I nee purpose of project is to make me familiar with day to day functioning of business. The present report is an effort in this direction. My humble endeavor and motive in presenting the project report is to impart a balanced introduction and knowledge of Financial Analysis, which is an important integral part of financial management. It is hoped that this project will serve as supportive document to research worker as efforts has been tired to make this report an informative, stimulating, and self- explanatory.

The founder of Dabber India Limited-Dry. S. K. Barman (1856-1907) was a physician who rough Arrived medicines for the masses of Bengal. His off quoted dictum is the guiding spirit behind Dabber even today: “What is the life worth which cannot bring comfort to others” And the Vision of DILL is: “Dedicated to the health and well being of every household” Dabber India Limited came into existence over 100 years ago in 1884 at Calcutta. The founder, Dry. S. K. Barman, was a practicing aliphatic doctor. At that time Malaria, Cholera and Plague were the common diseases.

He was a physician who brought arrived medicines to the masses of Bengal. Initially established as a repository firm for the manufacture of chemicals and arrived drugs it was later on 19th November 1930 incorporated as private limited company. Late Shari C. L. Barman, son of late Dry S. K. Barman and his son late Shari P. C. Barman in the name of Dry S. K. Barman Pet. Ltd. To expand the operations by setting up production facilities at Garcia and Enraptured, West Bengal and Deprogram, Briar. Dabber (Dry. S. K. Barman) Pet. Ltd. Was merged with Videoing and Chemicals Ltd. W. E. F. SST July’s and the amalgamated company was renamed DABBER INDIA LIMITED and a fresh certificate of incorporation was issued to that effect. In 1970,the bulk of manufacturing facilities were shifted from West Bengal to Abridged in Harlan. In 1975,videoing and chemicals were incorporated in technical collaboration with Ninepin GAG (Switzerland) for the manufacture of edible grade and industrial grade Guar powder at Alular in Restaurants. In 1977,a modern automated plant was set up in Sahib’s (U. P. ) for the manufacture of Chinaware’s, Aspidistras, Hair oil, Tooth powders, Hezbollah, and other Arrived specialties.

Certification for production of toiletries and food grade products was issued on 13th October 1986 by the registrar f Delhi and Harlan to the company, Dabber Private Limited, a closely held Public Limited Company. 7 It was incorporated as a Private Ltd. Company in the name of Dabber (Dry. S. K. Barman) Pet. Ltd. From a humble beginning in 1884, a manufacture of traditional medicine in Calcutta, Dabber has come a long way to become a multifaceted multinational, multi-product, modern Inlay corporation Walt a global presence. It now enjoys the distinction of being the 2nd largest FMC Company and is praised to become a true Indian Multinational.

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The main plant was set up in Sahib’s (U. P. In 1977 for manufacturing of Chinaware’s, hair oil, tooth powder, Hezbollah and other arrived medicines and food products etc. Dabber’s main line of business is in the sphere of Health care, Personal care and Beauty care. Its strength lies in natural and herbal preparations. Dabber’s corporate philosophy has always been ahead of its time. The founder’s initial success was mainly due to his direct main campaigns- a technique that became very popular nearly a century later. The company was one of the earlier Indian companies to have fully equipped R & D lab as early as in 1919.

Today, the company has its own mainframes and computers are a way of life here. Dabber is also an ISO 9002 certified company. The certification was obtained in 1995 by ASS HARLEY international services Limited U. K. Dabber’s revenue today exceed RSI. 800 scores with plans to achieve RSI. 2, 000 scores by year 2003. Dabber has 34,000 shareholders with market capitalization of over RSI. L, 400 scores. Dabber has 1 1 manufacturing plants in India and Nepal and a licensee in the Middle East. It has manufacturing base in Egypt also. The company has over 4,000 employees with around 1,500 looking after sales and marketing functions.

The Indian market is being served through a transactional network of sales offices and carrying and forwarding agents. The company has its offices in London, New York and Moscow. Dabber products are being exported to around 50 countries. Dabber portfolio is exceeding 500 products of FMC and health care products. The Board of Directors of Dabber India Limited (DILL) met on July 23, 2003 to consider the unedited financial of the company for the first quarter that ended on June 30, 2003. 8 Company has recorded a growth of 36 per cent in its net profit per cent growth in its turnover during April-June 2003.

The turnover of DILL, during the three-month period, has increased to RSI 266 core to RSI 300 core while the net profit has increased 1 1. 5 core to RSI 16 core during the same period. The first quarter results should not be annulled as sales usually improve in subsequent quarters. VISION “Dedicated to the health and well being of every house hold. ” Dabber is a company with a set of established business values, which direct it’s functioning as well as all its operations. The guiding forces for Dabber are the words of its founder, Dry. S. K. Barman, “what is that life worth that can not give comfort to others.

The Company offers its customers, the products to suit their needs and give them good values for money. The company is committed to follow the ethical practices in doing business. At Dabber, nature acts as not only the source of raw materials but also an inspiration and the company is committed to product the ecological balance. 9 OWNERSHIP: This is our company. We accept responsibility and accountability to meet business needs.

Thus, was born an organization today known as Dabber India Limited. The twelve hundred scores corporate today started with a small dispensary at Calcutta, the noble thoughts of Dry. S. K. Barman being the main source of inspiration behind the project. From that humble beginning, the company has grown into Indian’s leading manufacturer of consumer Neal care, personal care Ana T products I Nils phenomenal progress has seen many milestones, some of which are mentioned below: 0 1884: Dry. S. K. Barman lays the foundation of what is known as Dabber India Limited.

Started room a small shop at Calcutta, he began a direct mailing system to send his medicines to even the smallest of villages in Bengal. The brand name Dabber is derived from the words “DAD” for Dakar or doctor and “BUR” from Barman. 0 1896: As the demand for Dabber products grows, Dry. Barman felt the need for mass production for some of his medicines. He set up a small manufacturing plant at Grain near Calcutta. 0 Early sass: The next generation of Barman’s take a conscious decision to enter the Arrived medicines market, as they believe that it is only through arrived that the healthcare needs of poor Indians can be met. 919: The search for processes to suit mass production of arrived medicines without compromising on basic arrived principles lead to the setting up of the first Research and Development laboratory at Dabber. This initiate a pain staking study of arrived medicines as 11 mentioned in age old scriptures, their manufacturing processes and how to utilize modern equipment to manufacture these medicines without reducing the efficacy to manufacture these medicines without reducing the efficacy of these drugs. Sass:A-manufacturing facility for Arrived Medicines is set up at Enraptured and

Deprogram. Dabber expands its distribution network to Briar and northeast. 0 1936: Dabber India (Dry. S. K. Barman) Pet. Ltd. Is incorporated. 1940: Dabber diversifier into personal care products with the launch of its Dabber Mall Hair Oil. This perfumed hair oil catches the imagination of the common man and film stars alike and becomes the largest hair oil brand in India. 1949: Dabber Chinaware’s is launched in a tin pack and becomes the first branded Chinaware’s of India. 1956: Dabber buys its first computer. Accounts and stock keeping are one of the first operations to be computerized. 70: Dabber expands its personal care portfolio by adding oral care products. Dabber Ala Dana Mans is launched and captures the Indian rural market. 1972: Dabber shifts base to Delhi from Calcutta. Starts production from a hired manufacturing facility at Abridged. 1978: Dabber launches the Hezbollah tablets. This is the first time that a classical arrived medicine is branded from Southeastward bait to Hezbollah tablets. 1979: The Dabber Research Foundation (DRY), an independent company is set up to spearhead Dabber’s multi-faceted research. Commercial production starts at Sahib’s.

This is one of the 2 largest and most modern production facilities for arrived medicines in India at this time. 0 1984: The Dabber brand turns 100 but is still young enough to experiment with new offerings in the market. 0 1986: Dabber becomes a public Limited company through reverse merger with Videoing Limited, and is re-christened Dabber India Limited. 0 1989: Hezbollah Candy is launched and captures the imagination of children and establishes a large market share. 0 1992: Dabber enters into a Joint venture with Agronomic of Spain far manufacturing and marketing confectionery items such as bubble gums in India.


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