Describe a character who changes In a text you have studied, explain what that character change showed as a reader The poem ‘David’ by Pub bridges is about a mothers thoughts and feelings about the birth of her son David . The text explores how difficult parent child relationships can be at times, but that ultimately they are about unconditional love. A character that changes is thee narrator of the poem ,Davit’s mother -She starts off disliking her new baby ,but over time comes to love him unconditionally .

This change showed me that love isn’t always at first sight and that love grows as time goes on and it’s not always something that can be predicted. During the beginning of the first stanza Davit’s mother seems that she Is immediately disappointed by him The that the author used in the first stanza gives you an Idea that the mother Is very bitter and is very negative about her new born son, she begins by describing him as a “big-headed bullet of a boy swollen and alien” comparing him to an alien, one would assume she saw him as a baby that didn’t along to her as she also says “you were not mine how could you be? This rhetorical question shows that she is quite in denial that he is hers and begins comparing him to his sister who his mother describes as “delicate as sea shells” It shows that her mothers attitude towards her son David is a lot different than her view towards her Daughter. Around the begging of the second stanza you start to notice a change in attitude towards her new born son she says “like a baby rabbit ugly”. O can see she tarts to develop slight love and a deferent attitude towards him this simile shows she is starting to forget her bitter feelings towards him as she describes him as a rabbit which one would think of as cute, fluffy and adorable when she describes new born David as a “baby rabbit ugly’ she seems to be growing passion and love toward him but needs to keep reminding herself that she thinks of him in a unattractive way.

In the middle of the second stanza Davit’s mother writes “giving me smiles of complicity aware that one day I would wake up to a love so easy and so Immense It loud take my breath away towards the end of this stanza she comes to show that she really does love him and that its almost as if Little David new of how his mother felt toward him all along but keep it a some sort of secret.

Again towards the end of the second stanza the poet writes “And it stays undiminished despite your faults and mine and It grows” at this point in the poem she Is accepting the fact that they both have flaws and faults which she cannot change. This shows that love can be unconditional no matter what can be In the way . Near the end of the poem she starts to describe the love for him now and shows how she has unconditional love for him.

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It seemed to be that at the begging of the poem she Just seems scared and overwhelmed by her second child. It shows how she grows from a bitter mother to a kind loving one. The character change in the poem showed me that parent/child or mother,’child relationships don’t Instantly bond and strong relationships Like this one for example take time to grow, regardless of what boundaries stand In the way, also hat you will always come across obstacles but things like this help you grow and only make you and your relationship stronger.

During this poem Davit’s mother’s emotions turn from cold and bitter to warm hearted throughout the text . Let shows t Off bonds. We learn that the mother is growing to love her son and also that she learns to accept both there flaws and faults. Davit’s mother speaks honestly about her son throughout the poem and from this I learned that even if the person you love has flaws and isn’t appealing to you in the begging you will soon learn to love and cherish them.


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