In this article. the chief points are the dangers of utilizing drugs at the minute. particularly in Europe. as they could be contaminated with splenic fever spores. It besides warns the drug users non to disregard any symptoms they may acquire. and tells them to seek medical advice rapidly. The intelligence article tells the reader of the other incidents of the eruption. possibly in a manner to do them cautious of making drugs if they know they could perchance be infected by splenic fever as the menace is still at that place.

This article about the dangers of utilizing drugs links into the content of the A degree specification because the sum of drug users in the universe is really high. and hence impacts on the population. Drugs even without the added dangers like splenic fever can be fatal to users. and this can do a population bead. The graph attached shows how ages 18 to 20 are the highest users. which is around the clip they would be in instruction. Therefore the drug usage could reflect severely on the classs they receive and could intend they can’t acquire a occupation. This links into the specification as there is presently a deficiency of occupations. and with the low classs this could intend they have to migrate to happen occupations elsewhere. Besides. drug usage can impact birthrate. and as the highest users are younger. this means they may non acquire the opportunity to hold kids. which would do a population lessening. Then there would be a much smaller population of the following coevals. and less to look after the coevals before when they get old. every bit good as to take over occupations.

Some people could state that the menace of the splenic fever infection makes no difference. as there are already so many dangers of utilizing drugs. and one more is merely adding to a long list. Peoples who take drugs know most of the dangers and still take to make it. for grounds such as enjoyment. low cost. the handiness of it. and even utilizing it as a defense mechanism mechanism. Peoples may besides believe that it is improbable that out of all the people in the universe. they would be the 1s to acquire hurt making it. and hence carry on. Since there have merely been 12 instances of splenic fever infections so far. people may non take it every bit earnestly as it is.

On the other manus. there are besides people such as physicians who know all about the dangers of drug usage. including splenic fever. and see people deceasing because of it on a regular basis. This would discourage them from utilizing drugs because they have seen the effects firsthand. and evidently cognize how harmful it can be. The physicians know that ‘there is no safe route’ and unlike some people who may believe this is an overreaction. they listen to the advice and don’t put themselves in danger because of it.

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