Dance is the ground I exist and every bit cheesy as it sounds its true. In 1982 my male parent met my female parent at a dance nine. He said after watching her dance with her friends he had to speak to her. Dance has the power to traverse boundaries and touch one’s psyche. As a signifier dance can be anything. Rain falling into a lb. an single binding their shoe. a swan boureeing across a phase or adult male turn overing across a phase can all be dance. Dance is a series of motions stitched together with an purpose and frame. Weather the purpose is to show emotion. show window technique. or do a statement it is all dance. I started dancing in high school after a instructor of mine recommended I take a category. My first existent dance category was concert dance. It was a foreign linguistic communication to me. At first it was a twine of motions empty in significance and emotion. I merely danced through the gestures until one twenty-four hours my instructor told us that we needed to convey the motion to life.

I did non understand this construct at first. how could motion come to life? It wasn’t until I began taking a modern category that I understood this construct. I could utilize motion to show my ain ideas. frights. joys. and inquiries. When I try and analyze what dances means to me. finally. I see it as a many-sided entity. Dance is portion of my individuality and without it I believe I would fight with apprehension who I am. First and foremost dance for me has ever been a signifier of therapy. Turning up I hated struggle and as a consequence internalized my issues. Through dance I was able to happen a dependable mercantile establishment to let go of my defeats. frights. and suppressions. which allowed me to research my personal battles through motion. Second I believe that motion has the power to exceed boundaries and do statements that are frequently difficult to state. Movement is an mercantile establishment to further consciousness. duologue. alteration and growing while bridging the spread between artistic look and community duologue.


I'm Niki!

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