When we think about nature, the first thing that may come to our mind will probably be some flowers. The same case is applicable while searching for wallpapers, because they do provide certain amount of beauty to the desktop, just like they do in the flower vase, in your living room!

But flowers are quite common, and we usually avoid them, as we find nothing special about them and we go across lots of different flowers every day. But being a true nature lover and an inspired poet, Wordsworth has managed to produce a great work from this simple sight itself!

William Wordsworth, one of the best English romantic poets ever, gave us this beautiful poem ”Daffodils”. Thanks to his Lyrical Ballads, we saw the the Romantic movement in literature. The Prelude is supposed to be the best work of this man, but this poem based on nature, happens to be one which we can’t dare to avoid. I was forced to study this one more than once in my school days, which means that I still have every line going through my mind, especially while I am closer to the nature!

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Wordsworth was often called the poet of nature, thanks to his poems which gives new meaning to nature! He defines the time he spend with nature as ”the source of Joy of purest passion”. It is said that the visit to Glencoyne Park that gave Wordsworth the inspiration to write this poem. As he was born near the scenic Lake District, he may have had enough time even when he was a kid, to get closer to the nature, be a part of it!

Wordsworth starts off by comparing him to a cloud. This comparison doesn’t have any relation to Daffodils, which happen to be our central characters. But what it really does is setting a good start to the poem, depicting his desire to be with nature, his need to roam in the beautiful nature. He could have compared himself to any other possible features of nature, but still this one seems to be the perfect choice!

He manages to see a group of Daffodils, and he suddenly defines its colour as golden, may be an exaggeration of the yellow colour, showing how important that sight happened to be, for him! He has also imagined that they were fluttering and dancing in the breeze, while the only movement was due to the wind blowing hard. He seems to have given life to the flowers with these words, just overflowing with more and more ideas!

He continues to praise the Daffodils, by comparing them to the twinkling stars, and giving them the human touch yet again by imagining that they are tossing their heads. The comparison with stars actually seemed to show the number of Daffodils – he certainly saw lots of them, and he has said that they formed a never ending line! He has also managed to guess the number of flowers as ten thousand.

As the flowers were beside a lake, he didn’t leave it out. He considers that the moving water is dancing too, but not as good as Daffodils. The certainly was more than happy with the scene, and it certainly gave him some memories which would stay in his mind for a long time. In the end, Wordsworth doesn’t hesitate to say that the show of the Daffodils always flash in front of his eye and brought him joy, whenever he was in a bad mood, and redeems his spirits!


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