2009 ) . To be able to do a Service Recovery Plan we foremost need to cognize what the service failure is.

When there is a service failure the root cause needs to be identified. As services can neglect in multiple of different ways the failure can be from a proficient side or functional service quality intending the service isn’t up to standard. Therefore the venue of the failure needs to be found. This will be achieved via client ailments. After the venue is found the stableness of the failure needs to be calculated. Be it merely a one off? Or does this go on on a frequent BASIC? After the stableness is calculated it needs to be checked to see how governable the failure is. Is the failure because of employees non being able to execute right or is it due to something that is out ofRubia Coffee’scontrol. This negative impacts of service failure can be a diminution in client assurance, loss of gross, and even a lessening in employee moral which may take to a decrease in employee public presentation ( Komunda, M. Osarenkhoe, A. 2012 )

To be able to happen the venue of the service failure clients need to be able to easy kick about the issue. This procedure needs to be a good thought-out and planned procedure to fulfill aggrieved clients ( Komunda, M. Osarenkhoe, A. 2012 ) . A client can kick in two different ways. The first manner being the first being public action, and the 2nd being private action.

Public action is when a client direct their complaint/s –

  • To the house that the service failure occurred at,
  • Or by kicking to a 3rd party which could a reexamining web site
  • Or by taking legal action to seek compensation for the dissatisfactory service.

Private action is when a client either –

  • Switches supplier of the service.
  • Or by speaking about the company with a negative word of oral cavity.

Many clients do non kick about a service failure ( Komunda, M. Osarenkhoe, A. 2012 ) which non merely negatively impacts them with having a disappointing service but this disappointing service can go on to many other clients as good. This is why is of import to do the ailments process every bit easy as possible for the clients non merely for their benefit but forRubia Coffee’sbenefit.

There will be three different manner in whichRubia Coffeeshall cover with ailments. This will be by distributive justness, procedural justness, and interactive justness ( Buttle, F. 2009 ) .

Distributive justness shall be achieved if the client want a stuff good for their compliant. This may be another java for free or what they ordered or for a price reduction on their following purchase. They clients may besides be satisfied with merely a ailment nevertheless a free replacing will ever be offered.

Procedural justness is when the customer’s rating of the service failure and the effort to repair this failure is used to seek and to repair every bit good as better the service failure. However most client do non wish to make full in a long signifier or to compose letters to the company. A formal missive of apology and a material compensation should be given to the client if they wish to derive procedural justness.

Interaction justness should ever be used with client ailments as interactive justness is when the client is satisfied with the empathy, niceness, courtesy, and attempt that either the employee or director gives them in order to rectify the service failure.

The process that should be followed when having a ailment would be –

  1. Apologise for the incommodiousness of the issue.
  2. Offer to replace their order and/or offering a price reduction on their following order if needed.
  3. If the client still isn’t satisfied contact director for a formal apology from that mercantile establishment. The director should offer more price reduction if needed.
  4. If the client is still non satisfied the director should inquire them to step to one side to compose down what happened from the customer’s point of position. Then inquire for their personal reference for the caput office to direct them a formal apology on behalf of the company every bit good as an acceptable degree of compensation.
  1. Customers


Many happy clients that are actively purchasing from one company may experience that the company doesn’t value them from the volume of goods that they purchase non being recognised ( Peel, J. 2002 ) . There are two different types of trueness to a company. There is behavioral trueness and attitudinal trueness. Both of these types of trueness are critical to a business’s operation.

Behavioural trueness is when a client intends to buy back the same trade name to keep the relationship with that trade name. Customers to make perchance for peace of head due to non holding to happen options to that trade name.

The manner theRubia Coffeeintend to increase behavioral trueness is by offering a dependable, efficient, cost effectual, and high value for money service that’s 2nd to none. This manner more people should mean to buy back from our trade name. As associating back to the positions the market has “27 % of clients find the branded java stores are non good value for money” . If we cut down this figure significantly more possible clients will purchase from our trade name by increasing the possible demand for those looking for good value for money.

Attitudinal trueness is when a client identifies themselves with a trade name. This may be due to their concern moralss or this may be due to that the trade name is in manner. The manner we will make this is by maintaining good concern moralss purchasing our supplies at a just monetary value for little java bean husbandmans and larger corporations.

Rubia Coffeebesides intend to be proactive in future alterations in authorities policies instead than reactive. Bing proactive from policy alterations shows that our company is able to alter for the better without being forced excessively.

The manner thatRubia Coffeewill honor clients will be by those that are in our trueness strategy. This strategy will be run by our trueness cards, our e-mailing list, and to those that have our smartphone app. Those that are in this strategy will profit by acquiring a free remarkable purchase after a figure of paid purchases and by having price reductions to certain green goods at random clip intervals. This manner client will hold to supervise our offers to have the price reduction when it is released.

Entire Customer Experience

The definition of entire client experience or TCE is a ‘totally positive, prosecuting, digesting, and socially fuli¬?lling physical and emotional client experience across all major degrees of one’s ingestion concatenation and one that is brought approximately by a distinguishable market offering that calls for active interaction between consumers and providers’ ( Bernacchi, M. Kesavan, R. Mascarenhas, O. 2006 ) . This means that the client is to the full satisfied with the whole experience that the service provides as they feel like the concern genuinely cares about them and their experience.

Entire client experience can be used to increase the sum enduring client trueness. As throughout the whole interaction from the client devouring our service, TCE is ever at that place. The client devouring our service is shown in the client design on page 10.

The manner thatRubia Coffeegaining control TCE is by supplying the best experience a client can have for purchasing from a java store. The manner this is done is by a high criterion of preparation for our staff, by employee sort and friendly staff that are besides extremely productive, an optimum degree of engineering to do the experience for the client easier without excessively much engineering being used which could set certain clients off, and besides by functioning you in an environment that is clean, loosen uping and perfect atmosphere.

Customer Feedback

There are a multiple of different ways in which client feedback can be collected each have their ain benefit besides the most common demographic of the mercantile establishment can find with method of acquiring client feedback is use.

Customers can give their feedback through make fulling out a little simple signifier which shall be placed in a little show instance following to each boulder clay. This manner clients that want to go forth feedback can pick up the signifier and clients won’t experience forced into go forthing possible false positive feedback. We wish to honor these people that leave us feedback so random signifiers will hold a grade of them that merely appears under UV visible radiation which will give the client a individual free drink.

Another manner in which clients can give feedback is by go forthing feedback for a specific mercantile establishment on our web site. This feedback shall be more in-depth than the signifier in eachRubia Coffeemercantile establishment. If the client wishes to set their electronic mail reference on the feedback signifier they will have an electronic mail thanking them for their feedback and will incorporate a QR codification which they can publish off or demo on their smartphone to take in anyRubia Coffeemercantile establishment and have a 25 % an order. This method of feedback can be more unfastened to false informations nevertheless the information that is needed to be inputted into the signifier limits the sum of false informations as a whole new false individuality would hold to be made and they will besides be a bound on how many times a individual individual can go forth feedback per twelvemonth. This will non halt the customer’s ability to kick about an issue in an mercantile establishment.

Fig 2 – Coffee with beans

Customer Use of Service Blueprint

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