Customer service and quality control is the most of import portion for the hotel concern industry. The value of excellence in client service will be acknowledge by this hotel. This hotel ‘s direction will be presenting quality in client service. The proposed hotel construct will decidedly run into the client satisfaction and will hold satisfied client.

To guarantee and maintain the quality expected by now yearss client, there is two facets of quality in general with peculiar attending, design quality and the quality of conformance with design. The design quality is a construct connoting the presentation of service directed to the demands of client and hotel can fulfill client ‘s demands. Our hotel will make market research in order to find who their clients, and which of their demands require particular attending.

The quality of conformance with the design completes the first facet because it represents the degree to which service meets the demands of the market. The quality represents the satisfaction of the client ‘s demands and in order to accomplish it and maintain it in clip, we non merely necessitate a uninterrupted research into the demands of the client ‘s but besides of our ain capablenesss. Such an attack would guarantee the pursuing of changeless betterments harmonizing to the demands of client.

Service construct

This hotel will use different method to better their client service. The bringing of service in this Hotel is dynamic and synergistic in procedure based on the clients ‘ positions that is much more than trade of payment for a specific service. These characteristics of this Hotel services are heterogeneousness, perishabilty and simultaneousness that ever demand clients to be involved actively in back uping this established service value, through acquiring their ain nutrient in the counter are, collaboratively working with the service staff and collaborating with the hotel direction. There had been a volume of schemes applied by the hotel in order to measure the feedbacks of the clients about the service quality. From the execution of information engineering, market researches and some planetary concerns that puts first-class quality into client service in order to accomplish positive consequences ( Ford et al, 1998 ) .

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This Hotel will be draw a bead oning to add its values to do the hotel a great topographic point to loosen up and make concern. The hotel ‘s nucleus value is “ We achieve, header, and transcend our consumers ‘ outlooks ” . We will hold the committedness for excellence and will supply the highest criterions of equity and unity. We value the thoughts, civilization and diverseness of people ( BHA, 2002 ) . While the advantages of the client service quality have been recognized already, it is valuable to concentrate on the client service quality which is dependent on the seminars, quality of preparations of a house that experiences on the phases of exerted collaborative attempts. We respect the value and self-respect of our clients as we develop our communities through actuating invention, alteration and answerability. As we search for growing and cognition by preparation.

Guest Satisfaction

Satisfaction of a client is a concern doctrine which tends to the creative activity of value for clients and showing ability and duty to fulfill their demands. Quality of service and client satisfaction are critical factors for success of any concern ( Gronoos, 1990 ; Parasuraman et al. , 1988 ) . As Valdani ( 2009 ) points out: endeavors exist because they have a client to function. The key to accomplish sustainable advantage lies in presenting high quality service that consequences in satisfied clients ( Shemwellet al, 1998 ) . Quality of service and satisfaction of a client are cardinal factors to obtain competitory advantage and maintain good relationship with client.

For direction squad of a hotel Nowadays one of the biggest challenges in the hotel industry is to supply and back up client satisfaction. Quality merchandises and service is chief demands for client in the hotel industry. The get downing point of concern is client satisfaction. client ‘s higher committedness and increase their return rate depends in positive relationships with the client. Long-run and in return advantageous relationships between clients and the hotel is going increasingly of import because of the extremely positive correlativity between invitees ‘ overall satisfaction degrees and the chance of their return to the same hotel ( Choi & A ; Chu, 2001 ) .

direction thinks that the hotel ‘s employee dealingss are good they will present satisfactory service to the invitees. Hotel is dedicated to form the gait for the hotel industry, increasing the saloon on how it develops. Established harmonizing to diverseness, the house states that is the nucleus values of the company in order to do an environment to do clients happy. It blends and mines the accomplishments of its staff all over the universe and takes attention of their hotel invitees. It is a committedness that starts at the top direction, but besides contributes to the undertakings of each staff

Our staff will make everything to guarantee that you leave our hotel happy, so if there is a ailment, it is addressed with the uttermost of hastiness. If your ailment remains unsolved or you leave disappointed, any one of our staff can raise the 100 % Guest Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that you will non hold to pay for your room or the service in inquiry.

Our staff will make everything to guarantee that you leave our hotel happy, so if there is a ailment, our client service squad will manage the ailment every bit shortly as possible. If client ‘s ailment remains unsolved or client leave disappointed, any of our staff can work out the job, This means that you will non hold to pay for your room or the service.To maintain you coming back clip and once more, we strive to supply an exceeding service degree at all times. This is our promise to youaˆ¦ or your money back.


The hotel will be located in bosom of Birmingham where the close attractive forces include Bullring shopping Centre, Birmingham royal concert dance, Alexandra Theatre, Sea life Centre and international convention Centre. Main ground for booking a hotel room in a culturally established in western state and any hotel located to legion sightseeing topographic points and attractive visiting sites is a fast-look ( Nadeau and Ryan, 2010, p-444 ) . The invitee can do the most out of their twenty-four hours, in this Hotel in Birmingham. The invitee can travel back to the hotel after passing the full twenty-four hours with co-workers, household and friends, have a slumber party, have fun the comfy comfortss of the hotel. The basic hotel characteristic will be the metropolis Centre location that will be nearby Bull Ring wondrous located hotel in the 2nd largest metropolis of England in Birmingham.. The hotel location will be really convenient for all the invitees and visitants due to the short walking distance towards assorted attractive locations including the National Sea Life Centre, National Indoor Arena, Colmorow Business District and International Convention Centre. Other amusement, shopping and dining locales will besides be closely available such as the Mailbox and Bullring. Additionally, the hotel location will besides be convenient for going due to Birmingham International Airport around 20 proceedingss drive and Train Station that are closest to hotel with five-minute walk.

Front office

The invitee services and front office are the most of import portion of a Hotel. As the representatives for the service keepers and experience if the chief keys to their guest drivers satisfaction, these two sections are important to the continual efficiency of the trade names, company and hotels in general. The invitee services and front office provide the consistent invitee relation, with the most assorted runing experience in this Hotel in Birmingham.

The invitee service and front office are related avidly to service quality and the much information that set up comforting and warm memories to the full visit of the invitees. They make certain that their invitees are comfy while far from place ; even if they are at that place for leisure, travel of concern ( Hannan and Freeman, 2000 ) .

The Front Office Department will hold:


Guest Service Offices

Bell Services



Executive Baseball club

Health and Recreation Centre and Business Centre.

Our hotel will supply guest aid with baggage, transit etc.The ground of the Front Office Department is to supply invitees aid with baggage, transit, information refering the hotel and the metropolis, and any other service agreements needed during their stay.

Staff of the Front Office Department frequently provides the first and last feeling of the hotel to our invitees. It is hence vitally of import that employees display a prompt and gracious attitude to all invitees and show the excellence in service.

Manager of the front office who will come under the direct supervising of the Director of Rooms and supervises the Front Office Department. Hospitality, warm welcome is really indispensable. Management squad in front office will supply foremost and last feeling. They will seek to hold longest contact with invitee, Long term service, acknowledgment of repetition invitees, retrieve names, guest histories. Staff will be trained how to upselling or suggestive sell to a client ( eg. Suggest deluxe or suites ) .

Housekeeping construct in hotel

This hotel will be sing in housekeeping operation in the cordial reception industry and efficaciously pull offing the housework map and staff. The direction squad of the hotel will develop processs, service criterions and operational policies, planning and implementing effectual control. Excellent relationship edifice and seller dialogue accomplishments and will supply soft accomplishments developing for all degrees of work force and pull offing big squads and actuate the squad members which will run into the client satisfaction. Core member of the squad will affect in the planning and puting up of housekeeping section at this five star hotel and watering place and relationship with squad members to make a consonant work environment and oculus for item combined with accomplishments to be after and implement fresh thoughts that increases client satisfaction.

Most of the hotel have this job, Pillow Cases Off, She et Off Bed or dirty, Lift Mattress Foot, Lift Mattress Head, dirty lavatory, tiles, non been vacuum, dirty rug, dirty bath, sower, non stoked up, dirty drape etc.

In our hotel in Birmingham we will do certain all the staff been trained decently about cordial reception, service, trade with complains, client demands and the above issue, we will seek our best non to go on the above issue in our hotel

Bedroom construct

As a five star hotel will hold luxury sleeping rooms and sleeping room service. Normally hotel suites are divided into six types: one bed room, two dual bed room, two bed executive room, king bed room, king bed executive room, and suite in order to run into clients ‘ satisfaction this hotel will hold 28m by 2 broad suites that features the signature of their trade name ‘s with the ceiling is about three metres highs, extremist comfy bed and outsize pillows every bit good as the roommate bath comfortss and walk-in showers made by Bliss Spa. Each room is equipped with auxiliary wireless local area network Internet and a stopper and drama connectivity, which links most computing machine devices to the 42 inches LCD Television, turning the invitee room into a high engineering office every bit good as amusement room.

Quality Control

Quality control is the instance of failure of many cordial reception organisation. Quality control is comparatively easy to pull off. In our hotel we will do certain quality is gone be on top of the scope. the importance of the effectual direction of the bringing of quality service is going more apparent throughout all facets of the service sector and particularly in the cordial reception industry.

The quality of service in hotel industry is an of import factor of successful concern. Existing tendency of complete quality direction in hotel industry ensures the accomplishment of competitory advantage of hotel companies.

Similarly, the Ritz-Carlton hotel company, the recognized leader of the quality motion in the hotel industry, employs “ gilded criterions ” ( their creed, slogan, and rudimentss ) to pass on their committedness to quality service.

Express Laundry

Most likely in our hotel norm invitees stays at a hotel around two yearss, which makes acquiring laundry done a complicated affair. But our hotel will hold Express Laundry. All shirts, blouses, socks, underwear, bloomerss and other pieces of vesture, handed in earlier 8 p.m. will be returned fresh and clean that same eventide.

Check in and check-out procedure

This hotel will hold a first-class cheque in system in topographic point for the invitee. The front office receptionist answer telephone and do reserve for the invitee and will look into the cyberspace about reserve information. They besides take messages and distribute mail both to invitees and employees of the hotel. There is a particular price reduction for the on-line client so we encouraged our client to book online.

We will hold a system to look into out guest without doing any job. Check processs are indispensable for keeping and turning our client base that as the concluding feeling that our client will hold of our hotel. We will guarantee that our front office staff makes the most of this chance by developing a checklist for your check-out procedure. This is one of manner to run into client ‘s satisfaction, maintain client ‘s trueness.

In our hotel at that place will a express cheque in and check-out procedure system, so client do n’t hold to wait for cheque in or check-out procedure in the forepart counter. Even with our improved going procedure with Satellite Reception desks, some invitees can non save the clip to check-out in the forenoon. For our invitees in a haste we offer Express Check-Out to salvage valuable clip and guarantee an efficient and accurate check-out, by offering the options of directing bill by electronic mail, mail or a speedy pick-up at the response desk

Bar service

We will hold saloon country for the client and there will be a eating house in the same floor with unfastened kitchen so client can see straight how we take attention of our clients nutrient. We will hold a unrecorded music show for our client in every weekend and drinks for our clients and besides unfastened to public. We will hold A big screen led Television on the other side of anteroom. Sometimes, clients can watch football lucifer whilst basking repast.

High velocity cyberspace entree

This hotel will be supplying high velocity cyberspace connexion and hotel will hold this undermentioned installations:

A A A A A a-? High-Speed Internet connexion in the full edifice including the common countries.

A A A A A a-? Automatically assigns IP reference via DHCP ( Dynamically Host Control Protocol ) .

A A A A A a-? Always-on Internet – no dialup merely stopper in and get down to shop.

A A A A A a-? Each room is on its ain Virtual Local Area Network ( VLAN ) connexion therefore protecting your informations from other users.

A A A A A a-? Public cyberspace protocol reference assignment for VPN entree.

A A A A A a-? Firewall protection.

A A A A A a-? 24 hr support service for proficient aid.

A A A A A a-? No extra package required to link.


As the client service quality is affected by different elements such as hotel direction and staffs, in the instance of this Hotel, it will be obvious that entirely the preparation is non plenty for first-class service quality ( Ford et al, 1998 ) . . The dedication to adaptability and leading of the direction on alteration are besides valuable to service quality

The possibility and feasibleness of constitution of a new modern-day hotel in Birmingham will be successful. This new construct of the hotel is designed and planned with the new planning and designing in order to do the invitees ‘ stay really comfy with confidante and with satisfaction. This hotel in Birmingham Will be giving sufficient power to efficaciously lend client satisfaction.


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